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May 14/08 5:46 am - Mt Hood Cycling Classic: Men Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 05/14/08

Mt Hood NRC Stage Race
Courtesy Tony Routley

Will Routley was top Symmetrics Rider on the day. Tuesday's opening prologue was a short out and back time trial. Basically - a really painful sprint. The race took place on a busy boulevard alongside the river, right in downtown Portland.

See Will's report at

Stage 1 (May 13th): Portland Prologue, 1.7 miles/2.74km

Pro/1 MenTime(Stage time)
1 Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team2:462:45.450
2 Jonathan Garcia (USA) BMC Pro Cycling Teamat 0:032:48.000
3 Ivan Stevic (Ser) Toyota-United0:032:48.700
4 Edward King (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team0:032:48.900
5 Aaron Olson (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team0:042:49.050
6 Darren Lill (USA) BMC Pro Cycling Team0:042:49.250
7 Matt Crane (USA) Health Net/Maxis0:042:49.300
8 Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/ Specialized0:042:49.550
8 Jeremy Vennell (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team0:042:49.550
10 Ian McKissick (USA) BMC Pro Cycling Team0:042:49.600
11 Freddy Rodriguez (USA) Rock Racing0:042:49.750
12 Matt White (USA) Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team0:052:50.500
12 Ben Day (USA) Toyota-United0:052:50.500
14 Peter Dawson (USA) Rock Racing0:052:50.550
15 Rory Sutherland (Aus) Health Net/Maxis0:052:50.600
16 Will Routley (Can) Symmetrics Cycling0:052:50.950
17 Doug Ollerenshaw (USA) Rock Racing0:062:51.050
18 Phil Zajicek (USA) Health Net/Maxis0:062:51.200
19 Rob Britton (Can Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes0:062:51.350
20 Hilton Clarke (Aus) Toyota-United0:062:51.400
20 Roman Kilun (USA) Health Net/Maxis0:062:51.400
22 Sam Johnson (USA) Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team0:062:51.550
23 Ben Kneller (USA) Jittery Joe's0:062:51.600
24 Bradley White (USA) Successful p/b Parkpre0:072:52.050
25 Dan Harm (USA) Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team0:072:52.450
25 Michael Creed (USA) Rock Racing0:072:52.450
27 Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics Cycling0:072:52.500
28 Chris Baldwin (USA) Toyota-United0:072:52.650
29 David Clinger (USA) Rock Racing0:072:52.750
29 Michael Grabinger (USA) Successful p/b Parkpre0:072:52.750
31 Kirk O'Bee (USA) Health Net/Maxis0:082:53.000
32 Curtis Gunn (USA) Successful p/b Parkpre0:082:53.100
33 Jonathan Mumford (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast0:082:53.150
33 Chris Wherry (USA) Toyota-United0:082:53.150
35 Graham Howard (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team0:082:53.200
36 Matt Shriver (USA) Jittery Joe's0:082:53.500
37 Jamie Sparling (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes0:082:53.650
38 Brian Buchholz (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast0:082:53.750
39 Taylor Shelden (USA) Rio Grande0:082:53.850
40 Mike Telega (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/ Specialized0:092:54.050
41 Jonnie Clarke (USA) Toyota-United0:092:54.200
42 Andrew Randell (Can) Symmetrics Cycling0:092:54.250
43 Adrian Hegyvary (USA) Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team0:092:54.300
44 Mike Olheiser (USA) Memphis Motor Works/Carve0:092:54.700
45 Daniel Bowman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast0:092:54.900
46 Morgan Schmitt (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team0:102:55.100
46 Justin England (USA) Toyota-United0:102:55.100
48 James Mattis (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/ Specialized0:102:55.900
49 Christian Valenzuela (USA) Successful p/b Parkpre0:102:55.950
50 Tyler Trace (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes0:112:56.200
51 Corey Collier (USA) Health Net/Maxis0:112:56.250
52 Charles Dionne (Can) Successful p/b Parkpre0:112:56.300
53 Evan Elken (USA) Jittery Joe's0:122:57.000
53 Ryan Anderson (Can) Symmetrics Cycling0:122:57.000
55 Matt Cooke (USA) Health Net/Maxis0:122:57.100
56 Justin Spinelli (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast0:122:57.250
57 Phil Gaimon (USA) Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team0:122:57.300
57 Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics Cycling0:122:57.300
59 Tim Johnson (USA) Health Net/Maxis0:122:57.400
59 Tyler Dibble (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/ Specialized0:122:57.400
61 Josh Dillon (USA) Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team0:122:57.450
62 Craig Luekens (USA) Targetraining U25/Elite Development0:122:57.500
62 Joe Wiley (USA) Kahala La Grange0:122:57.500
64 Justin Rose (USA) Team Bobs-Bicycles.com0:122:57.550
65 Adrian Gerrits (USA) Kahala La Grange0:122:57.800
66 Logan Garey (USA) Rio Grande0:122:57.850
67 Tom Githen (USA) Kahala La Grange0:132:58.000
68 Rand Miller (USA) ZteaM Cycling0:132:58.200
