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May 29/08 4:41 am - BC XC MTB Cup #1

Posted by Editoress on 05/29/08

BC MTB Cup #1 May 25th, Merritt BC

The first BC Cup mountain bike race took place in Merritt last Sunday, May 25th. Also known as the Cow Trail Classic, this race continued to live up to its reputation as a 'classic' with a few free range cattle and the occassional 'cow pie' around to keep things interesting. The course always gets rave reviews and this year was no exception.

Generally described as a fast, exciting course the addition of over 4 kms of new top notch single track increased the lap length to 20 kms. This new tight and tricky section featured some additional climbing, as well as some high speed rips with a few steep up and down sections. Racers unanimously praised the course design and length, saying the long lap concept was way more fun than getting dizzy and bored doing multiple laps of a 5 or 6 km course.

Also, the organizers offered different laps and different lengths, so there was something for riders of every age and ability. You could say it was family friendly.

The mass start format was very popular with racers and spectators alike. With the featured Pro-Elite racers setting a blazing pace at the front, other category riders had 'rabbits' up the trail to chase and finish times to compare their results with. The first riders through after lap #1 were Tom Skinner (Rocky Mountain - Different Bikes) and Troy Swenson from the U.S.of A. Closely behind at 1 minute was another well known Rocky Mountain rider, Kevin Calhoun who 'chased and chased but never caught back on'.

Things stayed that way for the entire second lap with Swenson hanging on to Skinner's wheel at every turn. 'I tried to lose him a couple of times but he just wouldn't go away and there were no super tough technical sections where I could drop him,', Skinner said. The finish set up, after more than two hours of racing, for an unusual two up sprint between Skinner and Swenson with Swenson making a surprise inside move and nipping Skinner at the line. 'I was surprised when he attacked like that but I reacted quickly and almost got him at the line. That's racing though', was how Skinner described it.

Swenson and Skinner finished with the same time of 2:12:31 with Kevin Calhoun coming in for third place at 2:14:54.

It was an exciting finish to a very exciting and entertaining day of racing.

In the Pro-Elite women's race it was Dawn Berg from Victoria coming first in 2:36:13 followed by Melanie Vaughan of Vancouver at 2:48:40; and, Lesley Clements from Whistler at 2:50:18.

Thanks to the organizer, Darren Coates, the many cheerful volunteers from the Merritt Mountain Bike Association; and, the title sponsor, Bike Cafe, the first BC Cup mountain bike race was a solid success.

