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May 26/08 5:26 am - European XC: Swiss Power Cup #4, Bundesliga #2, Lugagnano Val d'Arda

Posted by Editoress on 05/26/08

Swiss Power Cup #4 May 25th, Gränichen SUI
Report courtesy Multivan Merida Biking Team

Swiitzerland's Ralph Näf dominated at the Swisspower Cup in Gränichen (SUI) and won the race in a superior style in front of Martin Gujan and Lukas Flückiger. It is Näfs first victory after a unlucky start to the season and he feels now very optimistic toward the upcoming world cup races in Andorra and Scotland. "My top form was essential today and my Merida 96 made me a winner" Ralph Näf said after the race. He is now ready to attack in one week at the world cup in Andorra.

1. Ralph Näf (Sui) Multivan Merida Biking Team1:42:11
2. Martin Gujan (Sui) Athleticum MTB Teamat 0:59
3. Lukas Flückiger (Sui) Athleticum MTB Team1:24
4. Jean-Christophe Peraud (Fra) Orbea2:51
5. Nicola Rohrbach (Sui) Central Ghost Pro Team3:02
6. Gion Manetsch (Sui) Athleticum MTB Team3:28
7. Alexandre Moos (Sui) BMC Racing3:30
8. Andreas Kugler (Sui) Fischer-BMC4:07
9. Jürg Graf (Sui) Swisspower Mountainbike-Team4:18
10. Till Marx (Sui) Swisspower Mountainbike-Team4:32
1. Sabine Spitz (Ger) central GHOST Pro Team1:27:50
2. Katrin Leumann (Sui) goldwurst-power / Sputnikat 0:17
3. Maroussia Rusca (Sui) Scott Allianz Suisse1:18
4. Esther Süss (Sui) Wheeler Pro Team/RC Gränichen1:49
5. Marielle Saner Guinchard (Sui) / BMC2:07
6. Sandra Walter (Can) X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team3:40
7. Fabienne Niederberger (Sui) X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team6:55
8. Kathrin Stirnemann (Sui) Merida Suisse Team7:41
9. Myriam Saugy (Sui) Texner BMC9:23
10. Francisca Campos Salas (Chi) Centre Mondial du Cyclisme 11:22

Bundesliga XC - Bike the Rock May 25th, Heubach GER
Report by Erhard Goller

In second round of the German Cross-Country-Bundesliga, Austrian Christoph Soukup took the win ahead of Moritz Milatz (Ger) and Julien Absalon (Fra). The women's race saw Ivonne Kraft (Ger) cross the finish line six seconds ahead of Sabrina Enaux (Fra). Hanna Klein (Ger) took third.

Spectators lined the side of the track at the BiketheRock-Festival in Heubach, cheering the along the steep climbs and the difficult downhill sections. Early on Christoph Soukup and Moritz Milatz took the lead ahead of Julien Absalon. The four time world champion, coming off of a hard training week, was not able to follow them."They were too strong for me today but I enjoyed the race with all the spectators around", Absalon said after the race. Absalon finished third, while Soukup was able to drop Milatz in lap five. "My legs worked really fine in the uphill and for me it's a great pleasure to win Heubach because it is a wonderful event, hardly comparable to others„, Soukup commented.

Milatz, returning after some difficult weeks with illness was glad to be competitive again. "Christoph was much stronger in the climb but I'm okay with my shape, looking forward to the world cup in Andorra."

Kraft faster in the downhill sections

In women's race Ivonne Kraft used her technical skills to beat Sabrina Enaux by six seconds. When the pair reached the top Enaux was always close to Kraft. But he 37 year old German was much faster in the tricky and steep downhill. "I'm happy to feel my body again in this way", Kraft said after the race. Since Cape Epic, which Kraft won in the mixed category together with Nico Pfitzenmaier, she never was really healthy and noted some bad results in worldcup round one to three.

Enaux was not unhappy to take second place, and is now leading the Bundesliga overall.

