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August 16/07 4:27 am - Ontario ITT Championships: Technical Data and Bike Clinics Info

Posted by Editoress on 08/16/07

Ontario Provincial Road Time Trial Championships
Courtesy OCA

Equipment Requirements and Bike Check Clinics

The full UCI rules ( will apply at the Ontario Provincial Road Time Trial Championships.

Here are some of the basic UCI requirements that will be checked at the Provincial Championships:

a. Saddle must be between 24 and 30 centimetres long, and horizontal. (1.3.014)
b. The nose of the saddle must be 5 centimetres behind a vertical line passing through the centre of the bottom bracket (1.3.013). (Note: there is an exemption based on the height and limb length of the rider that allows the saddle to be farther forward. The rider is placed on their bike in their normal riding position. In this position the front of their knee must be behind a vertical line through the pedal spindle when the pedals are horizontal) The saddle nose is never, in any circumstances, allowed to be in front of a vertical line through the centre of the bottom bracket.

Handle Bars and Bar Extensions
a. All parts of the bars and bar extensions that can provide hand support must be above the top of the wheels, and below the point of support of the saddle (1.3.022).
b. The horizontal distance from a vertical line through the centre of the bottom bracket to the end of the bar extension must be less than 75 centimetres (1.3.023). If gear shifters are installed, any part of the shifter that can be gripped (e.g. the shifter body) must be within the 75 centimetre limit. Only the moving (lever) part of the shifter is not included in the measurement. (Note: there is an exemption based on the height and limb length of the rider that allows the extensions to be up to, but not exceeding 80 centimetres from the vertical line through the bottom bracket. The rider is placed on their bike in their normal riding position. In this position, the angle of the rider's arm at the elbow must be less than 120 degrees.)

a. Wheels must be of equal size (1.3.006), with a diameter greater than 55 centimetres, and less than 70 centimetres (1.3.018).

a. The OCA will not be weighing bikes at the Provincial Championships. In case of a protest, the weight restriction of at least 6.8 kilograms (1.3.019) will apply.

Fairings and Aerodynamic Additions
a. Additions intended to reduce air resistance, such as tape, are not permitted. This includes tape on quick releases, at frame joints, on helmets, etc.(1.3.024, 1.3.031)
b. Frames with seat tubes that may act as a fairing for the wheels must pass the “credit card” check. It must be possible to pass a credit card between the frame and the wheel without bending the card (1.3.024).

Please note that this summary is meant to highlight the most important UCI rules regarding Time Trial equipment. It is does not cover every rule that maybe applied, nor does it formally describe every detail of the rules that are covered. Riders are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the rules.

Special Notes:

1. In response to a new riding position introduced by Floyd Landis at the 2006 Tour de France, there has been activity by technical experts at the UCI to provide a new interpretation of the existing rules. This new interpretation is related to the shape and position of the handle bar extensions. This new interpretation has not been clearly communicated to the OCA and WILL NOT BE ENFORCED at the Provincial TT.

2. There has also been discussion at the UCI about the altering of saddles (cutting shorter) and grinding off of safety tabs on forks. The OCA will not be specifically inspecting these areas at the Provincial Championships. If such modifications are obviously unsafe (e.g. sharp edges, weakened structure, etc), Rule 1.3.001, regarding the safety of equipment, will be applied. In the case of a protest, the UCI rules will be applied.

3. Any rider who requires the application of the morphological exemptions for saddle position or bar extension length must notify a commissaire at the time or registration.

GTA Time Trial Bike Checks

Peter Hurley, an OCA commissaire, will be conducting two bike check clinics to help riders ensure that their equipment meets the UCI requirements. The clinics will be held at:

Friday, August 24, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
D'Ornellas Bike Shop, 1894 Lawrence Ave. E. (east of Pharmacy) Scarborough

Saturday, August 25, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
La Bicicletta, 1180 Castlefield Ave. (west of Dufferin), Toronto

Please note the following:

1. There is no cost for the bike checks.
2. This is NOT a pre-check for the Provincial TT. There is no requirement to attend. Bikes checked at the clinics will have to be checked again at the race.
3. There is NO GUARANTEE that bikes approved at the clinics will be approved at the race.
4. There is no presentation or schedule, but please recognize that each bike check takes a few minutes, so don't plan on arriving 1 minute before the end of the clinic.
5. The clinics are not being run by the shops. Neither D'Ornellas Bike Shop nor La Bicicletta have any responsibility for the activities related to the clinics. Please do not phone or contact them regarding the clinics. For more information please contact the OCA at (416) 426-7416, or by email events at


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