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March 15/08 9:55 am - Sequoia Cycling Classic ITT

Posted by Editoress on 03/15/08

Sequoia Cycling Classic Exeter CA

Yokohl Ranch Exeter Time Trial (40 km)

Pro1/2 Womenm
1. Kristin Armstrong (Cervelo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team)1:01:31.89
2. Rhodes Alex (Team High Road - Women)at 4:17.07
3. Felicia Gomez (Aaron's Pro Cycling Team)4:52.19
4. Anne Samplonius (Cheerwine Cycling)5:09.91
5. Katharine Carroll (Aaron's Pro Cycling Team)5:41.18
6. Leigh Hobson (Cheerwine Cycling)5:41.88
7. Mara Abbott (Team High Road - Women)6:11.37
8. Molly Van Houweling (Metromint Cycling)6:35.50
9. Kristin Sanders (Aaron's Pro Cycling Team)6:52.69
10. Carmen Mcnellis (Aaron's Pro Cycling Team)6:54.29
11. Emily Zell (PROMAN Racing)7:02.14
12. Janel Holcomb (Webcor Builders)7:17.22
13. Lauren Franges (TEAM TIBCO)7:46.69
14. Martina Patella (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)8:02.11
15. Pat Ross (Touchstone Climbing)8:10.05
16. Anke Wichmann (Team High Road - Women)8:52.66
17. Stacy Marple (Cheerwine Cycling)8:54.16
18. Nicole Evans (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)8:56.33
19. Megan Hottman (DFT-QA3)9:07.66
20. Kelly McDonald (Touchstone Climbing)9:13.42
21. Laura Van Gilder (Cheerwine Cycling)9:16.68
22. Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine Cycling)9:37.37
23. Alison Littlefield (Contender Bicycles)9:49.94
24. Olivia Dillon (Touchstone Climbing)10:24.98
25. Rushlee Buchanan (TEAM TIBCO)10:25.14
26. Jane Despas (Vanderkitten)10:29.44
27. Amber Rais (TEAM TIBCO)10:32.50
28. Shannon Koch (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)10:37.32
29. Heather Sborz (Vanderkitten Racing)10:44.91
30. Jennifer Reither (SouthBay Wheelmen)10:51.73
31. Helen Kelly (TEAM TIBCO)10:58.08
32. Allyson Brandt (Cheerwine Cycling)11:07.75
33. Morgan Kapp (SouthBay Wheelmen)11:11.66
34. Kate Ligler (PROMAN Racing)11:19.30
35. Cara Gillis (OrganicAthlete's Team Vegan)11:46.32
36. Abby Lyn Cooper (PROMAN Racing)12:02.11
37. Clare Vlahopoulos (America's Dairyland)12:11.16
38. Maria Monica (McGuire Cycling Team)12:15.11
39. Rachel Heal (TEAM TIBCO)12:17.60
40. Holly Borowski (Touchstone/US Armed Forces)12:20.47
41. Tracy Kubas (Bicycle John's)12:30.41
42. Jerika Hutchinson (TEAM TIBCO)12:35.64
43. Flavia Oliveira (Vanderkitten Racing)13:00.67
44. Sue Palmer-Komar (Team Advil/ChapStick)13:02.23
45. Cari Higgins (America's Dairyland)13:06.72
46. Chellie Terry (Fitzgerald's Bicycles)13:11.88
47. Betina Hold (PROMAN Racing)13:16.38
48. Elizabeth Galenti ()13:26.54
49. Sarah Bamberger (Cheerwine Cycling)14:19.76
50. Kate Ross (America's Dairyland)16:02.85
51. Yukie Nakamura (Team Kenda Tire)16:15.11
52. Amy Mcguire (Team Kenda Tire)16:21.26
53. Jennifer Wilson (SouthBay Wheelmen)17:00.04
54. Elis Bradshaw (Metromint Cycling on Marin Bikes)18:24.82
DNF. Marisa Asplund-Owens (Cheerwine Cycling)
DNF. Christina Ruiter (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)
DNS. Sandra Kolb (NA)
DNS. Giana Roberge (PROMAN Racing)
DNS. Kelli Jones (Paramount Racing)
DNS. Meredith Miller (Aaron's Pro Women's Cycling Team)
DNS. Julia Lafranchise (Leader Bikes/Big City)
DNS. Emilia Fahlin (Team High Road - Women)
DNS. Victoria Bastide (Team TIBCO)
DNS. Kristy Gough (Third Pillar)
