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December 3/07 5:14 am - Upcoming Six Day at Burnaby Velodrome: Volunteers and Rider Billets Need

Posted by Editoress on 12/3/07

Burnaby Six Day
Rob McMurtry, The Burnaby Velodrome Club

6 Day Billets - Help needed

With the Burnaby Six's growing reputation we're attracting interest
from racers all over North America. Currently 24 riders/coaches are
seeking a place to stay and we can accomodate singles and doubles
pretty well.

However we have a few teams like Calyon-Litespeed from Quebec that are
fielding two teams of four riders. Staying together has many benefits
but presents a challenge for anyone offering up space. No one is
expecting four-poster beds and feather duvets, space for a thermarest
can do the trick! If you can accomodate up to four riders please let me know ASAP.

I know this is asking a lot and appreciate your consideration.

Volunteers Needed

I'm sure everyone is aware of the Burnaby's running from Dec. 31 to January 5th this year. You can view the schedule at Across the six days we're offering 20+ hours of racing and 100 races (plus heats).

With the holiday season just wrapping up, back to school going on, and the number of days we're in action, any volunteer assistance we can muster is going to make a difference in putting on a great event.

If you can help for one evening, that's great. More than one even greater! Take a look at the schedule and see what works for you. I'll be maintaining and distributing a schedule to keep things sorted.

Volunteers eat and hydrate (within limits) for free. You also get a red BVC "STAFF" T-shirt. Be the first on your block!

Race package preparation: Race numbers, pins, swag into bags to ease sign-in.
Purse envelope stuffing: Cash etc. into envelopes and labelled by event.
Tile lifting party: We need to clear the corners to create a warm up lane inside the cote. Some Saturday soon!
Warm up lane painting party: Grippy paint on that slick cement...once
the tiles are up.

Setup/Tear Down
Dec. 31 - Setup from 5-7PM. Many hands make light work. Nets to take
down, tables to setup, etc.
Jan. 5, 9:30PM - Tear down. Setup but backwards! Takes an hour.

NOTE: We stay set up the whole week. No futzing around from
night to night.

The folowing Volunteers needed for each session
Registration: Verifying entries in the laptop, getting racers their
numbers, etc.
Lap Counter/Bell Ringer: Special requirement: Ability to add and subtract.
Holders: For sprint sessions. If you'll be around let me know and we
can call you specifically.
Whip: Move through the in-field prompting riders to get ready for the
next event. Valuable role!
First Aid attendant: Just in case.
Points counters: Keeping track of points and finishers is critical and
"extra eyes" always help.
Results/schedule/start list runner: Post race materials to the
whiteboard for racers to reference.
Results/schedules/start list entry: We've got two...a third would be
great backup. Must know Excel. Mail me!
Merchandise Sales: Help promote the BV by selling our spiffy gear. We're
working at getting a Visa terminal!
Concession: We're planning to have hot food like last year. Help keep it going!
Neutral Mechanic: Wheel swaps for pro/elite, etc.
Announcing: Groupo compacto? Someone else must have a phrase they want to use?
Reporters/photo/videographers: If you're shooting or want to write a report, let me know and we'll check with you for content we can post.

That's a big list but at every event we see too few people doing too
many things. This leads to errors and delays, so grabbing hold of
something definitely makes a difference in putting on an enjoyable
event for everyone.

If there's something you can do, send me an email and we'll get you lined up!



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