Master 40+ Women
1 Inga Ivany Elkford)1:41:48
2 Susan Weston (Pitt Meadows)1:42:51
Citizen Women 30+ (1 lap)
1 Marla Zucht (Whistler)1:36:37
2 Karen Rodgers (Chilliwack)1:43:00
3 Lindsay Burch (Whistler)1:44:59
4 Cindy Garvin (Vernon)1:48:59
5 Robyn Pickering (West Vancouver)1:51:39
DNF Andrea Perrett (Kamloops)
DNS Patti Dods (North Vancouver)
U15 Women (10 ˆ 14)
1 Maia Kilby (Brackendale)0:57:16
2 Holly Feniak (Sechelt)0:58:44
U15 Men (10 ˆ 14)
1 John Connor (Salmon Arm)0:45:56
2 Louis Dillon (Halfmooon Bay)0:48:57
U17 Men (15 ˆ 16)
1 Mo Lawrence (Squamish)1:09:24
2 Max Horner (Whistler)1:11:39
3 Devan McClelland (North Vancouver)1:12:35
4 Nick Holatko (Comox)1:13:30
5 Nicholas Geddes (West Van)1:14:25
6 Spencer Jackson (Salmon Arm)1:14:36
7 Jereomy Pelletier (Garibaldi Highlands)1:21:01
8 toby Nolan (North Van)1:25:00
9 Aiden Davis (Squamish)1:26:54
Citizen Men 19+ (1 lap)
1 Ryan Yastremsky (Merritt)1:20:24
2 Martin Dickson (Kamloops)1:22:24
3 Scott Lahrs (Kelowna)1:31:58
4 Tim Rode (Kelowna)1:32:32
5 Trevor Embleton (Vernon)1:33:47
6 Brian Olysager (Coquitlam)1:53:05
7 Mike Noseworthy (Sardis)1:58:55
8 Jim Knowles (Kamloops)2:02:04
9 Gordon Jersch2:15:47
DNS Andrew Carmichael (Chilliwack)
Senior Women (19+)
1 Lauren Hughes (Garibaldi Highlands)1:46:50
2 Christine Lynch (Sechelt)1:48:07
Citizen men & women (1 lap)
1 Evan Drygas1:39:23
2 Aaron Johnson (Kamloops)2:00:41
Citizen Women U35 (1 lap)
1 Amy Sousa (Vernon)1:44:21
2 Marilene Pomerleau (Burnaby)1:44:30
3 Sarah Purslow (Vernon)1:45:25
4 Michelle Austin (Vernon)1:50:23
5 Jaimie Dickson (Kamloops)1:54:45
6 Marie Bursinger (Williams Lake)1:55:42
7 Heather Laine (Vancouver)2:02:50
8 Aline Lachapelle (Merritt)2:12:35
9 Deanna Wadstein (Kelowna)2:17:14
10 Joanna Varley (Vancouver)2:23:42
Elite Men (19+)
1 Toby Swanson (USA)2:12:31
2 Tom Skinner (Salmon Arm)2:12:33
3 Kevin Calhoun (North Vancouver)2:14:54
4 Matt Bodkin (Whistler)2:16:36
5 Dwayne Kress (Squamish)2:19:10
6 Colin Kerr (Bowen Island)2:20:43
7 Carsten Ivany (Langley)2:21:07
8 Aaron Weiss (Kamloops)2:22:36
9 Dave Burch (Whistler)2:22:47
10 Matt Klymson (Vancouver)2:22:57
11 Russell Anderson (Victoria)2:24:58
12 Simon Tremblay (Cowichan Bay)2:27:20
13 Matt Law (White Rock)2:30:31
Citizen Women U30 (2 lap)
1 Marta Green (Vernon)3:05:26
Citizen Men U40
1 Martin Bojesen (Kamloops)2:24:15
2 Robert Whishaw (West Vancouver)2:27:59
3 Mike Winkel (Kamloops)2:33:21
4 Greg Mcdonnell (Whistler)2:39:21
5 Ted Lawson (N. Vancouver)2:40:08
6 Doug Demarzo (Burnaby)2:47:29
7 Trent Smith (Kamloops)2:49:32
8 James Hallisey (Whistler)2:52:33
9 Chuck Droppo (Kelowna)3:01:45
10 Wade Tokarek (Kamloops)3:16:49
DNF Mark Roberts (Kelowna)
DNF William Vegara (Merritt)1:39:49
Citizen Men & Women (short lap)
1 Paula Davies (Merritt)0:59:50
2 Callum Cathro (Kamloops)1:29:23
3 Wyatt Weiler (Merritt)1:31:00
4 Al Aeckersberg (Kelowna)1:42:26
Elite Women (19+)
1 Dawn Berg (Victoria)2:36:13
2 Melanie Vaughan (Vancouver)2:48:40
3 Lesley Clements (Whistler)2:50:18
4 Joele Guynup (Victoria)2:56:17
5 Linda Robichaud (Victoria)3:04:24
