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August 20/07 11:48 am - "Good Luck Beijing" 2007 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Results from Qulifying

Posted by Editoress on 08/20/07

"Good Luck Beijing" 2007 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Beijing China

Canada's top medal hope in BMX, Samantha Cools, is not attending the test event. After a disappointing Worlds last month, it was decided by the CCA, in consultation with Cools and national BMX coach Tanya Dubnicoff, that it would be better for her to stay in North American, train and attend a number of UCI BMX races in North America before going to Europe next month to race in a SuperCross event. While in Europe, Cools will also go to the UCI Training Centre in Aigle, Switzerland to train on an exact replica of the Beijing course.

Canada is currently sitting eighth in women's UCI BMX rankings, and only the top-8 nations are guaranteed invites to Beijing (there will also be wildcard entries), so the opportunity to enter multiple UCI ranking events in North America and Europe (rather than just the Beijing event) also was a factor in the decision not to send Cools to China. National coach Dubnicoff is in Beijing, videotaping and observing the the event.

Results from the seeding runs held today in Beijing

WomenRun1Run 2Best
1. Anne-Caroline Chausson (Fra)37.51337.44637.446
2. Sarah Walker (NZl)38.90337.90737.907
3. Shanaze Reade (GBr)37.91137.96337.911
4. Laetitia Le Corguille (Fra)38.92938.24438.244
5. Arielle Martin (USA)40.37838.48238.482
6. Gabriela Maria Diaz (Arg)39.13239.05339.053
7. Jana Horakova (Cze)39.71539.11839.118
8. Jill Kintner (USA)39.77639.31339.313
9. Aneta Hladikova (Cze)39.89239.47439.474
10. Tanya Bailey (Aus)40.01439.52139.521
11. Amanda Geving (USA)39.57439.99239.574
12. Nicole Callisto (Aus)41.45140.02240.022
13. Kimberly Hayashi (USA)40.85240.15640.156
14. Willy Kanis (Ned)40.75440.28340.283
15. Lieke Klaus (Ned)40.88940.66540.665
16. Joyce Seesing (Ned)41.09440.81940.819
17. Vilma Rimsaite (Ltu)41.21441.24841.214
18. Maria Belen Dutto (Arg)41.80242.26841.802
19. Liyun Ma (Chn)43.42842.13842.138
20. Andreina Diquez Rodriguez (Ven)42.78642.92342.786
21. Tara Llanes (USA)43.58443.62643.584
22. Ayaka Miwa (Jpn)45.5545.11145.111
23. Nannan Jiang (Chn)46.59245.5145.51
24. Honglei Deng (Chn)46.37345.72445.724
25. Jiawei Li (Chn)46.0921:02.77146.092
26. Junhong Zhang (Chn)47.93647.06547.065
27. Ying Wang (Chn)49.15448.47448.474
28. Caiyu Chen (Chn)49.21549.50349.215
29. Lu Bai (Chn)49.66149.33749.337
30. Jing Jing (Chn)50.90750.07850.078
31. Tan Wang (Chn)50.08450.21850.084
32. Dandan Lv (Chn)50.18251.44650.182
33. Cuifen Wen (Chn)53.72252.97452.974
DNS. Ning Wang (Chn)
DNS. Cong Yue (Chn)
DNS. Wenjia Liang (Chn)
DNS. Fangdan Wang (Chn)
DNS. Neiqun Liang (Chn)
DNS. Jiaojiao Cong (Chn)
DNS. Liyun Gao (Chn)
DNS. Krystal Hime (USA)
DNS. Melissa Manskowski (Aus)
MenRun1Run 2Best
1. Mike Day (USA)36.53442.17936.534
2. Kyle Bennett (USA)36.7138.44536.71
3. Steven Cisar (USA)37.91236.88836.888
4. Pablo Gutierrez (Fra)37.2837.03937.039
5. Damien Godet (Fra)37.86937.07737.077
6. Jared Graves (Aus)37.17552.59737.175
7. Rob van den Wildenberg (Ned)37.185DNF37.185
8. Moana Moo Caille (Fra)37.20837.22137.208
9. Manuel De Vecchi (Ita)38.46437.22337.223
10. Lukas Tamme (Cze)37.52437.24437.244
11. Robert De Wilde (Ned)37.2511:01.15037.251
12. Jamie Gray (Aus)38.07337.27837.278
