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May 23/08 11:35 am - Dom Rollin Update

Posted by Editor on 05/23/08

Dom Rollin Update

When we called to talk with Frank Parisien about his new signing with Team RACE Pro (see Daily News May 23/08 11:30 am EDT - Parisien Confirms Team RACE Signing), a familiar voice answered the phone - Dominique Rollin of Toyota United. He is staying with Parisien and the pair are training together in Quebec as they prepare for the next block of racing. So, we naturally took a few minutes to catch up with Dom and find out how his season is going.

Canadian Cyclist: So, how are things going?

Dom Rollin: At the moment, I'm exhausted! I've been training very hard for the last two weeks to prepare for Philly. I work with the same coach as Frank, so we are both on a similar program right now.

CC: After your stage win at the Tour of California, there was a lot of interest in you from European teams - has anything progressed on that front for next year, especially with Toyota announcing that they are ending their sponsorship?

DR: Well, things have certainly changed for the future with Toyota saying that they are ending their relationship with United Pro, but right now I am just focussed on racing this year. Brian [Walton] is working on anything dealing with teams for me, and I am confident to leave it in his hands.

CC: After your superb win in California, you went to the top of the list for potential Olympic picks, but it's been a few months since then, so the question is: are you still riding as well and have a good shot at an Olympic spot?

DR: That is always the question, and I have to keep trying to prove that I am still going as well. In [Tour de] Georgia I had allergies, and I was working for a team which had the yellow jersey for some stages, but I still managed seventh in one stage. I hope the selectors can recognize that when you are in that position, you have to work for your team.

CC: Your team is not doing Beauce, instead they are doing Nature Valley. That might be an important race for the U.S. teams, but probably not as much for selectors, since it doesn't have the same UCI status and international teams as Beauce.

DR: No, I will not be at Beauce, it is unfortunate for me and the team not to do Beauce I think, but Toyota won't allow us to race outside of the U.S. But I don't think, I hope, that it will not hurt my chances for the Olympics. The national team selectors should be looking more at one day races like Philly.

I just have to keep racing the best that I can.


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