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May 12/08 7:01 am - Ontario Cup XC #2

Posted by Editoress on 05/12/08

Plastiglas Ontario Cup XC #2 Sunday May 11th, Albion Hills Conservation Area

Senior Elite Women
1 Emily Batty (Trek Bicycle Store Team)1:56:08.75
2 Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing from Sudbury)at 3:21.7
3 Catherine Vipond (Norco - Evolution Team/Oshawa)12:32.6
4 Sue Haviland (Norco - Evolution Team)15:06.2
5 Mandy Dreyer (from Hamilton)16:09.9
6 Susan Stephens (from Harrow)17:25.5
7 Heather Gray (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)18:07.9
8 Kristen Lake (Sweet Pete's from Toronto)21:21.0
9 Jill Vale (Team Polar Canada : Lapdogs Cycling Club)22:18.6
10 Kaitlin Michener (Arrow Racing from Meaford)23:12.4
11 Tricia K. Spooner (EMD Serono/Stevens : The Cyclery)24:19.9
12 Celine Foreht (Sporting Life from Toronto)24:22.8
13 Tabitha Ferguson (Waterloo Cycling Club/Waterloo)33:49.1
DQd Abby Owsley (Fly Gurlz from London)
DNF Mikaela Kofman (3 Rox Racing from Toronto)
Senior Elite/Espoir Men
1 Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing from Trenton)2:05:05.9
2 Adam Morka (3 Rox Racing from Barrie)at 0:04.4
3 Mike Garrigan (Jet Power / Epic Ride/King City)1:06.3
4 Peter Glassford (Trek Bicycle Store Team)1:31.7
5 Andrew Watson (Barrie Cycling Club/Barrie)2:16.1
6 Eric Batty (Trek Bicycle Store Team)3:48.3
7 Cameron Jette (Trek Bicycle Store Team/Toronto)8:55.6
8 Ryan Atkins (Ironwood Racing from Ottawa)9:11.7
9 Kyle Fry (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)10:16.0
10 Jacob McClelland (Arrow Racing from Hawkestone)10:59.4
11 Ben Dawson (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)11:59.3
12 Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing from Ashburn)12:01.9
13 Justin Hines (Handlebars CC : Rapid City Cycle)13:19.6
14 Shane Hollingshead (Norco - Evolution Team/Innisfil)13:33.3
15 Tristan Smit (BikeSports Racing Team)13:33.3
16 Imad Elghazal (Norco - Evolution Team/Ottawa)13:36.9
17 Zach Gammage (Jet Power / Epic Ride)14:01.1
18 Stu Alp (Maple Leaf Cycling Club/Windsor)14:07.7
19 Dylan Lanspeary (from Windsor)15:52.0
20 Brian Bain (CMC Bow Cycle - AB from AB)15:57.6
21 Neil Schiemann (Tall Tree Cycles from Ottawa)16:18.4
22 Tim Carleton (Trek Bicycle Store Team/Toronto)17:27.3
23 Michael Dennis ( from Guelph)18:32.7
24 John van Arragon (The Hub Bicycle Club/Cambridge)19:01.8
25 Haydn Boucher (3 Rox Racing from Uxbridge)19:09.3
26 Matt Ellis (Arrow Racing from Port Carling)19:25.1
27 Wai-Ben Wong (Tall Tree Cycles from Nepean)19:42.6
28 Jon Kinsie (Arrow Racing from Kitchener)21:15.0
29 Simon Wagler (Two Wheel Express/Shakespeare)22:18.6
30 Jamie Wagler (Two Wheel Express/Kitchener)22:18.6
31 Chris Bruckner (Impala Bicycles from Cambridge)24:15.7
32 Jerome Samson (Sweet Pete's from Toronto)26:13.3
33 Zachary Winn (Xprezo / Solid Edge - Québec)29:06.3
34 Danny Souter (KHS Canada from Kitchener)29:50.0
35 Matthew Paziuk (Norco - Evolution Team/Oshawa)1 lap to go
36 Matthew Fawcett (from Oro Station)1 lap to go
37 Michael Mitchnick (Trek Bicycle Store Team/Toronto)1 lap to go
38 Cory Hancock (3 Rox Racing from Ennismore)1 lap to go
DNF David Campbell (from Oakville)
DNF Stefan Widmer (from Vancouver, BC)
DNS Scott Lundy (Reynold Cycle from London)
Junior Expert Men
1 Tyson Wagler (Two Wheel Express/Shakespeare)1:48:05.56
2 Zachary Hughes (The Hub Bicycle Club/Cambridge)of 0:15.5
3 Christopher Everist (3 Rox Racing from Huntsville)4:00.5
4 Ben Blake (Gears & Grinds Racing/Kingston)6:28.6
5 John Fisher (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)7:03.0
6 Colin Reinholt (Gears Bike Shop Club/Oakville)9:34.2
7 Taylor Pieprzak (Arrow Racing from Barrie)9:40.4
8 Michael Miller (Ride With Rendall from Ottawa)9:59.1
9 Kevin Massicotte (Cyclepath Markham from Toronto)11:25.6
10 Stephen Moscicky (Arrow Racing from Barrie)11:44.1
11 Matthew Farquharson (HB Cycling Club from Caledon)13:59.0
12 Julian Richardson (Arrow Racing from Flesherton)14:56.1
13 Christopher Fruetel (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)18:36.7
14 Joseph Green (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)18:51.4
15 Brent Campbell (Coach / Ted Velikonja)19:21.0
16 Peter Beisel (Owen Sound Cycling Club)21:38.8
17 Jon Slaughter (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)21:41.0
18 Bennett Winn (Impala Bicycles from Port Hope)21:45.4
19 James Clarke (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)25:02.7
20 Justin Galbraith (Team Hardwood Cycling & Ski Club)41:04.3
DQd Scott Lynch (Waterloo Cycling Club/Waterloo)
DNF Karson Linton (from Cobourg)
Cadet/Junior Expert Women
1 Natasha Oldcorn (Jet Power / Epic Ride/Everett)1:34:17.25
2 Cayley Brooks (Arrow Racing from New Lowell)at 0:34.4
3 Laura Bietola (3 Rox Racing from Greenwood)1:27.7
4 Charlotte Batty (Trek Bicycle Store Team)4:57.2
5 Ashley Barson (Coach / Ted Velikonja)4:58.7
6 Robyn Mildren (Hamilton Cycling Club/Dundas)6:11.2
7 Jane Thomson (Arrow Racing from Owen Sound)9:05.8
8 Emily Fisher (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)12:22.5
9 Kaitlin Boehm (from Leaskdale)13:27.6
10 Janel Sauder (from St. Marys)16:54.4
DNF Michelle Everist (Algonquin Outfitters/Huntsville)
DNS Victoria Giangrande (Trek Bicycle Store Team)

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