DNS. Kim Anderson (Team High Road - Women)
1. Ben Jacques-Maynes (Bissell Pro Cycling)56:25.68
2. Rory Sutherland (Healthnet p/b Maxxis)at 0:49.12
3. Jonathan Mumford (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)1:15.47
4. Heath Blackgrove (Toyota United Pro Cycling Team)1:17.78
5. Karl Menzies (HealthNet/Maxxis)1:20.84
6. Luis Amaran Romero (Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)1:22.53
7. Scott Zwizanski (BISSELL Pro Cycling Team)1:32.18
8. Michael Grabinger (Successful p/b Parkpre)1:44.41
9. Mike Olheiser (Memphis motor werks/Carve)1:48.82
10. Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics)1:54.84
11. Mark Santurbane (California Giant Berry Farms)2:12.65
12. Justin Spinelli (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)2:13.28
13. Thurlow Rogers (Amgen Giant Masters)2:23.28
14. Bradley White (Successful p/b Parkpre)2:28.85
15. Curtis Gunn (Successful p/b Parkpre)2:38.00
16. Phillip Gaimon (Fiordifrutta)3:15.71
17. Andy Jacques-Maynes (California Giant Berry Farms)3:20.21
18. Aaron Olson (BISSELL Pro Cycling Team)3:22.62
19. Brian Jensen (Successful p/b Parkpre)3:26.28
20. Andrew Randell (Symmetrics Cycling)3:46.43
21. Joao Correia (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)4:30.91
22. Matt Seagrave (Kahala La Grange)4:35.31
23. Michael Hutchinson (Morgan Stanley/Specialized/24 hr fitness)4:45.37
24. Daniel Bowman (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)4:47.87
25. Osvaldo Olmos (California Giant Berry Farms)5:00.03
26. Tyler Dibble5:06.55
27. Max Jenkins (California Giant Berry Farms)5:10.88
28. Jonathan Sundt (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)5:14.69
29. Alejandro Borrajo (Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)5:23.59
30. Anibal Borrajo (Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)5:29.78
31. Jesse Moore (California Giant Berry Farms)5:46.92
32. Craig Upton (Navigators Insurance)5:52.37
33. Adam Switters (Rock Racing)6:02.31
34. Alessandro Bazzana (Successful p/b Parkpre)6:14.28
35. Charles Dionne (Successful p/b Parkpre)6:15.26
36. Keith Miller (California Giant Berry Farms)6:18.46
37. Markus Weinberg (Kahala-La Grange)6:19.68
38. Mark Shimahara (Team Clif Bar)6:26.25
39. Kevin Klein (Rock Racing)6:29.21
40. John Hunt (California Giant Berry Farms)7:17.53
41. Andrew Guptill (Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)7:17.78
42. Luca Damiani (Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)7:30.12
43. Josh Horowitz (LaGrange)7:49.28
44. Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)8:25.43
45. Alex Candelario (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)8:43.12
46. Vincent Owens (Sierra Pacific Racing)8:45.03
47. Davide Frattini (Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)8:58.74
48. Jonathan Eropkin (VOS Racing)9:01.96
49. Michael Hernandez (VOS Racing)9:58.74
50. Nathan Rogut (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)13:06.50
51. Andrew Bajadali (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)15:45.19
DNF. Devon Vigus (California Giant Berry Farms)
DNS. Christian Valenzuela (Successful p/b Parkpre)
DNS. Ken Hanson (California Giant Berry Farms)
DNS. Cody O'reilly (Successful p/b Parkpre)
DNS. Brian Buchholz (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)/td>


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