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August 22/07 8:07 am - UCI IPC Cycling World Championships: Track Day 3

Posted by Editor on 08/22/07

UCI Paracycling World Championships - Bordeaux, France

Track Day 3

Team manager Sean O'Donnell has provided a brief update on the Canadian team:

Things are going ok here. Yesterday was the pursuit for most of our athletes on the track. Jean Quevillon finished 4th, Cowie/Smibert finished 5th and Brayden Mcdougall finished 6th. Eric Bourgault finished 7th in the Kilo.

The tandem of Challifour/Cloutier had some problems with their bike during their pursuit. The back wheel was slipping against the back dropout due to the amount of torque being put on the bike. It was unfortunate, as we thought they might have done very well in that event based on what we saw in training.

Devon Smibert broke his hand in a crash in training at the track on Saturday and has been dealing with that while competing in the Kilo and the Pursuit. That was why we pulled them out of the sprint competition.

Today is the team sprint with Quevillon, Mcdougall and Bourgault.

Men 1000M Time Trial
1. Michael Gallagher (Australia)1:09.07
2. Mario Hammer (Germany)1:09.99
3. Wolfgang Eibeck (Austria)1:10.55
4. Mark Bristow (Great Britain)1:11.24
5. Kuai Dong Zhang (China)1:11.27
6. Wolfgang Sacher (Germany)1:11.43
7. Manfred Gattringer (Austria)1:11.80
8. Ivan Renggli (Switzerland)1:12.35
9. Song Zhao (China)1:12.39
10. Pablo Jaramillo (Spain)1:12.48
11. Fabio Triboli (Italy)1:12.77
12. Williams Gar Rosbotham (Great Britain)1:12.95
13. Cathal Miller (Ireland)1:13.53
14. Shen Guang Quan (China)1:14.24
15. Gohr Soelito (Brazil)1:14.25
16. Walter Marquardt (Germany)1:14.37
17. Rafael Sillman (Brazil)1:14.61
18. Radim Pavlik (Czech Republic)1:15.61
19. Jiri Kalousek (Czech Republic)1:16.22
20. Akio Sakuma (Japan)1:16.56
21. Jacome M Kennedy A. (Colombia)1:16.91
22. Damien Severit (France)1:17.71
23. Ioannis Kalaitzakis (Greece)1:19.51
24. Rom Bor (Slovenia)1:24.57
1. Jody Cundy (Great Britain)1:08.72
2. Jiri Jezek (Czech Republic)1:11.85
3. Amador Granado (Spain)1:11.86
4. Yuan Chao Zheng (China)1:12.50
5. Carol Eduard Novak ROM1:14.49
6. Jan Boyen (Belgium)1:15.23
7. Eric Bourgault (Canada)1:15.44
8. Roberto Alcaide (Spain)1:15.65
9. Sébastien Serriere (France)1:15.67
10. Ernst Scheiber (Austria)1:16.32
11. Tino Kässner (Germany)1:17.63
12. Morten Jahr (Norway)1:18.09
13. Toshio Furuhata (Japan)1:18.71
14. Ron Williams (USA)1:18.77
15. Luis E. Chacon Gaona (Colombia)1:19.66
16. Francisco Garcia (Spain)1:19.83
17. David Kuster (Slovenia)1:22.01
18. Michele Gulino (Switzerland)1:23.63
DNS Christian Wilberger (Austria)
1. Gui Hua Liang (China)1:18.27
2. Masaki Fujita (Japan)1:18.81
3. Laurent Thirionnet (France)1:18.87
4. Tobias Graf (Germany)1:19.36
5. Fabrizio Macchi (Italy)1:21.17
6. Glen Jarvis (Australia)1:21.26
7. Antonio Garcia (Spain)1:21.28
8. Simon Richardson (Great Britain)1:21.49
9. Xiao Ming Gao (China)1:22.83
10. Erich Stauffer (Austria)1:23.51
11. Victor Hugo Marquez VEN1:24.24
12. Yong Hai Wang (China)1:24.49
13. Bernard Champenois (France)1:24.76
14. Roger Bolliger (Switzerland)1:25.03
15. Francisco J. Lopez (Spain)1:29.15
1. Gregory Ball (Australia)1:23.84
2. Michael Teuber (Germany)1:23.98
3. Alexander Hohlrieder (Austria)1:26.15
4. Pierre Senska (Germany)1:27.56
5. Juan Jose Mendez (Spain)1:28.38
6. Michael Eaddy (Australia)1:29.08
7. Erich Winkler (Germany)1:30.21
8. Wolfgang Dabernig (Austria)1:31.43
9. Anthony Zahn (USA)1:32.21
10. Dale Everad Etsebeth (South Africa)1:36.11
Men Individual Pursuit
Bronze Medal Final
1. Maurice Eckhard (Spain)4:04.16
2. Jean Quevillon (Canada)4:08.41
Gold Medal Final
1. Darren Kenny (Great Britain)3:43.94
2. Javier Ochoa (Spain)3:50.88
Bronze Medal Final
1. Trent Deacon (Australia)3:43.78
2. Jiri Bouska (Czech Republic)3:44.54
Gold Medal Final
1. Chris Scott (Australia)3:38.72
2. Masashi Ishii (Japan)3:41.32
Tandem B and VI
Bronze Medal Final
1. G. Kilpatrick/M. Thompson (Russia)4:29.03
2. V. Janovak/R. Mitosinka (Slovakia)4:35.83
Gold Medal Final
1. K. Modra/T. Lawrwence (Australia)4:20.89
2. C. Venge/D. Llaurado (Spain)4:29.24


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