13. Edzus Treimanis (Lat)38.48337.30137.301
14. Marc Willers (NZl)37.33937.65237.339
15. Roger Rinderknecht (Sui)37.341DNF37.341
16. Donny Robinson (USA)37.36637.42737.366
17. Raymon van der Biezen (Ned)37.67537.41237.412
18. Andres Jimenez (Col)37.53746.37937.537
19. Yvan Lapraz (Sui)37.61937.69537.619
20. Arturs Matisons (Lat)DNF37.6337.63
21. Michal Prokop (Cze)37.70638.22237.706
22. Martijn Scherpen (Ned)37.719DNF37.719
23. Luke Madill (Aus)37.732DNF37.732
24. Thomas Hamon (Fra)38.94537.77937.779
25. Danny Caluag (USA)40.94237.80737.807
26. Ivo van der Putten (Ned)38.67637.84737.847
27. Nicholas Long (USA)37.84837.9237.848
28. Jonathan Suarez (Ven)37.85938.10237.859
29. Randy Stumpfhauser (USA)38.56437.91537.915
30. Tyler Brown (USA)38.76937.96737.967
31. Jeremy Chaffot (Fra)38.50337.97537.975
32. Tomas Slavik (Cze)38.74337.98637.986
33. Billy Jollife (Aus)38.86838.01638.016
34. Michael Robinson (Aus)39.07638.05938.059
35. Ramiro Marino (Arg)38.06338.12738.063
36. Cristian Daniel Becerine (Arg)39.33438.06638.066
37. Pascal Seydoux (Sui)38.11538.09838.098
38. Arnaud Dubois (Bel)38.11638.42538.116
39. David Herman (USA)38.9138.27338.273
40. Augusto Castro (Col)38.32738.41238.327
41. Jason Rogers (USA)42.0138.34538.345
42. Pablo Galan Carrasco (Esp)38.5938.99738.59
43. Sander Bisseling (Ned)39.08238.64138.641
44. Roy van den Berg (Ned)38.71539.12938.715
45. Micael Cesar Domingos (Por)38.97238.93838.938
46. Jarrett Kolich (USA)41.63238.99638.996
47. Glenn Codega (Aus)39.03442.62439.034
48. Arno Kanis (Ned)39.09239.17539.092
49. Alexander Cameron (Aus)39.27242.52939.272
50. Sifiso Nhlapo (Rsa)39.60439.3239.32
51. Martijn Jaspers (Ned)41.90139.91439.914
52. Andrea Giovanelli (Ita)40.54643.19240.546
53. Xavier Aumaitre (Fra)43.81541.83441.834
54. Masahiro Sampei (Jpn)42.6743.24442.67
55. Javier Luciano Colombo (Arg)43.22DNF43.22
56. Vilmos Radasics (Hun)43.89743.77643.776
57. Takuro Nishioka (Jpn)44.20345.26744.203
58. Mauro Paiusco (Ita)44.644.39344.393
59. Roman Kirsanov (Rus)44.81345.3144.813
60. Carlo Gaule (Ita)45.20745.73745.207
61. Baoyu Wang (Chn)47.53945.22845.228
62. Akifumi Sakamoto (Jpn)11.98745.25545.255
63. Susumu Miura (Jpn)45.60246.81845.602
64. Kaito Fujiwara (Jpn)46.4548.76746.45
65. Yuta Kurise (Jpn)46.66846.53246.532
66. Yan Zhu (Chn)46.74346.74446.743
67. Damien Ethalon (Fra)48.05347.45847.458
68. Jiaqi Mi (Chn)48.57147.51847.518
69. Zhiyang Zhao (Chn)48.79747.95947.959
70. Kazushige Takayama (Jpn)52.39348.57648.576
71. Jianliang Gong (Chn)48.65350.50448.653
72. Yujiro Takayama (Jpn)48.7551:14.36148.755
73. Chao Ren (Chn)49.9121:01.53249.912
74. Donglong Wang (Chn)52.42851.94851.948
75. Jiasheng Xiao (Chn)DNS52.64552.645
76. Youhei Yamazaki (Jpn)55.18353.28453.284
77. Zhishun Huang (Chn)54.75953.46153.461
78. Tadahiko Shimada (Jpn)11.33553.63753.637
79. Hao Li (Chn)54.92653.87853.878
80. Guoquan Liang (Chn)54.69354.14554.145
81. Jin Xu (Chn)57.062DNF57.062
82. Yoshito Tukahara (Jpn)58.8971:24.00558.897
DSQ. Kama Kazi (Aus)DNSDNS
DSQ. Xinrui Cao (Chn)DNSDNS
DSQ. Shuiyou Xie (Chn)DNSDNS
DSQ. Jianrong Lin (Chn)DNSDNS
DSQ. Guang Yang (Chn)DNSDNS
DSQ. Xianzhong Zhou (Chn)DNSDNS
DSQ. Kun Zhang (Chn)51.015DNS
DSQ. Alex Hunter (Hkg)54.493DNS
DSQ. Sheng Xu (Chn)DNFDNS
DSQ. Jun Kuroda (Jpn)DNSDNS
DSQ. Bubba Harris (USA)DNFDNS
DSQ. Steven Wong (Hkg)DNSDNS
DSQ. Ivo Lakucs (Lat)DNSDNS
DSQ. Brandon Meadows (USA)DNSDNS
DSQ. Matthew Cameron (NZl)48.949DNS
DSQ. Maris Strombergs (Lat)DNSDNS
DSQ. Khalen Young (Aus)DNFDNS

