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May 17/08 6:14 am - Bromont Canada Cup XC #1: Report, Photos and Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/17/08

Canada Cup XC #1 Bromont, Quebec


The 2008 Canada Cup season opened strongly in Bromont, Quebec with the cross-country events, and it was Canada's future stars who took the top spots on the podium. U23 riders Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain) and Emily Batty (Trek Store) beat the elite competition convincingly on a hot, dusty and surprisingly difficult circuit to take the leader's jerseys for the Canada Cup.

The 4.3 kilometre circuit is only part of the course that will be used for the World Cup here in August, but already it is the climbing that stands out. With two major climbs in the first half of the loop, followed by rocky and rooted singletrack, it was hard to both go hard and stay in control.

In the women's six lap race, Batty rode off the front immediately on the first main climb, opening a 15 second gap on Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing), which later stabilized at 30 seconds, before increasing in the final two laps. Behind Sin, Jean-Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain) took control of third place, and was closing in on Sin with a lap to go before fading in the last lap.

"I looked behind me at the top of the climb and I had a gap, so I just kept going," explained Batty. "It was a fun course, but you had to pay attention in the rocks, and at the end I was losing track of the laps."

In the men's eight lap race three riders immediately separated themselves from the field - Gagne, Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing) and Mat Toulouse (Maxxis). Behind, Eric Batty (Trek Store), Stefan Widmer (Rocky Mountain) and Adam Morka (3 Rox Racing) were chasing, but losing ground.

Zandstra set the initial fast pace, with both he and Toulouse opening gaps on Gagne on the climbs.

"They were dropping me by maybe 5 or 10 seconds each time on the first and second climb," said Gagne, "but each time I could catch them easily on the descent. This was my first real race of the season, so I was being a little more conservative in the early part of the race."

His conservatism served him well, as both Toulouse and Zandstra flatted at inopportune moments, allowing Gagne to establish a gap. Zandstra flatted on the third lap - "I pinched the wheel in a tight spot, and then I could hear it going 'psst', 'psst', 'psst', so I had to ride it carefully to the tech zone and exchange the wheel."

He quickly caught up to Toulouse, and the two were chasing Gagne when the Maxxis rider suffered his own flat: "it was a slow leak, so I stopped and quick filled it, then stopped again - which is when I lost Derek - and then had to stop and change the tube." Toulouse dropped well back and eventually finished 11th.

Zandstra recovered well to pull to within 50 seconds of Gagne by the finish for second, while Emily Batty's older brother Eric (Trek Store) worked his way up steadily through the field to take third place ahead of a late surge by Andrew Watson (Team Ontario).

In the Junior Men's six lap race, it was Team BC finishing 1-2, with Evan Guthrie leading almost from start to finish, followed by Tyler Allison, with local Charlevoix rider Nicolas Tremblay in third.

The Junior Women's race was marred by an unfortunate and costly mistake by Bianca Adolf (Team BC). Adolf took the lead of the four lap (shortened on the line by one lap) race early on, and was three minutes up on second place Leah Kirchmann (Team Manitoba) coming into the finish. However, she headed out for another lap instead of across the finish line (one of a number of riders who made the same mistake). A discussion over giving the win to Adolf ensued, but Manitoba said that they would protest, correctly pointing out that the rules require the rider to cross the line.

