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August 15/07 9:56 am - Mississauga Midweek Races

Posted by Editoress on 08/15/07

Midweek MCOR CASH Points Race
Courtesy Midweek Club

August 14th

This Tuesday's Late Race was the fouth of four MCOR CASH Points races for the season. For this points race, points would be paid out in cash, $2 per point, over $200 in cash in total.

About ten laps into the race a big break of about a dozen moved clear of the field. This looked like the move of the race, with all the strong teams represented: Darko Ficko and Sam Bail for La Bicicletta and Rod McEwan and Zach Morris for Jet Fuel as well as Eric

Robertson of Team Race and Jamie Gilgen for Cycle Solutions. Only the Cyclissimo squad out of Aurora missed the move, this combined with the factor that only five placings were up for grabs within the break of a dozen would shut it down, and the move would be reabsorbed by the field in less than ten laps.

Fiery young gun Zach Morris (Jet Fuel) was determined tonight, and took second in the next three sprints behind Heath "the Chairman" Cockburn. This would be enough for Heath and Zach to solidfy first and second place. A short lived break with Master A National Champion Jonathan Wood, Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions) and Rob D'Amico would move clear with 10 laps to go, staying away long enough to take the penultimate points sprint (at 7 to go), but as soon as the move was brought back Wood would once again launch with Cockburn and Morris and the trio would stay away until the finale, with Cockburn dropping his two breakaway companions within the final 2 laps.

Midweek CC extends it's graditude to Rodney McEwan of MCOR Logistics for making possible the four race MCOR Cash Points race series.

Thanks to our loyal volunteer crew: Craig Fagan, Dan Rothnie and Alan Forde for set up and take down and marshalling during the race and to Michelle Payne for help at the line.

Midweek CC will be hosting an epic Provincial Championship Road Race Sunday Aug. 26th and desperately needs volunteers to fill a variety of positions (drivers, marshalls, setup crew). If you can help out this event, which will be a day to remember, please contact our volunteer coordinator Alan Forde at

Early Race
25 Laps - 24.5 km
1. Ziggy M. (ZM Cycle Fitness)13
2. Andrew Yorke (Midweek CC)13
3. Mark Sieradzan (Ind.)8
4. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas)8
5. Dawid Kurzawinski (Midweek CC)6
6. Paul Holmes (Benjamin Sports)6
7. Jeremey Maclellan (Ind.)4
8. Waldemar Rostkowski (Ind.)3
9. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC)2
9. Kris Kurzawinski (Midweek CC)2
9. Mike Daly (Ind.)2
9. Michael Kew (Neworld)2
13. Brian Neilson (D'Ornellas)1
1. Ziggy, Rostkowski, K.Kurzawinski,Yorke
2. Maclellan, Yorke, Daly, Neilson
3. Camacho, Holmes, D.Kurzawinski,Hsiung (2x pts)
4. Sieradzan, Yorke, Kew,Ziggy
5. Ziggy, Yorke, Sieradzan,D.Kurzawinski
Late Race
49 Laps - 48.0 km - 45.0 kph
1. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta)35
2. Zach Morris (Jet Fuel)27
3. Jonathan Wood (ERTC)17
4. Ed Veal (Cyclissimo)12
5. Robert D'Amico (Invita Racing)11
6. James Macdonald (Cyclissimo)9
7. Rob McEwan (Jet Fuel)7
8. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta)3
8. Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions)3
10. Fred Perez (GRG Racing)2
11. John McInulty (Midweek CC)2
11. Adrian Jackson (Wheels of Bloor)2
11. Sean Bechtel (Caledon Hills)2
11. Jamie Gilgen (Cycle Solutions)2
12. Rob Chiocca (Team Jamis)1
12. Matt Berridge (La Bicicletta)1

1. Veal,Wood Cockburn, J.Macdonald,Bechtel
2. Z.Morris,R.McEwan,Ficko,Gilgen,Bechtel
3. Cockburn,Z.Morris,R.McEwan,D'Amico,Berridge
4. Cocburn,Z.Morris,J.Macdonald,Veal,Jackson (2x pts)
5. Cockburn,Z.Morris,Veal,McInulty,Chiocca
6. Wood,D'Amico,Makarchuk,Cockburn,J.Macdonald
7. Cockburn,Wood,Z.Morris,D'Amico,F.Perez (2x pts)


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