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July 22/08 1:38 am - Wells Fargo Twilight Crit

Posted by Editoress on 07/22/08

Wells Fargo Twilight Crit (July 19th, Boise, Idaho

Pro/1 Men
1 Hilton Clarke (Aus) Toyota-United1:28:24
2 Dominique Rollin (Can) Toyota-United
3 Daniel Ramsey (USA) TIME Pro Cyclingboth at s.t.
4 Thomas Soladay (USA) TIME Pro Cycling0:07
5 Ivan Dominguez (Cub) toyota-United
6 Adam Myerson (USA) TIME Pro Cycling
7 Alexi Martinez (USA) Successful Living, presented by Parkpre
8 Caleb Manion (Aus) Toyota-Unitedall s.t.
9 Hayden Godfrey (NZl) Team Inferno1:11
10 Cameron Hoffman (USA) American R.A.D.D. presented by Agel
11 Jaime Gandara (Mex) Team Inferno
12 Jorge Alvarado (USA) Kahala La Grange
13 David McCook (USA) ProMan cycling Team
14 Seth Hansley (USA) Locos Grill & Pub
15 Remi Mcmanus (USA) Team Inferno
16 David Richter (USA) Benaroya Research Institute
17 Ryan Parnes (USA) Metromint Cycling
18 Mike Stoop (USA) TIME Pro cycling
19 Jeff Hopkins (Aus) Team Inferno
20 Devon Vigus (USA) California Giant Berry Farms
21 Chris Hamilton (USA) CMG/Bike n' Hike Giant/Russell
22 Christopher Judy (USA) US Armed Forces
23 Chris Stuart (USA) Team
24 Todd Hageman (USA) Binghams/Northshore
25 Bennet van der Genugten (Ned) Team Inferno
26 Shawn Mitchell (USA) BODE/Specialized
27 Justin Rose (USA) Team
28 James Allan (USA) Team
29 Craig Dodson (USA) Richmond Pro Cycling
30 Erik Slack (USA) Team
31 Gregg Medinilla (USA) Team DARE/Nytro
32 Sean Sullivan (Aus) Toyota-United
33 Christopher Wherry (USA) Toyota-United
34 Aaron Johnson (USA) Benaroya Research Institute
35 Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) California Giant Berry Farms
36 Cooper Lange (USA) Hagens Berman
37 Dean Peters (USA) Leopard Cycles - Dr. Padall s.t.
38 Jonathan Coulter (USA) WEBCOR-ALTO VELO2:12
39 Bradley Gehrig (USA) Canyon Bicycles of Salt Lake
40 Steve Reaney (USA) California Giant Berry Farms
41 Brandon Archibald (USA) Team
42 Jose Manuel Garcia (Mex) Toyota-United
43 Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Toyota-United
44 Peter Devore (USA) Intermountain Orthopaedics Cycling
45 Keith Miller (USA) California Giant Berry Farms
46 Chris Torgerson (USA) Benaroya Research Instituteall s.t.
DNS Antonio Cruz (USA) Discovery
DNS Jason Dykstra (USA) BODE
DNF Joe Baratto (USA) Wines of Washington
DNF George (USA) Tad Hamilton
DNF Robert Campbell (USA) Team
DNF Sean Tucker (USA) Toyota-United
DNF Patrick Briggs (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/
DNF Kenneth Hanson (USA) California Giant Berry Farms
DNF Brian Cavanagh (USA) BODE/Specialized
Pro/1/2 women
1 Kristin Armstrong Savola (USA) Cervelo-Lifeforce50:18
2 Nichole Wangsgard (USA) Colavita / Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light 1:11
3 Kirsten Kotval (USA) PCIM 1:12
4 Liza Rachetto (USA) Team TIBCO 1:13
5 Patricia Bailey (USA) Wines of Washington 1:14
6 Jadine Riley (USA) Team Group Health 1:16
7 Jenn Halladay (USA) 1:17
8 Taitt Sato (USA) ValueAct Capital 1:18
9 Tiffany Pezzulo (USA) PCIM 1:19
10 Dana Robertson Halter (USA) Team Group Health 1:21
11 Shannon Koch (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team 1:22
12 Jennifer Gaertner (USA) 1:23
13 Ally Stacher (USA)
14 Sirikit Valentin (USA) Wines of Washington
15 Ashley Anderson (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team
DNF Sarah Barber (USA)
DNF Allison Beall (USA)
DNF Sarah Brown (USA)
DNF Kimberley Turner (USA)
DNF Courtney Hill (USA) Bountiful Mazda
DNF Mikayla Lyman (USA) BYRDS
DNF Coryn Rivera (USA) Kahala LaGrange
DNF Jenny Willhite (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team
DNF Susan Robinson (USA) Mudhoney/SVR&D
DNF Margaret Douglass (USA) Ski Utah Cycling Team
DNF Katrina Finley (USA) University of Idaho
DNF Heather Albert (USA) Unattached


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