6 Julie Melanson (Armstrong)3:16:47
Junior Women (15-18)
1 Lauren Rosser (Squamish)1:27:28
2 Alison Mackellar (Garibaldi Highlands)1:30:34
3 Yani Brabant (Cumberland)1:35:48
4 Eden Imbeau (Squamish)1:39:34
5 Kristin Drygas (Squamish)1:40:26
6 Sarah Fedor2:03:10
7 Jennifer Brown (Sechelt)2:22:52
DNF Katherine Short (Halfmoon Bay)
Citizen Women 35+ (1 lap)
1 Kim Bojesen (Kamloops)1:38:28
2 Lisa Duncan (Vancouver)1:45:11
3 Susan Tevendale (Kamloops)1:47:38
4 Louise Meldgard (Whistler)1:51:37
5 Claudia Brabant (Squamish)1:57:57
6 Sue Duxbury2:23:17
DNS Julie Cummings (Whistler)
Citizen Men 40+ (2 lap)
1 Brad Rodgers (Chilliwack)1:36:40
2 Robert Hurtubise (Coquitlam)1:42:11
3 Dean Imbeau (Squamish)1:42:30
4 Mike Gosselin (Kamloops)1:43:56
5 Chris Lawrence (Squamish)2:34:32
6 Peter Holzhuter (Kamloops)2:37:03
7 Glenn Dorey (West Vancouver)2:48:50
8 Brock Garvin (Vernon)3:06:57
9 Idris Marican (Kamloops)3:10:24
10 Ron Rosser (Squamish)3:18:05
11 Rob Barrett (Coquitlam)3:26:05
DNF James Carlson (Coquitlam)
DNF Graham Swann (Anglemont)
DNS Joseph Krznaric (Kelowna)
Junior Men (17ˆ18)
1 Keith Jones (Surrey)2:47:52
2 Hayden Drygas (Squamish)2:49:32
3 Dan Scott (Victoria)2:54:01
4 Hank Jien (Surrey)3:01:55
DNS Zac Gartside (Squamish)0:00:00
Master 30-39 Women
1 Kristin Johnston (Whistler)2:42:29
2 Karen Todd (Vancouver)3:08:00
DNF Cathy Graham (Calgary)
DNF Silping Wong (Coldstream)
DNF Jodi Siever (Calgary)
Master 30-39 Men
1 Michael Hunter (West Vancouver)2:20:33
2 Andrew Brown (Comox)2:25:13
3 Paul Green (Nelson)2:25:58
4 Jonas Sandstrom (Rossland)2:27:25
5 Trevor Hopkins (Whistler)2:27:34
6 Ryan Newsome (Port Moody)2:30:16
7 Jean-Sebastien Lareau (Victoria)2:33:45
8 Matt Drown (Vancouver)2:34:44
9 Donald Robertson (Revelstoke)2:35:33
10 Ian Crosthwaite (Kelowna)2:40:33
11 Mike Tunnah (Vancouver)2:44:46
12 Craig Fabische (Coquitlam)2:51:54
13 Joe Purves-Smith (Port Moody)2:53:38
14 Yoshito Tsuji (Vancouver)3:03:15
15 Mac Mcdell (Vancouver)3:06:45
DNF Steve Cawley (Kelowna)
DNF Nobuo Shoji (Vancouver)
DNS Michael Boehm (Whistler)
DNS Alan Bransdon (Vancouver)
Master 40-49 Men
1 Gary Wade (Kelowna)2:22:24
2 Richard English (Salmon Arm)2:27:23
3 Ted Russo (Anmore)2:28:24
4 Mike Charuk (Whistler)2:30:29
5 Sheldon Orr (Delta)2:39:44
6 George Jackson (Salmon Arm)2:42:06
7 Paul Craig (Pitt Meadows)2:46:37
8 Richard Humphries (Maple Ridge)2:55:56
9 Lance Turner (Maple Ridge)3:10:11
10 Darren Mcclelland (North Vancouver)3:19:17
DNF Rod Dagneau (North Vancouver)
Master 50+ Men
1 Nels Guloien (Port Moody)2:31:02
2 Henric Meldgard (Whistler)2:47:04
3 Urs Bleuler (North Vancouver)2:50:59
4 Frank Ammirati (White Rock)2:58:47
5 Michael Nesterski (Blue River)3:04:31
6 Chuck Connor (Salmon Arm)3:05:38
DNF Tim Daechsel (Penticton)
DNS Peter Bant (West Vancouver)
Senior Men (19+)
1 Joshua Stott (Pemberton)2:23:39
2 Trevor Jones2:29:55
3 David Huntley (Duncan)2:35:10
4 Norrie Henderson (Kelowna)2:40:03
5 Eric Lalonde (Port Coquitlam)3:01:43
6 Tyler Ghitt (Kamloops)3:10:29
DNF Jesse Horn (Halfmoonbay


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