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August 27/07 11:05 am - 2007 Bicycle Nova Scotia Mountain Bike Series Standings

Posted by Editor on 08/27/07

2007 Bicycle Nova Scotia Mountain Bike Series
Courtesy Randy Gray

As August 18, 2007
Best 3 of 5 Finishes count towards overall standings.
Only licensed UCI/CCA/BNS members qualify for points standings.

Men Total PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Martin Austin (Cyclesmith)281.2110010088.21
Terry Tomlin (Opus-Easton)100100
Jamie Lamb (Cyclesmith)99.2799.27
Ryan Taylor (NRG Opus Bicycles)97.4797.47
Garrett MacLeod (AVCC)94.2494.24
Ian Whitehead (Cyclesmith)87.1687.16
Ed Rushton (Cyclesmith)86.7586.75
Geoff O'Toole (West of Quebec Wheelers)83.2983.29
WomenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Sherry Huybers (PC Racing)295.8710010095.87
Lisa McInnis (Cyclesmith)198.6298.62100
Enid Schaller (Cyclesmith)186.7291.1895.54
Kelly Foster (Cyclesmith)177.2890.3786.91
Meghan Read (Valley Stove and Cycle)162.7182.3480.37
Open Expert MenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Bruce Roberts (Hub Cycle)295.8110097.7498.07
Simon Myatt (Cyclesmith)288.6497.9396.6494.07
Randal Gray (Cyclesmith)286.3591.2295.9499.19
Andrew Peacock (Cyclesmith)195.1510095.15
Robert Klue (Cyclesmith)194.5897.3199.27DNF
Peter Campell (Hub Cycle)190.5793.8996.68
Scott Sedgewick (Cyclesmith)180.2989.5293.12
Colin Banks (Valley Stove and Cycle)180.1989.4290.77
Bradley Cameron (Hub Cycle)174.3486.4587.89
Lorenzo Caterini (Hub Cycle?)100100
Norman Adams (Independent)93.9693.96
Troy Ballie (Hub Cycle)93.7693.76
Randy Comeau (Cyclesmith)89.3989.39
Rob Stel (Bicycles Plus)87.0987.09
Bruce Hickey (Independent)82.6782.67
Cameron Maynard (Valley Stove and Cycle)79.1879.18
Andrew Myatt (Cyclesmith)DNF
Master Sport Men (30+, 40+)Total PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Dan Pottier (Valley Stove and Cycle)299.4210099.42100
Lawrence MacNeil (Bicycles Plus)283.197.6693.392.14
Frank Woodworth (Valley Stove and Cycle)251.5483.3685.3982.79
Urs Ritter (Independent)247.2483.3783.14
Alan Miner (Independent)240.4283.8677.4579.11
Derek Ozon (Cyclesmith)234.1175.9381.7677.57
Lonny Curry (Independent)233.7382.5573.19
Randy Comeau (Cyclesmith)197.6497.64100
Roy Rasmussen (Hub Cycle)182.8192.8989.92DNF
Charles Ozon (Independent)178.3989.888.59
Eric Mossman (Valley Stove and Cycle)175.6592.4783.18
Stephen Weeks (PC Racing)99.8399.83
Mark Carson (PC Racing)96.0596.05
Keith Godfret (Southest MTB)90.4390.43
Steve Mitchell (Cyclesmith)80.59DNF80.59
Steve Sample (Independent)77.5777.57
Eric Leger (PC Racing)DNF
Master Sport Men (30+) Total PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Ryan Boudreau (Cyclesmith)170.1979.9790.22
Mark Carson (PC Racing)100100
Roddie MacLean (PC Racing)99.9899.98
Gerard Forstad (Independent)98.898.8
Craig Lorge (PC Racing)95.8595.85
Bradley Cameron (Hub Cycle)95.3795.37
Kirk Long (Valley Stove and Cycle)92.5792.57
Neil Menzies (Independent)91.8591.85
Senior Sport MenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Chris Price (Cyclesmith)200100100
Greg Towndrow (Lunenburg Bike Barn)179.8495.0884.76
