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March 18/08 1:57 am - Rollin 2nd at LA Circuit Race

Posted by Editoress on 03/18/08

Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team 1-2 at LA Circuit Race
Report Courtesy Matt Davio

Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team fielded five riders in Sunday's LA Circuit Race around the Los Angeles International Airport and finished with Hilton Clarke taking 1st and Dominique Rollin taking 2nd. It was a great team effort in the field sprint with all five members assisting Hilton to the victory. Dominique Rollin finished on the wheel of Hilton Clarke for a Toyota-United one-two punch.

Rollin said, "It was a great team effort all day. During the final field sprint we really pulled away on the final 1km and Hilton had a great finish with me on his wheel and no one behind us for 10 meters."

Clarke said "It was cool to have the chance to follow as all our guys took turns with the lead out. The last 1.5 km, I just had to hold on to the wheel of my teammates, which was the hardest thing. First, I had Chepe, then Caleb, followed by Dominguez, then Rollin at the end. All I had to do was to hold on to their sprint for the finish. When Rollin launched his sprint I looked back and there was no one left behind and I just had the legs to pull by and finish just ahead of him." The conditions were fast, on the way out the wind was in the racers faces, but on the way back there was a strong tailwind with the Toyota-United boys reaching speeds of 45mph as they approached the finish line.

LA Circuit Race March 16th

Elite Pro/1/2 Men

1. Hilton Clarke (Toyota/United)
2. Dominique Rollin (Toyota/United)
3. Kayle Leo Grande (Rock Racing)
4. Patrick Nuber (erdgas schwaben)
5. Sterling Magnell (Rock Racing)
6. Raul Frias (Vitamix/
7. Mark-Paul Gosselaar (5 Star/Waste Vegetable Oil)
8. Andrew Salcedo (Acqua al 2/SDBC)
9. Aron Ghadia (Kahala La Grange)
10. Marcus Weinberg (Kahala La Grange)
11. Chris DeMarchi (5 Star/Waste Vegetable Oil)
12. Ivan Dominguez (Toyota/United)
13. Fabian Reyes ( )
14. Brandon Cunningham (Vegas Velo Rading Team)
15. Tommy Robles (Sho-air/Sonace)
16. Mark-Paul Noble (Time Factory Team)
17. Matt Wilson ( )
18. Aaron Quesnell (Acqua al 2/SDBC)
19. John Slover (Helens Racing)
20. Randall Coxworth (Acqua al 2/SDBC)
21. Stuart Press (Kahala La Grange)
22. Fritz Bottger (Vitamix/
23. Jason Lowetz (Team Bearclaw)
24. Adrian Gerrits (Kahala La Grange)
25. Steven Nadon ( )

Elite Pro/1/2/3 Women

1. Dotsie Bausch
2. Bonnie Breeze (Helens/Trek)
3. Rachel Herring (Team Rock)
4. Pam Schuster ( )
5. Simone Morisette (Helens/Trek)
6. Deborah Durand (Helens/Trek)
7. Beatriz Rodriguez (SC Velo)
8. Anna Drakulich (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)
9. Courtney Hammond (Team Rock)
10. Erika Graves (Helens/Trek)
11. Kate Ligler (Proman Racing)
12. Dianna Del Fante (Higher Cadence/Bannings Bikes)
13. Lisa Young (Acqua al 2/SDBC)
14. Ryanne Spady (SC Velo)
15. Kendall Ryan (Major Motion Cycling Club)
16. Amy Hutner (Kahala La Grange)
17. Charlayne Barger (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)
18. Jamie Hughins (Helens/Trek)
19. Dara Rogers (Helens/Trek)
20. Alicia Boland (Higher Cadence/Bannings Bikes)
21. Cheryl Roth (Helens/Trek)
22. Lana Atchley (Team Rock)
23. Lea Adams (Helens/Trek)
24. Heather Rose (Higher Cadence/Bannings Bikes)
25. Sandra Villarruel (Martins Pro Bicycles Team)


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