69 Tim Sherstobitoff (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team0:132:58.300
70 Jake MacArthur (USA) Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team0:132:58.400
71 Cody O'Reilly (USA) Successful p/b Parkpre0:132:58.500
72 Jeff Shestobitoff (Can) Symmetrics Cycling0:132:58.600
73 Jacob Erker (Can) Symmetrics Cycling0:132:58.650
74 Burke Swindlehurst (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team0:132:58.700
75 Nick Clayville (USA) Hagens Berman LLP Cycling Team0:142:59.200
76 Alessandro Bazzana (USA) Successful p/b Parkpre0:142:59.300
77 Kevin Rowe (USA) Team Bobs-Bicycles.com0:142:59.450
77 Matt Weyen (USA) Team Bobs-Bicycles.com0:142:59.450
79 Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona-Adobe0:142:59.500
80 Neil Shirley (USA) Jittery Joe's0:142:59.700
81 Markus Weinberg (Ger) Dresdner SC0:142:59.800
81 Jamey Driscoll (USA) Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team0:142:59.800
83 Caleb Manion (USA) Toyota-United0:153:00.000
83 Ryan Hamity (USA) Rio Grande0:153:00.000
85 Andrew Bajadali (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast0:153:00.050
86 Patrick Caro (USA) Liquid Cycling Elite Team0:153:00.200
87 Colby Pearce (USA) Slipstream/Chipotle pb H3O0:153:00.400
88 Chris Swan (USA) ZteaM Cycling0:153:00.500
89 Allen Krughoff (USA) Rio Grande0:153:00.800
90 Justin Kerr (USA) Liquid Cycling Elite Team0:163:01.000
91 Hayden Brooks (Aus) Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team0:163:01.050
92 Mike Zagorski (USA) Pacific Velo - IT&B0:163:01.200
93 Josh Bartlett (USA) Team Rubicon0:163:01.600
94 Kevin Klein (USA) Rock Racing0:173:02.000
95 Max Jenkins (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/ Specialized0:173:02.150
95 Sam Silvey (USA) Marx and Bensdorf/Tristar0:173:02.150
97 Jonathan Gormick (Can) Kona-Adobe0:173:02.400
98 Jason Sager (USA) MonavieCannondale.com0:173:02.600
99 Dave Brooks (USA) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes0:173:02.700
100 Anthony Akers (USA) Kahala La Grange0:173:02.800
101 Jesse Moore (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/ Specialized0:183:03.150
102 Dave Richter (USA) Benaroya Research Institute0:183:03.200
103 Mitchell Trux (USA) Metromint Cycling on Marin Bikes0:183:03.700
104 Nate Page (USA) Contender Bicycles0:183:03.800
105 Jesse Gordon (USA) Contender Bicycles0:183:03.950
106 Nathan MacDonald (USA) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes0:193:04.300
107 Chris Stuart (USA) Team Bobs-Bicycles.com0:193:04.500
108 Joe Saperstein (USA) Rio Grande0:193:04.750
108 Kris Koke (Aus) Liquid Cycling Elite Team0:193:04.750
110 Nathan Miller (USA) BMC Pro Cycling Team0:193:04.800
111 G. Tommaso Cirella (USA) Hawaii Cycling Club0:193:04.900
112 Erik Tonkin (USA) Kona-Adobe0:203:05.000
112 Ben Sontagg (USA) Kahala La Grange0:203:05.000
114 Alister Ratcliff (USA) Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team0:203:05.100
115 Christian Kearney (USA) ZteaM Cycling0:203:05.250
116 Trevor Mays (USA) Gin Optics0:203:05.300
116 Roman Van Uden (USA) Team Rubicon0:203:05.300
118 Marco Rios (Mes) Liquid Cycling Elite Team0:203:05.350
119 Josh Horowitz (USA) Liquid Cycling Elite Team0:203:05.700
120 Dave Vukets (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes0:213:06.000
120 Alex Rock (USA) Contender Bicycles0:213:06.000
122 Zach Winter (USA) Guinness0:213:06.100
123 Cesar Grajales (USA) Rock Racing0:213:06.300
124 Shaun Morris (USA) Team Rubicon0:213:06.400
124 Osvaldo Olmos (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/ Specialized0:213:06.400
126 Vincent Owens (USA) Sierra Pacific Racing0:213:06.500
126 Logan Hunn (USA) Team Rubicon0:213:06.500
128 Corey Carlson (USA) Rio Grande0:213:06.750
129 Michael Sayers (USA) BMC Pro Cycling Team0:223:07.700
130 Steve Weller (USA) Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team0:223:07.950
131 Jorge Alvarado (USA) Kahala La Grange0:233:08.000
132 Trevor Connor (Can) Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles0:233:08.300
133 Mendez Gustavo-Adolfo (USA) Kahala La Grange0:233:08.450
134 Jackson Stewart (USA) BMC Pro Cycling Team0:233:08.600
135 Kevin Noiles (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes0:243:09.100
136 Richard Speer (NZl) Liquid Cycling Elite Team0:243:09.200
137 Travis Sherman (USA) Marx and Bensdorf/Tristar0:253:10.700
138 Omer Kem (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team0:273:12.100
139 Tad Hamilton (USA) Team Bobs-Bicycles.com0:323:17.650
140 Nicholas Waite (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast0:333:18.950
141 Rudolph Napolitano (USA) Rock Racing0:363:21.900
142 Marco Rullo (Ita) Unattached0:433:28.100
143 Matt Seagrave (USA) Kahala La Grange0:433:28.101
DNS Eric Wohlberg (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
DNS Ricardo Escuela (USA) Successful p/b Parkpre


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