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May 23/08 10:12 am - Blizzard Bike Club News

Posted by Editoress on 05/23/08

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC

May 22nd

It was an Animal show, Thursday night, as Bob "The Animal" Andrews made it two time trial wins in a row. Bob won last nights' Baldonnel 16 km with a time of 25:55 minutes with Pat Ferris second at 26:38 and Roger St. Jean third at 27:21. Sandy McDonald was 4th at 28:48 and Richard Wood 5th at 29:26.

Rod Lewis was 6th at 29:50, Adam Bilodeau 29:51, Barb Polehoykie 30:48, Jolea Bilodeau 31:11, Kathryn Fairweather 31:14, Russ Wilson 31:31, Sam Keats 32:30, Floyd Polehoykie 33:40, Francois Coetzer 34:17 and Hilda Bilodeau 38:02. There was one DNF from a mechanical.

Coming up:
-Sunday is Challenge Cup road race #6 in Dawson Creek at 2 pm. The local squad has been out pointed by 2 or 3 points at each of the last two meets so are looking forward to a good crowd of riders to bury the opposition.

May 18th

It has been 13 years since Bob Andrews won the 15 Mile Blizzard Time Trial Trophy. He did it Sunday, with a time of 37:24 minutes, ten seconds ahead of second place Pat Ferris. Bob Andrews last won this race back in 1995 on the old Baldonnel course. Sunday, he beat past twelve-time winner Pat Ferris, who has last won this race in 2000.

Gord "the Hammer" Harris was third at 39:15. Roger St. Jean was 4th at 40:31 and Darren Guliov 5th at 41:39.

The Phoenix Trophy has eluded Barb Polehoykie until Sunday as she also won a very close contest in her category at 42:25. Kathryn Fairweather was second at 42:38 and Sandy McDonald third at 42:46. Jolea Bilodeau was 4th at 44:42 and Melanie Olthuis 5th at 48:26.

Adam Bilodeau won the Under 19 with a time of 46:13.

Other times were Les Elliott 42:21, Simon Andrews 42:46, Richard Wood 43:46, Ed Fornelli 44:42, Ken Nix 47:04, Dean Lowry 48:04 and Owen Giebelhaus 48:40. Hilda Bilodeau did 27:19 for the 10 km. Conditions were warm but very gusty and windy for the riders.


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