Junior Women
1 Leah Kirchmann (Manitoba Provincial Team/Alter Ego)1:23:00
2 Stéphanie Lacoursière (Cyclone dAlma)at 1:50
3 Rébecca Beaumont (Cyclone dAlma)2:03
4 Cassandre Olivier-Lapierre (CVM Subway-Genetik)3:33
5 Charlotte Batty (Trek Bicycle Store Team)6:20
6 Ashley Barson (Team Ontario)7:41
7 Marjorie Lavoie (CVM Val-David)7:44
8 Anna Schappert (Team Manitoba)11:08
9 Jane Thomson (Team Ontario)11:19
10 Andréanne Pichette (Opus/OGC)13:59
11 Bianca Adolf15:13
12 Laurie Côté (Lessard Bicycles)16:43
13 Sarah Moore (CVM Val-David)18:13
Elite Women
1 Emily Batty (Trek Bicycle Store Team)1:42:10
2 Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing)at 1:24
3 Jean Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain/Pro-Cycle)2:35
4 Jaqueline Mourao (RedBull-Scott-Exceed)5:38
5 Caroline Villeneuve (Opus/OGC)7:30
6 Julie Sanders (Xprezo)12:37
7 Mikaela Kofman (3 Rox Racing)13:44
8 Marie-Claude Surprenant (Sportif Bromont)14:08
9 Karine Travaillaud (Specialized)14:25
10 Sue Haviland (Norco Evolution Team)15:19
11 Heather Gray (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnnys)16:00
12 Marie Allaire (Xprezo)16:20
13 Kyia Anderson (Ekho HRM/ Cannondale)20:43
14 Anne-Marie Jobin (Xcluziv)21:24
15 Kathleen Villeneuve (La Cordée Plein Air)21:41
16 Mathilde Hupin Debeurme (Marin Bikes)22:15
17 Sophie Fortin (La Cordée Plein Air)25:03
18 Mandy Dreyer (Freewheel Cycle)25:45
19 Chantal Rochefort (Vélo Marin)26:19
20 Cindy Montambault (Accro Vélo Val-dOr)26:40
21 Genevieve Larouche (Xprezo)33:31
22 Justine Guay-Langevin (Acidose Lactique)34:43
23 Sophie Garant (CVM Subway-Genetik)52:05
DNF Catherine Vipond (Norco)
Junior Expert Men
1 Evan Guthrie (Cycling BC/Total Restoration Cycling)1:34:33
2 Tyler Allison (Team BC)at 0:49
3 Nicolas Tremblay (Charlevoix)2:49
4 Tyson Wagler (Team Ontario)3:18
5 Sebastian Sleep (Team BC)5:37
6 Jonathan Boucher (Opus/OGC)5:39
7 Simon Lalancette (Devinci)6:07
8 Patrick Chartrand (CVM Val-David)6:49
9 Christopher Everist (3 Rox Racing)8:13
10 Philip Cairns (Team Squamish)9:01
11 Nicolas Maltais (Cyclone dAlma)10:31
12 John Fisher (Team Ontario)11:06
13 Émile Cossette-Levasseur (Le Yéti)11:25
14 Alex Lavertu (Lessard Bicycles)11:45
15 Steve Caillé (Opus/OGC)12:06
16 Olivier Robidoux (CCS/Dalbix)12:30
17 Dominic Beaudoin (Gaspésien)14:32
18 Joey Mastroguiseppe (CVM Val-David)14:57
19 Frédéric Forgues-Lapointe (CCS/Dalbix)16:31
20 Nicolas Rousseau Fournier (Cyclone dAlma)17:40
21 Samuel Gazaille (Team Commençal Canada)18:15
22 Brent Campbell (Coach Chris / Ted Velikonia)18:39
23 Sébastien Bourgault (CVM Subway-Genetik)19:22
24 Joseph Green (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnnys)19:42
25 Pierre-Louis Chamberland (CVM Val-David)20:11
26 Ben Blake (Team Ontario)21:30
27 Benoit Paradis Letarte (CVM Subway-Genetik)21:50
28 Antoine Dufour-Simard (Charlevoix)24:15
29 François Lehoux (CVM Subway-Genetik)25:32
30 Hugo Beaumier (Le Yéti)27:09
31 Francis Lapointe (Vélogamik)27:30
32 Zachary Hughes (Team Ontario)28:05
33 Sébastien Cadieux-Duval (CVM Val-David)35:54
34 Maxime Lemay (CCS/Dalbix)36:40
35 Kelly St-Amant (Vélo Extrême St-Raymond)43:12
