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May 17/99 10:35 am - Streef Memorial Results, Track O-Cup, Birthday

Posted by Editor on 05/17/99

Gerard Streef Memorial Criterium, Ontario
(courtesy Ellie Mezenberg)


Taras Kelban - Hamilton CC


1. Charlie Squires London Centennial Wheelers
2. Ben Ayson Mississauga/Volvic
3. Christopher Paton Mississauga/Volvic
4. Duncan Sailisbury Halton Road & Trail
5. James Rivet Racer Sportif
6. Gary Nadeau Pacific Sunset Velo
7. Brian Turner Ind.
8. Paul Carter Festival City
9. Emmanuel Martins Woodstock CC
10. Chris Ford Waterloo CC
11. Lorne Anderson Ind.


1. Sophia Radecki Rip'n Hammer
2. Kirsten Robbins Ind.


1. Greg Borden Schwinn
2. Fred Campbell Zzoom
3. Tony Abramavicius Schwinn
4. Rob Cheskey Hamilton CC
5. Allan Stolaryk Zzoom/Velo
6. Wayne BeattyWhitby Week-end Warriors
7. John Parkinson Newmarket Eagles
8. Roy Conway Waterloo Flying Dogs CC


1. Kevin Lehman Kiro
2. Michael Ybanez Mississauga/Volvic
3. Vincent Verkerk Kiro
4. David Fry Rip'n Hammer
5. Kevin Speacht Kiro
6. Michael Moore Mississauga/Volvic
7. Domenic Rigato Saeco Canada
8. Craig Doucet Woodstock CC
9. Michael Cowan Ind.
10. Warren Davies Mississauga/Volvic
11. Steve Lessy Jet Fuel
12. Dave Britwell Hummingbird


1. David James Lee Italpasta
2. Patrick Shea Saeco Canada
3. John Harris Italpasta
4. Tim Lefebvre Italpasta
5. Dan Maggiacomo Jet Fuel
6. Gregory Seganfredo Woodbridge Italia
7. Ray Duggan Saeco
8. Jeff Hansen Italpasta
9. Darko Ficko Woodbridge Italia
10. Craig DeVeer Mississauga/Volvic
11. George Newman Italpasta
12. Matt Hansen Jet Fuel
13. Paul Rego Saeco
14. Paul Hornak Mississauga/Volvic
15. Damien Matthews Italpasta

Ontario Track Cup
Wind-Del Grand Prix
May 22nd and 23rd

Start each day: 9.30a.m. Registration opens 8.30a.m.
Entry Fee: $25 each weekend

This is a sanctioned event - licensed riders only - One Day Licenses will be available. A $5 refundable deposit for race number will be charged to riders not already allocated a League number.

The Ontario Cup events are for two categories only - Men and Women. However, Juniors and Masters can ride in these categories if they wish. There will be a full supporting program of events for riders not competing in the O-Cup program or already eliminated from it.

Basic Program:
1. 1 Kilometer TT (men) 500 Mtr. TT (women)
2. 200 meter TT plus Sprints using 3-up format
3. Individual Pursuit - 4,000 mtrs - men; 3,000 mtrs - women
4. Points or Scratch race - 15km - men; 10km - women
5. Miss and Out
6. Other events t.b.a.

The above will all carry Omnium Points towards the O-Cup. Points awarded per event - first 5 places, 5,4,3,2,1 points

Supporting events not carrying points will include:
1. Olympic Sprint
2. Unknown Distance event
3. Flying Kilo (May and July meets only)
4. Handicap events
5. Olympic events according to participants

For further information call Valerie Davidge at 905-824-8906 or e-mail

Happy Birthday To...

Mountain Bike pro Melanie McQuaid.


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