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May 22/08 10:36 am - Mike's Bike Shop Cup #3

Posted by Editoress on 05/22/08

Mike's Bike Shop Cup Week 3 May 20th, Dieppe NB

After three weeks of time trials the overall lead in the Mike's Bike Shop Cup has changed hands yet again. The new overall leader is newcomer Derrick Keith. The final time trial race saw Paul Goobie post the best time at 24:43 but the winner of the night once the handicap was applied was Ian Denis of Sackville. A total of 19 riders came out to face the windy 17 km course.

The Mike's Bike Shop Cup is a series of weekly races held on Tuesdays nights at 6:30pm. The series also includes mountain bike cross country, criteriums, track, BMX and cyclocross events to be held later in the summer and fall. The overall winner of the series will pick a charitable organization to which a donation from the registration proceeds will be made.

The series will now take a one week break and then shift to Mountain Bike racing in the Rotary Park in St. Anselme on June 3 at 6:30 PM. Registration will take place at 6:00 PM at the Atlantic Cycling Centre.

Week 3Actual timeadjusted time
Ian Dennis0:24:570:23:12
Derrick Keith0:27:260:23:19
Olivier Babineau0:27:490:23:39
Stephane Bouchard0:26:450:24:04
Conrad Belliveau0:28:360:24:19
Melanie Bordage0:30:290:24:23
Pierre LeBlanc0:27:060:24:23
Derek LeBlanc0:28:050:25:16
Patrice Boudreau0:28:110:25:22
Paul Goobie0:24:430:25:27
Francois Maltais0:30:030:25:33
Stuart Wight0:25:330:25:33
Jean Richard Cormier0:25:520:25:52
Don Ricker0:25:290:26:00
Caroline Belliveau0:32:360:26:05
Mike LeBlanc0:25:400:26:26
Denis Hebert0:29:340:26:37
Jeff Currie0:26:010:26:48
Alain Goguen0:24:470:28:00


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