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March 6/08 3:15 am - Cycling in the News

Posted by Editoress on 03/6/08

Cycling in the news

Urban cyclists still face unfriendly terrain in Vancouver

Effervescent cyclist and former COPE city councillor Fred Bass has always expressed his opinion in a colourful fashion.

For the latest example, witness the Coalition of Progressive Electorsñhosted transportation forum February 11 at Our Town Café in Mount Pleasant, where Bass-for once not decked out in full-face bike helmet and Gore-Tex-said it would take "politicians with balls" to implement a transportation plan that incorporates more bicycles out on the roads.

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BC: Local experts grade Lower Mainland's cycling infrastructure

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Americans learn bikes cut costs and improve fitness

At a time of soaring gasoline prices, expanding waistlines, and growing worry over climate change, more Americans are getting on their bikes.

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Court of Arbitration for Sport asked to protect Paris-Nice cyclists from sanctions

World sport's highest appeal court is looking for a solution to allow riders to compete in the Paris-Nice cycling race.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has been asked to intervene in the dispute by the association of cycling's elite teams, International Professional Cycling Teams.

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Tour de France eyes London return

Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme has had talks with London mayor Ken Livingstone about bringing the event back to the city.

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Tour chief vows to beat the drug enemy

Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme said he was determined to beat the drugs he called the "enemy" of the sport.

In London to discuss another possible visit by the Tour de France to Britain, Prudhomme said the problem of doping was not confined to cycling nor to the Tour.

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Rock Racing to hire Basso?

Controversial American cycling team Rock Racing might be about to get even more controversial. Mario Cipollini, who made his comeback with the team at the Tour of California, and may be taking on a management role with Rock Racing, has told Cycle Sport that they are considering hiring Ivan Basso when his ban ends.

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Sinkewitz to return from doping ban in 2008 after accepting sentence

Patrick Sinkewitz can return to professional cycling on July 18 of this year after the German Cycling Federation (BDR) decided against taking further legal steps against the rider.

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USADA takes tougher approach

The United States Anti-Doping Agency is introducing new testing and storage plans described by a top official as "very significant" measures to be conducted when athletes are competing for spots on the U.S. Olympic team.

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What could 10,000 shared bikes do for the Bay Area?

Paris, Barcelona, Lyon, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and other metropolitan areas boast successful bike-sharing programs. Paris launched its Vélib' (short for vélo liberté, "bicycle freedom") program in July 2007, and during the recent transit strike in that city, the use of 10,000 shared bikes soared, with demand exceeding supply. New York City created a successful model program last summer, and college campuses from the University of Washington to the University of Wisconsin, Madison have done the same. Plans for bike-sharing systems are on the way in the nation's capital and possibly in Chicago and Arlington, Virginia.

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Chicago: Bike safety bill breezes through committee

The city's traffic control and safety committee approved a new bicycle safety ordinance yesterday targeting motorists who endanger cyclists.

The ordinance establishes fines for the following:

• Turning right or left in front of a bicyclist
• Passing a bicyclist with less than three feet of space
• Opening a door into the path of a bicyclist

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The Vicious Cycle of Anti-Cyclist Bias

At a panel on cyclist's rights, Bob Mionske, a Portland, Oregon attorney and founder of Bicycle Law, offered a cogent explanation of the obstacles cyclists face when it comes to public perception, police enforcement, and holding motorists accountable for injuring and killing cyclists. "Anti-cyclist bias is endemic in the police, the court system, and the media," he said, then described how bias in each arena reinforces bias in the others.

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Bicycling Survival Guide from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Part 1 Trail Etiquette

Part 2 Road Etiquette

Part 3 Realities of cycling

China lowering medal expectations, counselling athletes as Olympic pressure mounts

China's sports authority is lowering medal expectations and offering counselling for athletes as pressure mounts on the Olympic hosts to succeed at August's Games.

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