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July 14/08 10:42 am - U.S. NMBS #5 Short Track Results & Standings

Posted by Editor on 07/14/08

U.S. NMBS #5 Short Track - Windham, New York

Pro Women
1 Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Womens Mtb Team25:19.95
2 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Womens Mtb Teamat 0:01.07
3 Mical Dyck (Can) Trek/Terrascape Racing0:02.25
4 Wendy Simms (Can) Kona0:02.91
5 Heather Irmiger (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher0:09.31
6 Emily Batty (Can) Trek Bicycle Store Toronto0:12.55
7 Catherine Pendrel (Can) Luna Womens Mtb Team0:16.53
8 Sue Butler (USA) Monavie/Cannondale0:23.79
9 Zephanie Blasi (USA) Kenda Titus Hayes0:25.61
10 Chloe Forsman (USA) Luna Womens Mtb Team0:33.21
11 Jenna Zander (USA) Sobe Cannondale1:15.77
12 Lea Davison (USA) Trek/VW1:31.06
13 Emily Van Meter (USA) Sobe/Cannondale1:31.58
14 Judy Freeman (USA) Tough Girl/Contessa1:42.98
16 Jamie Dinkins (USA) Devo/VantaggioLapped
15 Heather Holmes (USA) Kenda/Titus/HayesLapped
17 Amanda Sin (Can) 3 Rox RacingLapped
18 Nina Baum (USA) Sobe-CannondaleLapped
19 Caitlyn Tuel (USA) Trek/VW /Rocky MountainLapped
20 Krista Park (USA) Kenda-Titus-HayesLapped
21 Kyia Anderson (USA) Ekho/CannondaleLapped
22 Lindsey Bishop (USA) Mafia Racing/FeltLapped
23 Kimberly Flynn (USA) Vantaggio/SpecializedLapped
24 Theresa Richardson (USA) Sobe CannondaleLapped
25 Joy Duerksen (USA) Cole/Marten TransportLapped
26 Jennifer Tilley (USA) Velo Bella/KonaLapped
DNS Kathy Sherwin (USA) Sobe-Cannondale
DNS Annajean Dallaire (USA) Sobe-Cannondale
Pro Men
1 Todd Wells (USA) GT Bikes24:01.67
2 Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Trek/VWat 0:03.48
3 Adam Craig (USA) Giant Mtb Team0:04.11
4 Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona0:06.08
5 Carl Decker (USA) Giant Mtb Team0:13.85
6 Sam Jurekovic (USA) U23 National Team0:17.95
7 Sam Schultz (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher0:36.95
8 Andy Schultz (USA) Kenda Titus Hayes0:37.89
9 Cody Peterson (USA) Scott Bicycles0:39.55
10 Jesse Lalonde (USA) Gary Fisher 29/T6/Bkb0:44.28
11 Mathieu Toulouse (Can) Team Maxxis0:49.35
12 Thomas Turner (USA) Outspokin Bicycles1:03.20
13 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher1:04.56
14 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona1:05.32
15 Troy Wells (USA) Tokyo Joes1:14.29
16 Adam Morka (Can) 3 Rox CyclingLapped
17 Tad Elliott (USA) U23 National TeamLapped
18 Colin Cares (USA) U23 National TeamLapped
19 Marko Lalonde (USA) Gary Fisher 29/Bkb/T6Lapped
20 Stephen Ettinger (USA) Black Diamond Sports TherapyLapped
21 Samuel Koerber (USA) Gary Fisher 29er CrewLapped
22 Bryan Alders (USA) Mona-Vie/CannondaleLapped
23 Mitchell Hoke (USA) Tokyo JosLapped
24 Jeff Schalk (USA) Trek VW- EastLapped
25 Charles Pendry (USA) Inland - BtdLapped
26 Eric Batty (Can) Trek Bicycles Store TeamLapped
27 Mcconnell Franklin (USA) Team DevoLapped
28 Travis Livermon (USA) Kobold Watch CompLapped
29 Bryan Fawley (USA) Park Place LexusLapped
30 Robert Marion (USA) Kenda TitusLapped
31 Travis Woodruff (USA) Bmc/MomentumenduranceLapped
32 Aaron Snyder (USA) Scotts BikesLapped
33 Blake Zumbrunnen (USA) Revolution/Crank BrosLapped
34 Adam Snyder (USA) 3-D RacingLapped
35 Jay Richards (USA) Salsa/Maplelag ResortLapped
36 Chris Peterson (USA) DevoLapped
37 Spencer Paxson (USA) Team S&M Young GunsLapped
38 Manuel Prado (CRC) Sho-AirLapped
39 Chris Peariso (USA) Adventure 212 /TitusLapped
40 Drew Edsall (USA)
41 Greg Carpenter (USA) DevoLapped
42 Matt Rotroff (USA) Btd/Inland ConstructionLapped
43 Alex Ryan (USA) Kobold/CannondaleLapped
44 Timothy Madgwick (NZl) Lapped
45 Dylan Alesio (USA) Fuji BikesLapped
46 Andrew Alesio (USA) Fuji BikesLapped
47 Matt Freeman (USA) Cyclery USA/Gary FisherLapped
48 Lucas Livermon (USA) Inland ConstructionLapped
49 Ryan Woodall (USA) Industrynine/PowerbarLapped
DNS Mitchell Peterson (USA) Mona Vie/Cannondale
DNS Ethan Gilmour (USA) U23 National Mtb Team
Pro Men Standings
1 Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis709 points
2 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona634
3 Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona601
4 Carl Decker (USA) Giant Mtb Team601
5 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher572
6 Sam Schultz (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher533
7 Troy Wells (USA) Tokyo Joes507
8 Cody Peterson (USA) Scott Bicycles485
9 Andy Schultz (USA) Kenda Titus Hayes482
10 Adam Craig (USA) Giant Mtb Team467
12 Adam Morka (Can) 3 Rox Cycling430
29 Mathieu Toulouse (Can) Team Maxxis249
33 Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona Les Gets207
36 Eric Batty (Can) Trek Bicycles Stor196
45 Max Plaxton (Can) Rocky Mountain-Ha148
50 Stefan Widmer (Can) Rocky Mountain/Dif124
60 Ricky Federau (Can) 99
73 Matthew Hadley (Can) Xprezo86
77 Aroussen Laflamme (Can) Webcor-Alto-Velo81
80 Kyle Douglas (Can) 3 Rox Racing71
83 Brian Bain (Can) CMC/Bow Cycle66
84 Daniel Sessford (Can) Blue Competiton Cycling64
89 Dallas Morris (Can) H&R Block54
93 Derek Zandstra (Can) 3 Rox Racing50
94 Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Bicycle Store48
97 Martin Lazarski (Can) Rocky Mountain Dif44
118 Cameron Jette (Can) Trek Bicycle Store13
Pro Women Standings
1 Katrina Nash (Cze) Luna Womens Mtb Team


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