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May 19/99 10:20 am - Nova Scotia, Yukon, Manitoba, Poley

Posted by Editor on 05/19/99

Falmouth Flyer Stage Race (BNS Road Race #2)
(courtesy Andrew Feenstra)

May 15/16, 1999

Senior 2/3 Men

1. Terry Tomlin, Cyclesmith, 3:28:21
2. Greg Sieniewicz, Cahors Velo Sport, @ :26
3. Travis Field, Framebreak, @ :56

Senior 4 Men

1. Jeff Bell, Slickrock, 3:01:21
2. Carl Simoneau, Cyclesmith, @ :07
3. Ian Everard, Bike People, @ :19

Junior Men

1. Cory Jay, CPEI-Giant, 2:55:11
2. Chris Price, Lunenburg C.C., @ 3:56
3. Greg Kerr, Cyclesmith, @ 20:01

Veteran Men

1. Al Heubach, Lunenburg C.C., 3:01:02
2. Peter Campbell, Valley Stove & Cycle, @ :04
3. Jim Bratrud, Greenwood C.C., @ :06


1. Krista Myles, Summit C.C., 3:17:02
2. Gwen Rowland, Lunenburg C.C., @ 1:00:29
3. Deanna Russell, Independent, @ 1:08:12


1. Christopher Dunbar, Independent, 1:31:32


1. Matthew Ellis, Lunenburg C.C., 1:47:00
2. Adam Rowland, Lunenburg C.C., @ 5:42
3. Christine Angelidis, Metro C.C., @ 21:30

Ibex Valley Relay, Yukon
(courtesy Geof)

Here are the latest results from the "Ibex Valley Relay", held on May 16, 1999 in Whitehorse, YT. The relay consists of three stages: 10km & 20km mountain bike stages (very rough, yet scenic twisting fireroad with high speed sand sections) with a 20km road stage finish. 44 racers in total.


1) Geof Harries 1:50:07
2) Jillian Chown 2:12:43
3) Pat Plemel 2:22:57
4) Sean McCarron 2:36:28


1) Jason Howden/Anna Pugh 2:00:48
2) Paul Mason/Denise Chisholm 2:04:43
3) Alison Morham/Peter Chisholm/Cynthia Matichik 2:09:24
4) Rick Ferguson/Michelle Rigoni/Susan Rubinoff 2:11:04
5) Alexa McClaren/Jean-Paul Molsal 2:11:40
6) Jennifer Grantham/Randy Grantham 2:12:08
7) Tina Sutherland/Claude Chabot/Bob Nishikawa 2:17:53


1) Linda Hamilton/Lisa Evans/Kelly Hayes 2:13:00
2) Sue Mueller/Josee Boorman/Leslie Gomm 2:13:16


1) Dallas Eng/Chris Milner/Jody Schick 1:51:58
2) Scott Puskas/Ray Warner (on a tandem bike!) 1:53:54
3) Bruce McKay/Mitch Moruziuk/Don Wilson 2:17:39
4) Randy Lavand/Mark Janus/Corey Russell 2:28:33
5) Ross Kelly/Ed Rush/Gilles Bedard 3:02:36

Kids of Mud Olympia Mountain Bike Race
(courtesy Dave Benson)

A perfect night for cycling, bright blue sky, no wind, temperature around 18-20 degrees and no mosquitoes (Ed. Note: very important in Winnipeg...). Approximately fifty kids participated in the event held at the Springhill Winter Park course followed by about twenty competitors in the MCA race at 7:00 pm. The group was treated to a ride by Neil Grover who was briefly in the city after competing in two World Cups in Europe, most recently last weekend in England.

Race results are as follows:

Gaffers -10
Boys: 1 Paul Benson
2nd Daryl Dowsett
3rd Mark Wiebe
4 Adrian Huemmer
5 Cole Guertin

1 Katie Lovett

Intermediate 11-13
1 Rene Regimbald
2 Jamie Biluk
3 Curtis Walstra
4 Eric Levin
5 Joshua Markham

Senior 14-16
1 Mike Mazepa
2 Jason Tucker
3 Cabrel Boucher
4 Michael Magat
5 Thomas Benson

1Neil Grover
2 Gord Hamm
3 Dan Peters
4 Lindsay Gauld
5 Morgan Porath

1 Joel Regimbald
2 Adrian Alphonso
3 Tim Friesen

1 Dean Carriere
2 Gilles Gobert
3 Bill Algeo

Squaw Valley World Cup Is A Go

A statement from the organizers:

After the incredible snowfall and relocation of the Crystal Mountain, Washington round of the Diesel/UCI World Cup Downhill, you can understand the potential for misinformation about the Squaw Valley World Cup Downhill two weeks later.

The rumor mill has started turning, and we are receiving a deluge of calls from people who are wondering about the fate of the July 9-11, 1999 event. Although the Lake Tahoe region had an epic year for skiing and snowboarding, the mid-July date will allow for more than adequate snow-melt, and will allow the event to go on as scheduled.

Poley Mountain Update

Online registration closed last night, and we are processing the last minute registrations now (everyone who registered online has received or will receive a confirmation by the end of the day). We will be reporting live, lap-by-lap, from Poley Mountain on Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to check in then.

Our next event site - the Canadian Road Nationals will go up tomorrow, with online registration a few days after. If other organizers are interested in having us provide these services for them, please contact us at, or by telephone at: 1-519-442-7905.


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