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August 28/07 5:03 am - Bicycle Nova Scotia Points Series: Team and Individual Standings

Posted by Editoress on 08/28/07

Bicycle Nova Scotia Points Series

AKA, Cornucopia of Ahsomeness Team Road Series 2007

Team Standings as of August 28th

Senior Men
1. Annapolis Valley Cycling Club589pts
2. Hub Racing464
3. Opus - Easton360
4. Cyclesmith299
5. Team RACE200
6. Radical Edge182
7. West Quebec Wheelers125
8. Bicycles Plus80
9. Sea Level Racing73
10. ERTC/Redbike40
11.Team OSB60
12. Mikes Bike Shop7
13. PC Racing
Senior Women
1. Bicycles Plus964pts
2. Radical Edge340
3. Annapolis Valley Cycling Club215
4. Cyclesmith200
5. Mike's Bike Shop100
6. Pictou County Racing25
7. Sea Level Racing20
8. Valley Stove and Cycle10
Junior Men
1. Team PEI340pts
2. Cyclesmith310
3. Mike's Bike Shop300
4. Pictou County Racing210
5. Sportwheels120
U18 Men
1. Cyclesmith140pts
U15 Men
1. Pictou County Racing310pts
2. Sea Level Racing270
U13 Men
1. Bicycles Plus470pts
2. Sea Level Racing400
3. Cyclesmith40
U13 Women
1. Cyclesmith210pts
U17 Men
1. Pictou County Racing210pts
Master A
1. Cyclesmith543pts
2. Hub Racing465
3. Sea Level Racing419
4. Sportwheels225
5. Bicycles Plus249
6. Spokebenders15
Master B Men
1. Bicycles Plus1077pts
2. Mike's Bike Shop341
3. Hub Racing225
4. Cyclesmith153
5. Annapolis Valley Cycling Club130
6. Valley Stove and Cycle113
7. Sea Level Racing91
8. Sportwheels48
9. Radical Edge22
Master C Men
1. Bicycles Plus800pts
2. Valley Stove and Cycle405
3. Sea Level Racing290
4. Cyclesmith125
5. Ride with Rendall70
6. Lunenburg Bike Barn75
Senior 4 Men
1. Valley Stove and Cycle670pts
2. Lunenburg Bike Barn330
3. Pictou County Racing120
4. Cyclesmith70
Bicycles Plus70

