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May 31/99 10:20 am - Kingston Crit Results

Posted by Editor on 05/31/99

Kingston Criterium, Ontario
(courtesy Val Davidge)

SEN. 1-2, 43 laps
1John Large1:20:31
2Ray Duggans.t.
3Paul Ragoat 0:45
4Daniel Maggiacomos.t.
5Stefan Kramer1:26
6Patrick Shea
7Gregg Boileau
8James Wadden
9Dean Paddre
10John Rilett
11Damien Matthewsall s.t.
PrimesSean Kelly
Sean Kelly
John Large
17 started and 11 finished.
Vet/Master Race, 29 laps
1Patrick Roy1:00:02
2Gilbert Mardisat 0:03
3Neil Crawford2:00
4Gary Scullys.t.
5Graham Thomass.t.
6Allen Stolarykat 1 lap
7David Beers.t.
8Dave Wall s.t.
9Wayne Beattys.t.
10Doug Hutcheons.t.
PrimesNeil Crawford
Gilbert Mardis
10 started and 10 finished.
Juniors/Sen. 3/ Vets A/ Women, 31 laps
1David Connell59:59
2Craig Burgeat 0:08
3Duane Smiths.t.
4Mark Chiarillis.t.
5Ian Dallings.t.
6Daniel Bartolis.t.
7Mark Dwyers.t.
8Lorne Andersons.t.
9Derrek Koopss.t.
10Chris Chisholms.t.
11Dan Salters.t.
12John Sandres.t.
13Andre Goyettes.t.
14John Murphys.t.
15Savaltore Saccos.t.
16Tina Blackwells.t.
17Brian Turners.t.
18Douglas Ritchies.t.
19Micheal Tills.t.
20Mike Leach s.t.
21Peter Phillipss.t.
22Mark Lafontaines.t.
23Colin Burn (Junior)s.t.
24Micheal Tubridy s.t.
25Geoff Salterat 1 lap
PrimesColin Burn
Mark Lafontaine
Craig Burge


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