Women Semifinals Start list

Heat 1
Anne-Caroline Chausson (Fra)
Laetitia le Corguille (Fra)
Arielle Martin (USA)
Jill Kintner (USA)
Aneta Hladikova (Cze)
Nicole Callisto (Aus)
Kimberly Hayashi (USA)
Joyce Seesing (Ned)

Heat 2
Sarah Walker (NZl)
Shanaze Reade (GBr)
Gabriela Maria Diaz (Arg)
Jana Horakova (Cze)
Tanya Bailey (Aus)
Amanda Geving (USA)
Willy Kanis (Ned)
Lieke Klaus (Ned)

Men Quarterfinals Start List

Heat 1
Mike Day (USA)
Moana Moo Caille (Fra)
Manuel de Vecchi (Ita)
Donny Robinson (USA)
Raymon van der Biezen (Ned)
Thomas Hamon (Fra)
Danny Caluag (USA)
Tomas Slavik (Cze)

Heat 2
Pablo Gutierrez (Fra)
Damien Godet (Fra)
Jamie Gray (Aus)
Edzus Treimanis (Lat)
Arturs Matisons (Lat)
Michal Prokop (Cze)
Jonathan Suarez (Ven)
Randy Stumpfhauser (USA)

Heat 3
Kyle Bennett (USA)
Rob van den Wildenberg (Ned)
Lukas Tamme (Cze)
Roger Rinderknecht (Sui)
Andres Jimenez (Col)
Luke Madill (Aus)
Ivo van der Putten (Ned)
Jeremy Chaffot (Fra)

Heat 4
Steven Cisar (USA)
Jared Graves (Aus)
Robert De Wilde (Ned)
Marc Willers (NZl)
Yvan Lapraz (Sui)
Martijn Scherpen (Ned)
Nicholas Long (USA)
Tyler Brown (USA)


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