DNF Phillip Gilbert (CCS/Dalbix)
DNF Louis-Philippe Guérin (Cyclone dAlma)
DNF Samuel Dostie-Ménard (Skinouk-VDM)
DNF Olivier Lafreniere (Skinouk-VDM)
DNF Alexis Cartier (CVM Val-David)
DNF Michael Miller (Ride with Rendall)
DNS Philippe Dépault (Sportif Bromont)
Elite Men
1 Raphaël Gagné (Rocky Mountain)1:52:17
2 Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing)at 0:50
3 Eric Batty (Trek Store Canada)02:18
4 Andrew Watson (Team Ontario)03:50
5 Martin Lazarski (Rocky Mountain Different Bikes)04:04
6 Stefan Widmer (Rocky Mountain/Different Bikes)04:24
7 Peter Glassford (Team Trek Store Toronto)06:33
8 Matthew Hadley (Xprezo)06:54
9 Michael Garrigan (Jetpower/ Epic ride)09:00
10 Daniel Sessford (Blue Competition Cycles)09:00
11 Mathieu Toulouse (Maxxis)09:31
12 Craig Richey (Aviawest - Oak Bay Bikes)09:59
13 Françis Morin (Specialized)10:02
14 Julien Fillion (Fillion-VM)11:09
15 Ryan Atkins (Team Ontario)13:02
16 Neal Kindree (Kona Factory Team)13:19
17 Frédéric Bussières (Xprezo/Solid Edge)14:08
18 Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing)14:30
19 Matthew Green (Rocky Mountain - K Capital)14:53
20 Vincent Meunier (Demers-Specialized)16:59
21 Jonathan Boulanger (Opus/OGC)18:01
22 Andrew Freye ( Cycles)18:09
23 Thierry Laliberté (Sportif Bromont)18:30
24 Neil Schiemann (Tall Tree Cycles)18:44
25 Guido Visser (
26 Bruno Lafontaine (La Vie Sportive)21:34
27 Leni Trudel (Opus/OGC)22:18
28 Marc-André Daigle (Indépendant)22:42
29 Imad El-Ghazal (norco-evolution team)22:47
30 Tim Carleton (Trek Bicycle Store Team)23:31
31 Frédéric Langevin (laferte bicycle)23:36
32 Jonathan Pageau (CVM Subway-Genetik)24:31
33 Olivier Bordeleau (Xprezo)24:43
34 Simon Marchand (IND)25:37
35 Zach Winn (Xprezo)26:27
36 Tim Madgwick (from NZl)26:40
37 Jacob McClelland (Team Ontario)26:53
38 Alexandre Frappier (Biogen Idec)27:40
39 Simon Happy (RST Vélosports)27:56
40 David Dionne (Xprezo)28:09
41 Louis-Rémy Marier (Ryno Performance)29:28
42 Mathieu Boily-Tremblay (Cyclone dAlma)32:00
43 Julien Marceau (CVM Subway-Genetik)32:12
44 éric Turgeon (CCS/Dalbix)33:20
45 Jean-Philippe Provost (Indépendant)33:27
46 Charles Blanchet-Levesque (CVM Subway-Genetik)34:57
47 Michael Mitchnick (Trek Bicycle Store Team)36:11
48 Julien Veilleux (CIBC Wood-Gundy)36:44
49 Matthew Paziuk (Norco Evolution Team)38:34
50 Jean-Francois Vennes (Xcluziv)41:18
51 Simon Champigny (Sportif Bromont)41:58
DNF Cory Hancock (3 Rox Racing)
DNF Pascal Dumaresq (Normandin-CBSF-Faire)
DNF Félix Côté (CVM Val-David)
DNF John Burns (
DNF Yoan Lemieux-LaNeuville (CCS/Dalbix)
DNF Sylvain Jean (Espresso Sports)
DNF Cameron Jette (Trek Bicycle STORE)
DNF Brian Bain (CMC/Bow Cycle)
DNF Ben Dawson (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnnys)
DNF Luc Doiron (marin)
DNF Dominic Hamel (Garneau-Crocs-Suzano)
DNF Christian Fournier (CVM Subway-Genetik)
DNF Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (CCS/Dalbix)
DNF Gino Ricci (Biogen Idec)
DNF Adam Morka (3 Rox Racing)
DNF Shane Hollingshead (Norco Evolution)
DSQ Kyle Fry (Team Ontario)

Results (pdf) for all other categories.


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