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May 23/99 12:16 pm - Poley Mountain DH Reports

Posted by Editoress on 05/23/99

Report 1 from Poley

It is a little less than 1 hour before the start of the Elite Downhill at Canada Cup #1 at Poley Mountain.

There are 12 Elite women registered to start. This group includes last year's national champion Lorraine Blancher, as well as Sylvie Allen, Cecile Gambin, Chantale Boulianne and the 1998 junior champion Lalena Desautels to name but a few. Pro rider Daamian Skelton is not at the race.

46 Elite men are set to go shortly after the women finish. Canada's top 2 Pro men (Watson, & Shandro) are not racing, but nearly all of the other top Dh'ers are here to put Trevor Porter's course to the test.

Everyone has had 2 days to practice on the course and have nothing but praise for the punishing trip ( there is no place to rest) they will have down the mountain this afternoon. The weather is still cool and damp and there are plenty of slippery rocky and rooted sections to test the riders abilities, and, as this is the first race of the year, everyone is very eager to see how the competition has fared the winter months.

The riders are doing one run only and the men figure to take about 2:45 (very optimistic) to 3 minutes per rider. Rob will report in after all the women have finished and then half way through the men's run.

Cell phone connection is not as good as we had hoped, but we promise to do our best giving you coverage Canada Cup #1.

Report 2 from Poley

The women's race is over and the men are just starting. Todays's winner is Sylvie Allen who was 3rd at the 1998 nationals. Sylvie was very impressed with the course, "like riding in BC", "great course for such a small hill". She went on to say that this is her first Canada Cup win and was surprised because she though that she was riding slow.

The defending National Champion, Lorraine Blancher, crashed and had to settle for a 6th place. "This course leaves no room for mistakes".

Elite Women

1. Sylvie Allen (BC) Giant 3:05.96
2. Cecile Gambin (ON) Schwinn/Toyota 3:09.57
3. Chantale Boulianne (QC) Marin 3:10.02
4. Kim Huard (QC) Balfa 3:11.32
5. Annie Girard (QC) EDI 3:12.45

Junior Expert Women
Kathryn Lobodzinski (ON) GT Canada 3:43.89

Junior Expert Men
1. Eric Boulanger (QC) VeloDH/Regard 2:44.51
2. Mathieu Laurin (QC) Sentier/Pleinair 2:48.92
3. Cody Swansboraugh (BC) 8:10.91

After the first 20 men the leaders are
Simon Robichaud (QC)
Peter McLean (ON)
Chad Onyschuk (AB)

Full results from races will be available later in the day.

Report 3 from Poley

The men's race is now over and we have the top 5 Elite Men
1. CSEFF, Eric (ON) Oakley 02:31.0
2. POULIN, Frederic (QC) BALFA 02:31.5
3. BEGON, Cody (BC) Smith 02:33.0
4. PORTER, Trevor (NB) TEAM MOM & DAD 02:34.7
5. ROBICHAUD, Simon (QC) VeloDH/Regard 02:35.6

"This course rules" Cody Begon
"I made a poor equipment choice" Frederic Poulin on his decision NOT to use clipless pedals today.

The course had been slippery and wet until just before the men started and then started to dry quickly. Frederic's feet kept flying of the pedals and he was not able to pull on the pedalling sections. Both he and 3rd place Cody Begon said their choice NOT to use clipless was the key to lost time today. Eric Cseff rode with clipless pedals. Eric said he was able to make good time in the technical, treed part of the course.

Simon Robichaud, from Quebec - 34th at the 1998 Nationals, held his lead until the last 5 riders.

Poley Mountain Downhill Results

Complete results for mountain bike Ontario Cup #2 can be found Here


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