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August 28/07 6:16 am - Vuelta a Venezuela: Stage 2: S-Team Overcomes Jetlag for a Top 10 finish

Posted by Editoress on 08/28/07

Vuelta a Venezuela
provided by Symmetrics Fuelled By FarmPure

After some terrible travel, the S-Team finally landed in Caracas, Venezuela. The Vancouver contigent of the team had two full nights without a bed due to cancelled flights and red-eyes! After finally arriving, the team did their best to recover for the Stage 1 TT. There are 24 teams in the race, with the major threats being Venezuela Selle Italia, the Italian Cinelli team, the Venezuelan National Team, and the Tachira team.

The time trial did not go as well as expected, most likely due to the travel. Eric Wohlberg finished just outside the top 10, with Svein Tuft and Cam Evans the next riders for Symmetrics fuelled by FarmPure, placing 18th and 19th. The TT course was not flat, it was up and down the whole way with a 2.5km hill in the middle that riders used a 39x23 to get up.

The Stage 1b Circuit race was a flat cigar shaped course 6km around along the main boulevard in the Carupano. The team, still fatigued from the travel, rode conservatively.

Stage 2 saw Eric Wohlberg just miss out on a terrific win. The team rode well, with their legs feeling much better than the first day, marking the moves and getting in breaks. In the final kilometres, Cam Evans jumped and was caught, with Wohlberg attacking hard. The wiley veteran was caught just before the line but still managed to get ninth. If anything, the S-Team was happy to be feeling stronger and looks forward to the oncoming stages...

Stage 2: Casanay to Santa Barbara De Tapirin, 187.5 km
1. Miguel Ubeto (Ven) Fundadeporte Carabobo4:51:02
2. Ivan Fanelli (Ita) Cinelli Endeka OPDat 0:13
3. Juan Murillo (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira-Banfoandes
4. Emiliano Donatello (Ita) Serramenti PVC Diquigiovanni - Selle Italia
5. Miguel Chacon (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira-Banfoandes
6. Freddy Vargas (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira-Banfoandes
7. Francisco Colorado (Col) Alcaldia Bolivariana Paez
8. Tomas Gil (Ven) Gobernacion Bolivariano Carabobo
9. Jhoan Paez (Ven) Fecez Eje. Gobernacion Barinas
10. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
40. Jacob Erker (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
44. Cameron Evans (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
59. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team0:13
90. Jeffery Sherstobitaff (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Teamall s.t.
127. Brandon Chrichton (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team8:14
1. Juan Dotti (Arg) Cinelli Endeka OPD7:07:00
2. Freddy Vargas (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira-Banfoandesat 0:11
3. Andris Hernandez (Ven) Gobernacion Bolivariano Carabobo0:28
4. Franklin Chacon (Ven) Gobernacion Bolivariano Carabobo0:29
5. Richard Ochoa (Ven) Gobernacion Bolivariano Carabobo0:30
6. Hernan Munoz (Col) Gobernacion Zulia Bod0:34
7. Jose Chacon (Ven) Loteria Del Tachira-Banfoandess.t.
8. Cesar Salazar (Col) Loteria Del Tachira-Banfoandes0:38
9. Tomas Gil (Ven) Gobernacion Bolivariano Carabobo0:40
10. Jose Serpa (Col) Serramenti PVC Diquigiovanni - Selle Italia0:43
11. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team0:44
18. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team1:10
19. Cameron Evans (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team1:12
38. Jacob Erker (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team2:23
42. Jeffery Sherstobitaff (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team2:38
112. Brandon Chrichton (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team11:09
Team GC
1. Loteria Del Tachira-Banfoandes21:22:23
2. Gobernacion Bolivariano Caraboboat 0:04
3. Symmetrics Cycling Team1:43
4. Cinelli Endeka OPD1:46
5. Gobernacion Zulia Bod2:37


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