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May 30/99 11:28 am - Laps reports of the Montreal Women's World Cup

Posted by Editoress on 05/30/99

Women's World Cup Montreal May 30, 1999: Reports of the race in progress


The weather is HOT and sunny, with a bit of a headwind on the climb, for today's start of the Women's World Cup in Montreal. This weather is much to the liking of Linda Jackson who really did not like the cold and wet that Montreal forced the riders to endure here last year.

Linda predicts that there will be an early break. "Saturn has been riding very strong and agressively this year, so I expect they will try early to set up Lyne."

Lyne Bessette is very popular in her home province. The hill is covered with "Allez Lyne" painted in the pavement.


At the end of lap 4 ....... there is little to report. There is a main group of about 40 riders, who are staying together. Saturn has pushed the pace a bit on the climb, but all this has resulted in is a minor thinning of some of the weaker riders.

There are 7 laps yet to go, so the tactics should start soon...........


Nearing the end of lap 5 and still no action. The group is down to 35 riders, and it has become a race of attrition. Elita is taking the lead on the climbs, Linda Jackson appears to be struggling a bit onn the climb, Kupfernagel and Greenery-Hawk just seem to be sitting in and waiting.

Whether it is the heat, or just too much waiting for "the other guy" to make the move - this has all the makings of a non-race.


At the end of lap 6, Linda Jackson has decided to try and heat this race up a bit. On bottom of the climb, she went to the front and started to push the pace. Barbara Heeb responded and had taken over the front position at the top of the climb. Other riders who also responded were Cybil DiGuistini, Tracy Gaudry, Suzi Pryde and Mari Holden. It looks like the riders have decided to make a race of todays event after all?!!!! The group is now down to about 20 riders.


It appears that the "Big Guns" have decided now is the time to race. At the end of lap 7, there is a hardcore group of 12 riders who have started to do a push. There is no break, just a hard, steady pace.

Linda Jackson, who tried to initiate a tempo increase at the end of lap 5, has had to stop for a mechanical, and has been left behind. Sue Palmer has also been dropped, but it is not clear whether she has a mechanical problem or is just not able to keep the pace being set.


At the end of lap 8 (at the top of the climb), Linda Jackson managed to get back in with the lead group. Sue Palmer had managed to get back on shortly before the climb began.

As lap 9 begins, Leigh Hobson is at the front setting the pace, with Tracey Gaudry fixed to her wheel and Diana Ziliute and Lyne Bessette on Gaudry.


Bessette has made her move! At the end of lap 9 (with 2 to go), Lynne Bessetee launched an attack and has put 18 seconds between her an a small chase group. Only one rider was able to go with her and that was Australian Tracey Gaudry.

There is a second chase group at 45 seconds that Linda Jackson is trying to bridge from to get up to the 1st chase group. This is where any counter attack will come from and Jackson wants to be there.


Last Lap. Bessette and Gaudry have put nearly a minute between themselves and a chase group of 9. In this chase group, the main 2 riders are Ziliute and Heeb, who are attempting a chase and have reeled in the leaders by 10 seconds in the last 1/4 lap. Jackson and DiGuistini are behind them in another group.

Of the 2 leaders, Bessette is doing most of the work, but she must be aware of the fact that Gaudry is the Australian National Road Champion.

2:50pm Tracey Gaudry takes Montreal World Cup, Bessette second

Australian Tracy Gaudry takes the race. Lyne Bessette "ran out of gas" on the final climb to the finish, but held on to take 2nd place.

1. Tracey Gaudry (AUS) EBL
2. Lyne Bessette(CAN) Saturn
3. Anna Wilson (AUS) Saturn
4. Suzy Pryde (NZL) Saturn
5.Catherine Marsal (FRA)

3:40pm Post Race

Tracey Gaudry was "Very pleased" with her win today. She flew in yesterday after racing all last week in the Tour of Bretagne in France, where she was 5th. She was supposed to ride for Timex. Her team (Ebly) had released her and Timex paid all her expenses to get to Montreal, but at the last minute the UCI refused. So, today she rode in her Australian national colours with no team support or other riders to support. Tracey said her tactic was to stay near the front, and go with any break that looked like it would establish itself.

Todays negative racing may have actually been in Tracey's favour. There were no breaks attempted until the last few laps. When Anna Wilson attempted, Tracey went with her. When Anna couldn't hold it, Tracey found that Lyne Bessette had come up and the two stayed together and were successful staying away. With about 600 metres to go to the finish, she noticed that Bessette was starting to slow down. She figured she'd try to go and see what happened and was surprised when Bessette didn't counter. Tracy Gaudry was 3rd at the World Cup Held in New Zealand earlier this year

Lyne Bessette was "Very Happy" to place 2nd today. She started to cramp up on the final climb and attributes it to not drinking enough water.

Linda Jackson had her rear wheel loosen and jam in the frame, throwing her over the handlebars at the end of lap 5. She made it to the pit and got the wheel fixed. She then had to chase to get back on "This is not a course where you want to chase hard" she said "it took too much out of me."

Hanka Kupfernagel finished in the 2nd chase group, but will hold onto her over all World Cup lead.

1. Tracey Gaudry (AUS) 2:43.07

2. Lyne Bessette(CAN) Saturn 2:43.18

3. Anna Wilson (AUS) Saturn 2:44.09

4. Suzy Pryde (NZL) Saturn s.t.

5. Catherine Marsal (FRA) s.t.

15. Linda Jackson (CAN) 2:44.24
24. Cybil DeGuistini (CAN) Elita 2:47.08
25. Sue Palmer (CAN) Elita s.t.
31. Erin Carter (CAN) 2:51.09

Leigh Hobson and Sophie St. Jacques finished, but where outside the time allowed. All other Canadian riders abandoned. We hope to have full results later today.


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