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May 5/99 9:23 am - Barry 2nd in Norway, Ontario and Manitoba Results, Plus Lots More

Posted by Editor on 05/5/99

Canadians 4th and 9th in Ringerike GP
(courtesy M. Barry Sr)

After maintaining second place on G.C. for the first four of the five stages of the Ringerike G.P. , Michael Barry (Saturn) dropped to fourth despite finishing third on the tough 166km final stage. World U23 ITT champion Thor Hushovd (Norway) and compatriot Erland Engelsvoll broke away 30 km from the finish. Despite the efforts of Teams Saturn and Accept Card the two Norwegians finished 2:48 up on Barry, who led in a chase group of four riders that included the yellow jersey Michael Andersson (Sweden) Accept Card. The time gap was sufficient to take Hushovd and Engelsvoll to the top two spots on the podium with Andersson maintaining a 14 second advantage over Barry for third.

Team Saturn now moves on across Europe to compete in the ten day Peace Race which starts in Prague on Thursday.

Final G.C.

1 Thor Hushovd (Norway) Ringerrike SK.
2 Erland Engelsvoll (Norway) Sandnes SK.
3 Michael Andersson (Sweden) Accept Card.
4 Michael Barry (Canada) Saturn.
5 Joona Laukka (Finland) Accept Card
6 Bart Bowen (USA) Saturn.
7 Kjell Carlstrom (Finland) Tuul Olmo Turku.
8 Henrick Sparr (Sweden) Team Wirsbo.
9 Mat Anand (Canada) Saturn.
10 Kurt Asle Arvesen (Norway) Nesset CK.

Springbank Road Race, Ontario
(courtesy Val Davidge)


1. Tom Szostopol Maple Leaf
2. Menno Bos
3. Clive Egan
4. Tim Wallis L.C.W
5. John Parkinson Newmarket Eagles
6. David Sitler L.C.W
7. Rob Cheskey Hamilton CC
8. Wayne Beatty Whitby Weekend Warriors
9. Grant Strahl Newmarket Eagles
10. Doug Hutcheon Whitby WW
11. Francil Morrow Hamilton CC


1. Mathew Bonin Maple Leaf
2. Taras Kleben Hamilton CC

Senior 1/2 Women

1. Amy Jarvis Intersports
2. Tammy Done Saskatoon CC

Senior 3 Women

1. Linda Simonsen
2. Kirsten Robbins

Senior 3 Men

1. Michael Moore Schwinn
2. Christopher Paton Mississauga/Volvic
3. Duncan Salisbury Halton R & T
4. Keith Thorarinson Hummingbird
5. Raine Rocdger Comox CC
6. Greg Palmer Mississauga/Volvic
7. Brooks Rapley Kiro
8. Steve May Maple Leaf
9. Charlie Squires LCW

Senior 1/2 Men

1. Tim Lefebvre Ital Pasta
2. Antoine Varghesse Kissena
3. Bryan Rusche Saeco
4. Barry Reid Maple Leaf
5. Greg Cavanagh Mississauga/Volvic
6. Craig DeVeer Mississauga/Volvic
7. Joe Guiliano Jet Fuel
8. Pat Shea
9. Kevin Speacht Kiro
10. Charlie Gorman Intersports
11. Piers Davidge Mississauga/Volvic
12. Robert Huff Maple Leaf
13. Greg Seganfredo Woodbridge Italia
14. Michael Ybanez Mississauga/Volvic
15. Malcolm Munroe Kiro
16. Warren Davies Mississauga/Volvic

Turkey Point Road Race - Ontario Cup #3
(courtesy Val Davidge)

Organizer: Ken Grange, 519-583-0608 or

Registration at the Turkey Point Hotel - opens at 8a.m.

Race Details:

9.00a.m. Senior 3 and Junior Men 85 kms 5 laps
9.10a.m. Masters 68 kms 4 laps
11.30a.m. Senior 1 and 2 Men 120 kms 7 laps
11.31a.m. Women 68 kms 4 laps
11.32 a.m Youth 20/40kms 1/2 laps

Olympia Kids of Mud, Manitoba
(courtesy Dave Benson)

Race Results for May 4th, 1999

In spite of a severe weather watch for extremely high winds and threat of electrical storms we managed to slip a race in without incident or interference from Mother Nature. Sixty three kids participated in the second race in the six event series with the following results:

Senior 14-16
1) Michael Harris
2) Cabrel Boucher
3) Thomas Benson
4) Michael Magat
5) Justin Stadnyk

Intermediate 11-13
1) Rene Regimbald
2) Curtis Walstra
3) Jamie Biluk
4) Chris Butcher
5) Joshua Markham

Junior -10
1) Paul Benson
2) Daryl Dowsett
3) Jordan Kelsch
4) Cole Guertin
5) Van Hansell

MCA Results

1) Leith McLeod Olympia 49:57
2) Gord Hamm Olympia 50:44
3) Mark Salesse Olympia 51:29
4) Louis Corbeil Olympia 52:08
5) Lindsay Gauld Olympia 53:03

1) Suzanne Baldwin Olympia 51:25
2) Jenny Ayers Olympia 51:55

1) Chris Duester Olympia 41:53
2) Russell Brandt Olympia 44:23
3) Steve Johnson Independent 44:26
4) Sean Carriere Birch 44:27
5) Matt Blatz Olympia 46:03

1) Jason Tucker Olympia 32:35
2) Thomas Benson Kids of Mud 39:43

1) Christie Peters

Saturn USPro Series Standings - (after 3 events)


RankNameTeamRedlandsTour LeFleurAthens TwilightTotal Points
1Frank McCormackSaturn7527100202
2Gord FraserMercury117575161
3Christian VandelVeldeU.S. Postal10000100
4Graeme MillerShaklee0504595
5Rob VenturaSaturn0306090
6Jomas CarneyShaklee0245074
7Harm JansenSmart Talk0353065
8Scott MoningerMercury600060
9Eddy GragusWorld Team0243559
10Brian WaltonSaturn4012557
17Eric WohlbergShaklee1611027
17Mike BarrySaturn270027
29Dominique PerrasNutraFig010010


RankNameTeamRedlandsTour LeFleurAthens TwilightTotal Points
1Anna WilsonSaturn050100150
2Lyne BessetteSaturn100210121
3Suzy PrydeSaturn07545120
4Nicole FreedmanKendall-Jackson0187593
5Kendra WenzelTimex0276087
6Alison DunlapTeam GT750075
7Jen McRaeTimex0304070
8Laura VanGilderNavigators0155065
9Cybil DiGustiniElita600060
10Tina MayoloCelestial Seasonings0243054
13Clara Hughesunattached450045
15Sue Palmer KomarJanes Cosmetics350035
18Alison SydorVolvo Cannondale270027
19Kathleen Miller002525
22Chrissy ReddenCanada180018
23Melanie McQuaidCanada160016
27Lesley TomlinsonCanada100010
30Kathleen MillarIntersports0707

Note: Kathleen Miller seems to appear twice on the official standings, so our calculations show that she should be in 17th place.

Additions To Announcement

Lorraine Blancher has let us know that the press release we received and posted concerning her signing with Schwinn USA left out a few details. First, she will be racing for the Schwinn Homegrown program (not the Toyota RAV4 squad), which will be providing racing support as she follows the U.S. Norba circuit. Also, two of her major sponsors were left out of the original release - Oakley and Airwalk (never leave out the sponsors!).


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