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September 3/07 3:25 am - Expert Ladies Tour

Posted by Editoress on 09/3/07

Expert Ladies Tour Netherlands

Stage 1: Valkenburg to Berg en Terblijt, , 97.6km 1. Marianne Vos (Team DSB Bank )2:26:50
2. Judith Arndt (T- Mobile Women)at 0:02
3. Marta Bastianelli (Italy National team)0:05
4. Glorgia Bronzini (Italy National team)0:06
5. Susanne Ljungskog (Team Flexpoint)
6. Emma Johansson (Vlaanderen Caprisonne)both s.t.
7. Anita Valen (Vrienden van het Platteland)0:08
8. Irene van den Broek (AA Drink Cycling Team)0:09
9. Trixi Worrack (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung/Mix)
10. Mirjam Melchers (Team Flexpoint)both s.t.
11. Linda Villumsen (T- Mobile Women)0:15
12. Tatiana Guderzo (AA Drink Cycling Team)
13. Laure Werner (Vlaanderen Caprisonne)
14. Claudia Häusler (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung/Mix)
15. Charlotte Becker (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung/Mix)
16. Sarah Düster (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HP Pro Cycling Team)
17. Sofie Goor (Vlaanderen Caprisonne)
18. Natalie Bates (Team Getränke Hoffmann)
19. Andrea Bosman (Team DSB Bank)
20. Suzanne Goede de (T- Mobile Women)
21. Stephanie Pohl (Team Getränke Hoffmann)
22. Ludivine Henrion (Team DSB Bank)
23. Kristin Armstrong (US Cycling)all s.t.
24. Patricia Schwager (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HP Pro Cycling Team)0:20
25. Priska Doppmann (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HP Pro Cycling Team)0:22
26. Christiane Soeder (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HP Pro Cycling Team)0:24
27. Emma Rickards (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HP Pro Cycling Team)
28. Elisabeth Braam (Therme Skincare)
29. Monia Baccaille (Italy National team)
30. Chantal Beltman (T- Mobile Women)
31. Liesbeth de Vocht (Mixteam Weijers-Hako (Barrhopoort)-(Lotto Belisol))all s.t.
32. Hege Linn Eie (Team Tubanters)0:27
33. Tina Liebig (Team Getränke Hoffmann)0:29
34. Regina Bruins (Regioteam Ton van Bemmelen/ Odysis)s.t.
35. Martine Bras (Mixteam Weijers-Hako (Barrhopoort)-(Lotto Belisol))0:32
36. Bettina Kuhn (Bigla Cycling Team)0:36
37. Silvia Parietti (Italy National team)0:38
38. Paulina Brzezna (AA Drink Cycling Team)0:58
39. Loes Gunnewijk (Team Flexpoint)s.t.
40. Caroline Steffen (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HP Pro Cycling Team)1:01
41. Marlen Jöhrend (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung/Mix)
42. Ellen van Dijk (Vrienden van het Platteland)
43. Marije Profijt (Therme Skincare)all s.t.
44. Loes Markerink (Team Flexpoint)1:05
45. Jaccolien Wallaard (Vrienden van het Platteland)1:08
46. Cindy Pieters (Vlaanderen Caprisonne)s.t.
47. Sharon van Essen (Team DSB Bank)1:11
48. Sissy van Alebeek (Regioteam Ton van Bemmelen/ Odysis)s.t.
49. Luisa Tamanini (Italy National team)1:19
50. Loes Sels (Vlaanderen Caprisonne)1:28
51. Monika Furrer (Bigla Cycling Team)s.t.
52. Marlijn Binnendijk (AA Drink Cycling Team)2:05
53. Adrie Visser (Team DSB Bank)s.t.
54. Lauren Franges (US Cycling)2:08
55. Meredith Miller (US Cycling)
56. Kirsten Wild (AA Drink Cycling Team)
57. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T- Mobile Women)
58. Regina Schleicher (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung/Mix)all s.t.
59. Arenda Grimberg (Regioteam Ton van Bemmelen/ Odysis)4:15
60. Alessandra D Ettorre (Italy National team)4:30
61. Trine Schmidt (Team Flexpoint)4:45
62. Mascha Pijnenborg (Het Snelle Wiel/MIX)6:14
63. Esther Olthuis (Team Tubanters)s.t.
64. Janne Brok (Vrienden van het Platteland)6:17
65. Roxane Knetemann (AA Drink Cycling Team)s.t.
66. Danielle Bekkering (Team DSB Bank)6:18
67. Petra Dijkman (Het Snelle Wiel/MIX)
68. Liesbeth Bakker (Vrienden van het Platteland)both s.t.
69. Femke van Schelven (Mixteam Weijers-Hako (Barrhopoort)-(Lotto Belisol))6:20
70. Njsk Nauta (Regioteam Ton van Bemmelen/ Odysis)
71. Judith Helmink (Therme Skincare)both s.t.
72. Katherine Carroll (US Cycling)6:27
73. Kate Bates (T- Mobile Women)6:32
74. Chrissy Ruiter (US Cycling)6:40
75. Moniek Rotmensen (Regioteam Ton van Bemmelen/ Odysis)10:28
76. Tanja Hennes (Bigla Cycling Team)10:43
77. Dahlina Rosyida (Mixteam Weijers-Hako (Barrhopoort)-(Lotto Belisol))
78. Ellis Hulshorst (Merida Ladies Cycling Team)
79. Iris Slappendel (Team Flexpoint)
80. Brooke Miller (US Cycling)
81. Virgina Hennig (Team Getränke Hoffmann)
82. Marie Lindberg (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung/Mix)
83. Sandra Missbach (Team Getränke Hoffmann)all s.t.
84. Lidia Arcangeli (Bigla Cycling Team)10:48
85. Monique van de Ree (Vrienden van het Platteland)10:49
86. Jessica Glasbergen (Merida Ladies Cycling Team)10:51
87. Kate Cullen (Mixteam Weijers-Hako (Barrhopoort)-(Lotto Belisol))10:52
88. Imke Hartogs (Merida Ladies Cycling Team)
89. Kristy Miggels (Therme Skincare)both s.t.
90. Dorien Janse (Het Snelle Wiel/MIX)11:37
91. Sandra van Veghel (Merida Ladies Cycling Team)s.t.
92. Susanne van As (Het Snelle Wiel/MIX)11:45
93. Yolandy Du Toit (Mixteam Weijers-Hako (Barrhopoort)-(Lotto Belisol))
94. Eva Heijmans (Het Snelle Wiel/MIX)
95. Rixt Meijer (Therme Skincare)all s.t.
96. Juliette Wigbold (Team Tubanters)15:30
97. Andrea Wolfer (Bigla Cycling Team)s.t.
98. Elke Lenferink (Team Tubanters)15:34
99. Olivia Koster (Team Tubanters)15:36


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