Jeff Mayhew (Independent)93.993.9
Connor Scallion (Hub Cycle)100100
Eric Cudmore (Independent)86.1786.17
Adam Horne (Independent)83.9783.97
Ryan Boudreau (Cyclesmith)81.2381.23
Jerome Gonsalves (Independent)80.4680.46
Donald MacQuarrie (Independent)75.5475.53
Senior Sport WomenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Heather Ross (Independent)100100
Alanna Murray (TR Girls)87.7287.72
Junior Sport MenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Sandy Johnson (PC Racing)200100100
Jeremy Gass (Sportwheels)184.5198.4586.06
Kyle Gallant (Independent)100100
Under 17 MenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Trent Cormier (PC Racing)274.3295.0679.26100
Brandon Curry (Independent)253.4487.1284.1882.14
Paul Slaunwhite (PC Racing)189.8410089.84
Ryan Macdonald (PC Racing)185.6198.6286.99
Shane Starkey (PC Racing)184.5495.1989.35
Jordan Gibson (Sportwheels)175.2580.9894.27
Andrew Sedgewick (Sportwheels)172.1786.5185.66
Andrew L'Esperance (Cyclesmith)100100
Jeremy Hebert (Independent)84.1884.18
Coady Smith (PC Racing)68.8568.85
Alex Baillie (Independent)59.1159.11
Under 15 MenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Justin MacDonald (PC Racing)294.6294.62100100
Luc Lochead (PC Racing)294.1810096.5397.65
Benn Boutilier (Hub Cycle)288.5894.5897.2496.76
Brandon Miner (Independent)286.696.9599.1290.53
Coburn Brown (Independent)255.1681.7588.2485.17
Lucas McCulloch (PC Racing)252.1787.1378.9885.06
Alex Woloshyn (Sportwheels)238.2781.6681.1675.45
Ashley Creelman (Hub Cycle)221.3269.6475.9475.74
Colin Shaver (PC Racing)210.2969.6463.1277.53
Peter Millman (Hub Cycle)179.7288.8190.91
Cody Avery (PC Racing)172.5384.4188.12
Liam McInerney (Independent)169.5280.6888.84
Tyler D'Arcy (Hub Cycle)169.1481.8987.25
Chad McCarthy (PC Racing)166.8581.7285.13
Martin Main (Hub Cycle)165.1978.6686.53
Allan MacIntosh (Independent)151.675.0376.57
Patrick Stewart (PC Racing)146.5273.79DNF72.73
Damian Collins (Sportwheels)81.52DNF81.52
Andre Hebert (Independent)72.2272.22
Under 15 WomenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Abby Boutilier (Hub Cycle)300100100100
Adar Grealey (PC Racing)217.9574.166.8876.97
Jordan Holmes (PC Racing)210.473.4174.8262.17
Lydia Mcinery (Independent. )168.3686.4581.91
Odette Comeau (Cyclesmith)155.9379.4976.4498.59
Breigh Sample (Independent)98.6298.62
MacKenzie Myatt (Cyclesmith)64.8864.88
Under 13 MenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Luc Comeau (Cyclesmith)273.4690.2683.2100
Jesse Hale (PC Racing)266.2884.4888.992.9
Matthew Livingstone (PC Racing)240.3684.3979.2276.75
Ian Myatt (Cyclesmith)207.2474.7955.8576.6
Bryson Vardy (Independent)200100100
Brett Rogers (PC Racing)182.1588.8393.32
Garrett Johnston (Independent)159.6283.0576.57
Zachary Gate (Hub Cycle)112.9771.2441.73
Peter Corbin (PC Racing)61.1161.11
Ryan Lochead (PC Racing)83.11DNF83.11
Beginner MenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Bob MacDonald (PC Racing)300100100100
Ed Johnston (Independent)90.2390.23
Beginner WomenTotal PointsRace #1Race #2Race #3Race#4Race #5
Heather Ross (Independent)100100


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