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May 29/08 9:34 am - Club News: Edmonton TT, Pepsi Cup, Blizzard

Posted by Editoress on 05/29/08

Edmonton Tuesday Night Race Series 20k ITT May 27th, Edmonton AB
Courtesy Guri Randhawa, Pedalhead Road Works

It was a blustery day with a straight out tailwind for 10k and then back with a block headwind at 30-50km/h!

TT ace Bruce Copeland took top honours with Nick Jendzjowsky continuing his Tuesday night supremacy coming in second with a speedy time on a FIX Gear. You heard it, 52x14 and one brake into the headwind- in a word, smooth

1 Bruce Copeland (Juventus)24:49:00
2 Nicholas Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Roadworks)27:40:00
3 Sean Barr (Pedalhead Roadworks)27:49:00
4 Shaun Adamson (Juventus)28:10:00
5 Dylan Snowden (Pedalhead Roadworks)29:01:00
6 Kyle Harris (ERTC)29:06:00
7 Marc Bombhoff (United Cycle)29:10:00
8 Andy Achuff (Pedalhead Bicycleworks)29:30:00
9 Brad Fehr (Pedalhead Roadworks)29:41:00
10 Don Fox (Juventus)30:06:00
11 Taylor Little (United Cycle)30:35:00
12 Gerhard Jacobs (Cranky's Cycle)31:02:00
13 Jim Yeske31:14:00
14 Austin ?31:23:00
15 Hendrik Van de ? (Cranky's Cycle)31:30:00
16 Emils Muhlenhxbachxs (Pedalhead Bicycleworks)31:42:00
17 Paula Findley32:11:00
18 Chris Slochack32:16:00
19 Jordan Sykes32:28:00
20 Jason Britton32:42:00
21 Brad Chisholm (Pedalhead Bicycleworks)32:43:00
22 Marc Guest32:48:00
23 Chris Check (Pedalhead Bicycleworks)32:50:00
24 Danika Medinski34:15:00
25 Tom Keogh (Pedalhead Roadworks)34:40:00
26 Mandy Bell 36:39:00

Ontario Masters Cycling Association

Road Race May 25th
Roseville, 63 K - 7 laps

Actual timeHandicapAdj. timeAdj. Pos.
1 Will Vandenburg1:48:555:151:43:403
2 Peter Morris1:51:3810:301:41:081
3 Drew Harvie1:51:3810:301:41:082
4 Don Krueger1:51:387:521:43:464
5 Mike Stephenson1:51:497:521:43:575
6 Steve Anschuetz1:51:252:371:48:486
7 Peter Meadows1:56:427:521:48:507
8 Scott Wishart1:52:062:371:49:298
9 Mark Dickinson1:52:132:371:49:369
10 Bruce Meyers1:58:362:371:55:5910
11 Phil Renaud2:20:352:372:17:5811
DNF Roy Conway

Temp: 14 degrees
Wind: slight breeze
Course: 7 laps of 9 km with 2 small climbs on Cameron Rd.
Timekeeper: Fred Pepper, Race Secretary

Pepsi Cup May 28th, Dieppe NB

Boys 10 yrs
1. Ryan Morrison
2. Justin Boudreau
3. Alex Elsliger

Boys 11 yrs
1. Sasha Léger
2. Frédéric Foulem
3. Alexandre Gallant

Boys 12 yrs
1. Christian Babineau
2. Philip Couturier
3. Mathieu Costain

Boys 13 yrs
1. Maxime Larochelle
2. Julien Roussel
3. Sébastien Alary

Boys 14 yrs
1. Justin Mallet
2. Shawn McGrath
3. Marc Evers

Boys 15 yrs
1. Pierre Belliveau
2. Jean-Luc Bordage

Girls 10 yrs
1. Anika Bastarache
2. Roxanne Couture
3. Marie-Pierre Robichaud

Girls 11 yrs
1. Célina Hébert
2. Sophie Ashe
3. Brigitte Savoie

Girls 12 yrs
1. Stéfanie Levesque
2. Isabelle Cormier
3. Kamylle Frenette

Girls 13 yrs
1. Monika LeBlanc
2. Caroline Savoie
3. Chantal Saulnier

Girls 14 yrs
1. Janique Vautour
2. Danika Richard
3. Rebecka Poirier

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John BC

May 25th

Stephen Ferris won the Dawson Creek Challenge Cup road race, Sunday, with an exciting close finish with GP's Geoff McDonald. They both had a time of 1:57:17 minutes for the Rolla 70 km out and back circuit. Blaine Richter of GP was third, 8 seconds back. Pat Ferris won the sprint for 4th place from Kent Pedersen and Trevor Kolkea, to finish with a time of 2:02:23.

The Blizzards won the day with 80 points to DC's 43 and GP's 23. The Blizzards lead the series with 307 points. GP has 146 and DC close behind with 126.

Thirty one riders were on the start line. The pace accelerated after the neutral with the group of Stephen Ferris, Pat Ferris, Colter Young, Blaine Richter and Geoff McDonald speeding away from the pack. Pat Ferris and Colter Young were dropped after 5 km's with the lead trio pulling away.

Other 70 km finishers were Roger St. Jean getting the sprint for 7th at 2:10:13 from Kolton Chapman and Gary Hilderman. David Kay had 2:18:25, Richard Wood 2:26:10 and Owen Giebelhaus 2:34:02.

Simon Andrews won the 50 km event with 1:30:24. Kathryn Fairweather was second at 1:34:26 and Gord Harris 3rd at 1:34:34. Bob Andrews had 4th at 1:41:57 and Sam Keats 5th at 1:42:28.

Sara Kolkea had 1:42:29 and Francis Plum 1:52:43.
Roger Bouchard won the 25 km with 49:25 and Marie Young second at 51:18. Derek Meyers was third at 51:56, Floyd Polehoykie 4th at 51:59 and Damien Pedersen 5th at 59:54. Mike Delesky had 59:54. Suzi Bach, Jan Schmidt and Pat Andrews all came in at 1:20:50.

Coming up:
-Baldonnel time trial 7 pm Thursday.
-Triathlon Fort St. John Sunday.


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