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May 25/08 9:02 am - Bisaro Wins Superprestigio Massi Vall de Lord

Posted by Editoress on 05/25/08

Kiara Bisaro Wins Superprestigio Massi Vall de Lord
Courtesy Sylvain Badia

Sant Lorenç de Morunys held the 4th round of the Superprestigio Massi this weekend under an 'intense' rain. (the locals said it has not rained like this in 2 - 1/2 years).

25 teams representing 10 different countries celebrated in the mud on a technical course.

Kiara Bisaro (Team Opus/ OGC) started strong and dominated the race from the first corner to the finish, demonstrating her 'love' for racing in muddy conditions.

Anna Villar (Massi) and Cristina Mascarreras (Conor ˆ La Siesta) completed the elite women's podium.

Quote from Kiara:

"I had a great start, first one of the year, and took the lead by the first corner. Within 2 minutes we had caught the men who had started a minute in front and the chaos began. Since it tends to be very dry in Spain the Spanish masters racers tend to be not so fast on wet descents. After spending a full lap on my brakes avoiding running into them my brakes were almost worn out. The next 2 laps I was really fast on the descents since I had minimal braking power and had a few sketchy moments. It all added to the adventure and even though it was cold and wet it was probably the most fun I have had racing this year."

Next race is the MTB World Cup in Vall Nord, Andorra. Event also organised by

1. Kiara Bisaro (Opus Bikes)1:29:54
2. Anna Villar (Massi)at 3:06
3. Cristina Mascarreras (Conor-La Siesta)6:01
4. Sandra Santanyes (Cemelorca-Seguros)7:16
5. Neus Parcerisas (Ambisist)9:10
6. Mercé Tusell (Massi)10:48
7. Daniella Bunzli (Deporte Y Futuro)17:47
8. Lliana Ale Uzcategui (Biciaventura)23:49
9. Mariona Catedra (Cicles Ayats-Guix)26:46
10. Mercè Pacios (Bicisprint-Torras)26:53
11. Beatriz Santos (Kandani-Sta.Eular)30:11
12. Mª Del Mar Sancho (Saunier Duval-E)36:11
13. Nuria Lauco (Alpcross-Bp'S)36:45


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