Individual Points (after 8 of 9 events) as of August 28, 2007

Best 6 of 9 Events apply towards the Final Bicycle Nova Scotia Points Series

Senior Men
1 Garrett MacLeod (Annapolis Valley CC)470pts
2 Terry Tomlin (Opus-Easton)360
3 Lorenzo Caterini (Hub Racing)250
4 Chad Lennon (Hub Racing)210
5 Dustin MacBurnie (Team R.A.C.E.)200
6 Brian McKeown (Radical Edge)140
7 Eli Chiasson (Cyclesmith)115
8 Kristopher Barr (Bicycles Plus)110
9 Geoff O'Toole (West Quebec Wheelers)85
10 Andrew Peacock (Cyclesmith)70
11 Darroch Whitacker (Annapolis Valley CC)60
Adam Doubtwright (Team OSB)60
12 Stephen Keeping (West Quebec Wheels)55
13 Ryan MacDonald (Pictou County Racing)41
14. Geogg MacDonald (ERTC/Redbike)40
15 Jimmy Atwood (Sea Level Racing)35
16 Jonathon Burgess (Cyclesmith)33
17 Jamie Lamb (Cyclesmith)30
Mike Davis (Radical Edge)30
18. Charles Verge (Bicycles Plus CC)25
19 Ed Rushton (Cyclesmith)21
20 Martin Austin (Cyclesmith)20
21. Tyler lelacheur (ind)18
22 Derek Goodwin (Sea Level Racing)15
23 Jonathon Spinney (Sea Level Racing)13
24. Ben Bochaien (Radical Edge)12
25 Ian Whitehead (Cyclesmith)10
26 Keith MacCormack (Annapolis Valley CC)9
27 David Campbell (Annapolis Valley CC)7
David Tower (Cyclesmith)
Alain Gugen (Mike's Bike Shop)
Senior Women
1. Jeanne Ju (Bicycles Plus)500pts
2. Kaarin Tae (Bicycles Plus)390
4. Jennifer Adams (Annapolis Valley CC)185
3. Jane McKeown (Radical Edge)170
Kelly Murray (Radical Edge)170
5. Cynthia Fry (Bicycles Plus)125
6. Enid Schaller (Cyclesmith)105
7. Zuzana Ecerova (Mike's Bike Shop)100
7. Kelly Foster (Cyclesmith)95
8. Meghan Read (Valley Stove and Cycle)40
9. Sherry Huybers (Pictou County Racing)25
10. Brenda Merritt (ind)25
10. Laurie D'Entremomt (Sea Leavel Racing)20
Junior Men/ Under 17 Men?
1. Andrew L'Esprance (Cyclesmith)310pts
2. Paul Slaunwhite (Pictou County Racing)210
3. Stuart Wright (Mike's Bike Shop)200
4. Willem MacKenzie (Team PEI)170
Kyle Kneabone (Team PEI)170
5 . Kyle Gallant (ind)140
6. Jeremy Gass (Sportwheels)120
7. Jean-Richard Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop)100
U17 Men
1. Paul Slaunwhite (Pictou County Racing)100pts
U15 Men
1. Justin MacDoanld (Pictou County Racing)370pts
2. Josh Larkin (Sea Level Racing)310
3. Coburn Brown (ind)200
4. Luc Lochead (Pictou County Racing)40
U13 Men
1. Zachary Beazley ( Bicycles Plus)440pts
2. Pierce Atwood ( Sea Level Racing)300
3. Austin Gilkie70
4. Ian Myatt ( Cyclesmith)40
U13 Women
1. MacKenzie Myatt (Cyclesmith)130pts
2. Lydia McInnery100
3. Odette Comeau70
4, Hannah Gautrea40
U8 Men
1. Luc Comeau100pts
2. Mason Cameron70
3. Ian Myatt40
4. Jesse Cameron30
Senior 4 Men
1. Willam Morrison (Valley Stove and Cycle)600pts
2. Greg Towndrow (Lunenburg Bike Barn)335
3 Craig Longe (Pictou County Racing)70
Paul Gibbons (Bicycles Plus)70
Paul Goodyear (Cyclesmith)70
4. Daniel Bonner (independent)40
Stephen Weeks (Pictou County Racing)40
5. Ken Kam (independent)25
6. Kevin McKay (independent)15
7. Clint Snell (Pictou County Racing)10
Roddie MacLean (Pictou County Racing)0
Eric Legere (Pictou County Racing)0
Master A Men
1. Shawn Amirault (Hub Racing)465pts
2. Fil Bohac (ind.)200
3. Robert Stel (Bicycles Plus)185
Robert Klue (Cyclesmith)185
4. Andrew Feenstra (Cyclesmith)170
Derek Goodwin (Sea Level Racing)170
5. Gabriel Leblanc (Sea Level Cycling)169
6. Ian Loughead (Sportwheels)166
7. Andew MacDonald (Cyclesmith)150
8. Jimmy Atwood (Sea Level Racing)130
9. Kevin Besner (Sportwheels)116
10. Rene Saulnier (Bicycles Plus)55
11.Randy Gray (Cyclesmith)44
12. Sean Therien (ind)
13. Charles Fullerton (Sportwheels)23pts
14. Bradley Cameron ( Spokebenders Cycling)15
Chad Robertson15
15. Jamie MacArthur (Bicycles Plus)9
Master B Men
1. Tomas Beazley (Bicyles Plus)390pts
2. Jose Martins (Bicycles Plus)380
3. Donald McIntosh (Bicycles Plus)181
4. Paul Goobie (Mike's Bike Shop)155
5. Bill Ross (Bicycles Plus)143
6. Peter McLeod (Annapolis Valley CC)137
7. Charles Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop)116
8. Alan Mumford (Valley Stove and Cycle)104
9. Lorenzo Caterini (Hub Racing)100
Jeffrey Lalanne (Bicycles Plus)100
Al Jollimore (Cyclesmith)100
10. Derek Muise (Sea Level Racing)82
11. Scott Clark (Hub Racing)75
12. Jean Leger (Mike's Bike Shop)50
James Curry (Hub Racing)50
13. Jim Dikaoius (Cyclesmith)49
14. Eric Weaver (Bicycles Plus)46
15.George Henley (Bicycles Plus)36
16. Simon Myatt (Cyclesmith)31
17. Norman Siebrasse (Radical Edge)22
18. Craig Hillis (Cyclesmith)20
Ian Dennis (Mike's Bike Shop)20
19. David Goodwin (Sea Level Racing)19
20. David Morse (Valley Stove and Cycle)11
21. Doug Brown (independent)9
22. Stuart Inglis (Sportwheels)2
Paul Ostic0
Master C Men
1. Graham Starratt (Bicycles Plus)475pts
2. Wayne Titus (Valley Stove and Cycle)425
3. Barry Meisner (Bicycles Plus)295
4. Ray Balcom (Ride with Rendall)170
5. Doug MacDougall (Sea Level Racing)170
6. Gayland Goodwin (Sea Level Racing)110
7. Peter Dwyer (Bicycles Plus)90
8. Steve Mitchell (Cyclesmith)55
Al Huebach (Lunenburg Bike Barn)55
9. Fenton Cunningham (Sea Level Racing)45
Friedmann Brauer (Cyclesmith)45
10. Owen Power (no club affialation)40
11. Colin McLeod (Cyclesmith)25
12.Thomas Adams (Lunenburg Bike Barn)20


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