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July 19/08 7:00 am - MTB Nationals: Women's Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 07/19/08

MTB XC Nationals

Coverage brought to you with the assistance of Velirium

U23 Women
1. Emily Batty (ON) Trek Bicycle Store Team1:28:40
2. Marie-Claude Surprenant (QC) Sportif Bromontat 4:44
3. Mikaela Kofman (ON) 3 Rox Racing9:39
4. Andrea Bunnin (SK) Team Saskatchewan/Kona20:04
5. Kaitlin Michener (ON) Team Ontario39:39
DNF. Justine Guay-Langevin (QC) Acidose Lactique
Elite Women
1. Marie-Hélène Prémont (QC) Rocky Mountain1:42:12
2. Catharine Pendrel (BC) Luna Womens MTB Teamat 0:06
3. Wendy Simms (BC) KONA4:10
4. Amanda Sin (ON) 3 Rox Racing5:42
5. Kiara Bisaro (BC) Opus10:20
6. Mical Dyck (AB) Terrascape/Trek11:47
7. Caroline Villeneuve (QC) Opus/OGC14:48
8. Sandra Walter (BC) X.O-Felt Womens MTB Team16:07
9. Jean Ann McKirdy (BC) Rocky Mountain17:04
10. Karine Travaillaud (QC) Specialized19:49
11. Josiane Mathieu (QC) Demers-Specialized22:59
12. Marie Allaire (QC) Xprezo23:29
13. Catherine Vipond (ON) Norco Evo27:23
14. Kathleen Villeneuve (QC) La Cordée Plein Air27:45
15. Cindy Montambault (QC) Accro Vélo Val-dOr-1 lap
16. Véronique Fournier (QC) Indépendant-VM-1 lap
17. Sue Haviland (ON) Norco Evolution Team-1 lap
18. Mandy Dreyer (ON) Freewheel Cycle-1 lap
19. Chantal Rochefort (QC) Marin Bikes-1 lap
20. Sophie Garant (QC) CVM Subway-Genetik-1 lap
21. Erica Musyj (SK) BCW/Team Sask-1 lap
DNF. Anne-Marie Jobin (QC) Xcluziv
DNF. Julie Sanders (QC) Xprezo
Junior Women
1. Bianca Adolf (BC) Cycling BC1:12:35
2. Rébecca Beaumont (QC) Cyclone dAlmaat 2:42
3. Ashley Barson (ON) Team Ontario4:52
4. Stéphanie Lacoursière (QC) Cyclone dAlma5:59
5. Cassandre Olivier-Lapierre (QC) CVM Subway-Genetik6:21
6. Andréanne Pichette (QC) Opus/OGC8:03
7. Kelly Hall (AB) Team Alberta8:10
8. Sarah Moore (QC) CVM Val-David8:29
9. Charlotte Batty (ON) Team Trek Store10:51
10. Marjorie Lavoie (QC) CVM Val-David10:55
11. Anna Schappert (MB) Manitoba/ Bikes and Beyond11:13
12. Lauren Lankester (AB) Team Alberta16:33
13. Kendra Middleton (AB) Juventus/RVC/Kona28:40
DNF. Jane Thomson (ON) Team Ontario
U17 Women
1. Andréane Lanthier-Nadeau (QC) Lessard Bicycles0:48:17
2. Laurence Harvey (QC) CVM Subway-Genetikat 3:03
3. Natasha Oldcom (ON) Jet Power3:38
4. Malia Poulin (QC) Charlevoix3:57
5. Kristina Laforge (QC) Cyclone dAlma5:47
6. Laura Bietola (ON) 3ROX Racing6:10
7. Valérie Meunier (QC) Fillion-VM6:34
8. Alison MacKellar (BC) Cycling BC6:59
9. Lauren Rosser (BC) Cycling BC8:46
10. Alexia Rancourt (QC) Sports Alpins/TVA/MSA8:47
11. Joanie Langevin (QC) Demers-Specialized9:37
12. Laurence Dumas-Longpré (QC) CCS/Dalbix9:58
13. Justine Morin (QC) CCS/Dalbix10:56
14. Emily Lillian Flynn (QC) Ironwood Racing12:58
15. Cayley Brooks (ON) Team Ontario15:59
16. Julie Maltais (QC) Beauport16:34
17. Stéphanie Vialle (QC) CVM Val-David18:47
18. Sarah Lynch (ON) Waterloo Cycling Club19:24
19. Mireille Henri (QC) Skinouk-VDM30:26
DNF. Emily Fisher (ON) Cycle Solutions / Angry Johnnys Racing
DNF. Catherine Cyr-Bernier (QC) Vélo Plein-Air


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