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May 15/99 10:14 am - Shep at Big Bear, 24 Hour World's

Posted by Editor on 05/15/99

Shep's Report From Big Bear - "The Day the Squirrel Died"

Altitude is one of the many love hate relationships that cyclists must eventually deal with. No matter what you do the outcome changes (unless you live there). I prefer to either climatise for three weeks or go up the day of the race, and I've seen results go from impressive to down right pathetic! Today brought sunny skies and air that lacked any sort of oxygen (due to the 7300 ft of elevation); whatever oxygen there was seemed to be lost in the cloud of smog that slowly moved into the area. From the gun, Dave Weins and I moved to the front establishing an early break as we entered the climb. I jumped him before the singletrack climb and settled into a painful pace that strung the field out and burned my battery! Half way up Dave passed me, and Rolli also moved by to start chasing Dave. Behind, a group that contained Brown, Larson, and Tinker worked to try and chase up the 22min the top they trailed Killen and myself by 5 sec but we were able to gap them by 20 sec on the ensuing long downhill. Weins now continued to put time on the whole field and would eventually take the race....Rolli kept chasing and was joined by Larson on the third lap (he would finish 2nd) and Rolli third. As this battle was going on I faded a bunch to end up 11th.

Not happy, not sad, it's just a race and with the new format one has the opportunity for redemption in the Dirt crit the following day....we'll see. With Rolli, Steve, Tinker, and I representing the World Cup crew, the rest of the positions were filled by riders from altitude. I think there could be a change next week when we go to sea level (Dre and Shamoe will also be in the fray of things) The course consisted of a massive climb that took the same time as the average lap in a world cup.....followed by mixed double and rough, dusty technical single track that made last year's course look like a highway (oh yeah it was!). Great course to not entertain fans, but fun for the rider.

Of note there was one fatality on the course....a small grey squirrel froze after seeing the mighty silver shorts I was wearing....he promptly got a close-up of my tire selection, and with two high pitched chirps the little guy was history. The rest of the race the rodent was on his back with his little paws in the air, as if pointing at me and saying, "you bastard! Why couldn't you have had semi-slicks!" Poor squirrel! Anyways I'll update the evening crit late tomorrow night....wish me luck!


First 24 Hour World's Comes to Canada

Until this year, there has never been a 24 Hour Solo World Championships, so Trilife has decided to hold one in Canmore, Alberta during their Kokanee 24 Hours of Adrenalin event - July 18-19. The event will be held at the Canmore Nordic Centre (site of the Canmore World Cup). Trilife has a deal with the Outdoor Life Network to televise the event. For more info go to the Trilife website at:

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Women's World Cup in Plymouth, England; Giro d'Italia begins!; Norba #1 continues; l'Aude;...


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