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August 23/07 9:15 am - UCI Paracycling World Championships

Posted by Editoress on 08/23/07

UCI Paracycling World Championships - Bordeaux, France

Track Day 4

Women's Individual Pursuit
Gold Medal Final
1. Sarah Bailey (Great Britain)3:48.62
2. Ju Fang Zhou (China)3:53.32
Bronze Medal Final
1. Claire McLean (Australia)3:57.99
2. Fiona Southorn (New Zealand)4:04.68
Gold Medal Final
1. Angela Fleming (Australia)4:12.85
2. Jennifer Schuble (United States of America)4:15.88
Bronze Medal Final
1. Ying Ping Dong (China)4:16.85
2. Ji Rong Wang (China)4:18.81
Gold Medal Final
1. Nathalie Simanowski (Germany)4:18.98
2. Paula Tesoriero (New Zealand)4:28.95
Bronze Medal Final
1. Jane Amstrong (Australia)4:34.56
2. Zhi Feng Niu (China)4:34.74
Tandem Women B & VI
Gold Medal Final
1. A. McGlynn/E. Hunter (Great Britain)3:40.63
2. L. Hou/T. Gallagher (Australia)3:42.38
Bronze Medal Final
1. C. Coluzzi/G. Troldi (Italy)3:44.61
2. M. Easter/R. Rimmington (Great Britain)3:46.26
Men's Team Sprint
1. Great Britain (Richard Waddon/Mark Bristow/Jody Cundy)0:50.15
2. China (Kuai Dong Zhang/Yuan Chao Zheng/Zhang Lu)0:51.81
3 Czech Republic (Tomas Kvasnicka/Jiri Bouska/Jiri Jezek)0:53.66
4. Spain (Javier Ochoa/Pablo Jaramillo/Amador Granado)0:55.54
Men Sprint
B and IV
Gold Medal Final
1. A. Kappes/R. Storey (Great Britain)
2. B. Demery/S. Hopkins (Australia)
Bronze Medal Final
1. T. Oshiro/H. Takahashi (Japan)
2. K. Modra/T. Lawrwence (Australia)
Final 5-6
1. G. Kilpatrick/M. Thompson (Russia)
2. A. Moll/T. Goliasch (Germany)
Final 7-8
1. R. Bonhof/J. Lute (Netherlands)
2. P. Senmartin/A. Duble (France)


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