In third position was U23 rider Hanna Klein, but she was 5 41 behind Kraft.

Gunn-Rita Dahle (Nor) was not able to start due to problems resulting from a crash at Houffalize.

Irina Kalentieva (Rus) started, but has been sick since the European Championships and has been on antibiotics. The world champion lives most of the year in Aalen, which is only ten kilometres from Heubach. So she decided to be at the start and but dropped out of the race after two laps. "I like this race and there are a lot of fans. So I was anxious to to be here", she said. Kalentieva and Dahle are both possible non starters at the Andorra worldcup.

Elisabeth Osl (Aut) crashed on Saturday while training and was not able to be at the start.

Elite Men
1. Christoph Soukup (Aut) Team FUJI-BIKES Europe1:58:59
2. Moritz Milatz (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Teamat 1:39
3. Julien Absalon (Fra) ORBEA2:44
4. Fabian Giger (Sui) SKS M.I.G. Team3:22
5. Wolfram Kurschat (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team6:05
6. Marek Galinski (Pol) JBG2-APC PRESMET7:05
7. Tim Böhme (Ger) Team ALB-GOLD Mountainbike7:49
8. Karl Markt (Aut) Team SRM Stevens8:26
9. Jochen Käß (Ger) Team ALB-GOLD Mountainbike8:32
10. Robert Mennen (Ger) Team FUJI-BIKES Europe9:07
Elite Women
1. Ivonne Kraft (Ger) Joybike / MBC Bochum1:34:28
2. Sabrina Enaux (Fra) Team LAPIERRE Internationalat 0:06
3. Hanna Klein (Ger) Rothaus-Cube MTB Team5:41
4. Julie Krasniak (Fra) Time Lapierre International7:07
5. Silke Schmidt (Ger) Fuji Bikes Europe7:25
6. Agnes Naumann (Ger) Rothaus-Cube MTB Team9:29
7. Nina Kunz (Ger) Merida Deutschland9:43
8. Tatjana Dold (Ger) Fuji-Bikes Europe12:16
9. Silja Vetter (Ger) SC Hausach Neumayer Tekfor13:28
10. Stefanie Andris (Ger) Rothaus-Cube MTB Team14:19

Lugagnano Val d'Arda May 25th, Lugagnano ITA

Elite Men
1. Yader Zoli (Ita) Giant Italia Team1:30:57
2. Johann Pallhuber (Ita) Team Silmax Amd Kona1:31:15
3. Andrea Tiberi (Ita) Giant Italia Team1:37:18
4. Hubert Pollinger (Ita) Sunshine Racers Asv Nals1:37:52
5. Ivan Alvarez Gutierrez (Esp) Giant Italia Team1:40:09
6. Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Cannondale-Vredestein1:40:13
7. Marco Aurelio Fontana (Ita) Hard Rock Frw1:42:01
8. Mike Felderer (Ita) Sintesi Corse A.S.D.1:42:07
9. Massimo De Bertolis (Ita) Team Full-Dynamix1:42:36
10. Alessandro Fontana (Ita) Gruppo Sportivo Forestale1:43:01
Elite Women
1. Eva Lechner (Ita) Colnago Arreghini Filago1:36:27
2. Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Giant Italia Team1:37:58
3. Nina Homovec (Slo) Slovenia National Team1:40:07
4. Annabella Stropparo (Ita) Ideal Bikes Romania1:42:36
5. Elena Gaddoni (Ita) Progress-Frm1:43:40
6. Evelyn Staffler (Ita) Colnago Arreghini Filago1:47:07
7. Barbara Oberdorfer (Ita) L'arcobaleno Carraro Team1:48:08
8. Alexandra Hober (Ita) Profi Bike Team1:48:47
9. Zoe King (Aus) Cycling Australia Tis1:49:50
10. Francesca Leonardelli (Ita) L'arcobaleno Carraro Team2:03:52


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