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March 24/08 1:39 am - Track Worlds Preview

Posted by Editoress on 03/24/08

Track Worlds Manchester UK


It is less than two days until the start of the Track Worlds in Manchester, and most of the teams have been here almost a week preparing. Canada's team is all on site, now that Zach Bell arrived this afternoon, joining Gina Grain, Tara Whitten, Travis Smith, Martin Gilbert and Ryan Mckenzie.

While the Worlds is always a major focus, this year it takes on added importance as riders and nations have their last opportunity to qualify for the Olympics here.

For the Canadians, there are some strong chances. Zach Bell, despite his crash a few weeks ago in Australia is in good shape for the Points Race in Beijing and, barring major misfortune, should qualify. Gina Grain is also looking for a Points Race berth, although her chances are not quite as good as Bell's. Tara Whitten will need the ride of her life, and probably a top five result - which would possibly set up a battle between Whitten and Grain for the lone endurance spot in Beijing.

Gilbert and Mckenzie have to race a tactical competition. Right now, they are holding down the final position for Beijing in the Madison, and could potentially be dislodged by New Zealand, Japan or Korea, depending on where these squads finish in relation to the Canadians.

Unfortunately, barring a miracle, Travis Smith's hopes are slim. The time required to recover after his serious crash and injuries at last year's Worlds, has meant that he has few points and is low in the rankings.

Training continues tomorrow, with racing underway Wednesday.

Wednesday March 26th
3:30pm to 4:50pm
Men's Individual Pursuit Qualifying
6:30pm to 9:50pm
Opening Ceremonies
Women's 500m t.t.Final
Men's Individual pursuitFinals 3-4 & 1-2
Men's Team sprintQualifying
Men's Scratch 15 kmFinal
Men's Team sprintFinals 3-4 & 1-2
Thursday March 27th
12.00pm to 4:50pm
Men's Team pursuitQualifying
Men's Sprint 200mQualifying
Men's Sprint1/16 Final
Women's IndividualQualifying
Men's Sprint1/8 Final
Men's SprintRep. 1/8
6:30pm to 8:45pm
Women's Team sprintQualifying
Men's Sprint1/4 Final (1st)
Men's Team pursuitFinal 3-4 & 1-2
Men's Sprint1/4 Final (2nd)
Women's Individual pursuitFinals 3-4 & 1-2
Men's Sprint1/4 Final ( 3rd i.r. )
Women's Team sprintFinals 3-4 & 1-2
Men's Sprint5th to 8th places
Friday March 28th
2pm to 4:55pm
Women's Sprint 200m t.t. (24)Qualifying
Women's Sprint1/16 Final
Women's Team pursuitQualifying
Women's Sprint1/8 Final
Women's SprintRep. 1/8
7pm to 10pm
Men's Sprint1/2 Final 1st heat
Women's Team pursuitFinal 3-4 & 1-2
Men's Sprint1/2 Final 2nd heat
Women's Sprint1/4 Final (1st)
Men's Sprint1/2 Final ( 3rd i.r. )
Men's Points race 40 kmFinal
Women's Sprint1/4 Final (2nd)
Men's SprintFinals 3-4 & 1-2 (1st )
Women's Sprint1/4 Final ( 3rd i.r. )
Men's SprintFinal 3-4 & 1-2 (2nd)
Men's SprintFinals 3-4 & 1-2 (3rd)
Women's Sprint5th to 8th places
Saturday March 29th
12:30pm to 4:40pm
Women's Sprint1/2 Final 1st heat
Men's Keirin1st round
Women's Sprint1/2 Final 2nd heat
Men's KeirinRepechages
Women's Sprint1/2 Final ( 3rd i.r. )
Women's Points race 25 kmFinal
Women's SprintFinals 3-4 & 1-2 (1st)
Men's Keirin2nd round
Women's SprintFinals 3-4 & 1-2 (2nd)
Men's Madison 50 kmFinal
Women's SprintFinals 3-4 & 1-2 (3rd)
Men's KeirinFinal places 7 to 12
Men's KeirinFinal 1 - 6
Sunday March 30th
11am to 1:15pm
Men's Omnium ISprint 200m t.t.
Women's Keirin1st round
Men's Omnium IIScratch 5 km
Women's KeirinRepechages
Men's Omnium IIIIndividual Pursuit
2:30 to 6:05pm
Men's Kilometre t.t.Final
Men's Omnium IVPoints race 15 km
Women's Keirin2nd round
Women's Scratch 10 kmFinal
Men's Omnium FinalKilometre t.t.
Women's KeirinFinal places 7 to 12
Women's KeirinFinal 1 - 6

Race Notes

- Ryan's bed is the 'hot' place to be at the team hotel ... the reason is that for some reason he can access free Wifi at the location of his bed - the hotel charge is a staggering $23/day.


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