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August 16/08 2:00 am - Crankworx: August 13-14-15 reports and results

Posted by Editoress on 08/16/08


The Jim Beam Air Downhill August 13th

Report and photos by Fraser Britton

Brian Lopes takes his third consecutive Air Downhill win here in Whistler. Brian had a few seconds on the competition on a track that everyone was struggling to go fast on. "It went pretty good, " Lopes explained, "I felt really strong on all the pedaling parts. I am feeling pretty fit. It's super fluid up top, on my brakes more than I should have been. I flat bottomed one jump and kinda hit my helmet on my bars and was pedaling in the air off the jumps after that trying to get my speed back." Lopes was followed by Greg Minnaar and Chris Kovarik. For the women it was local Rebecca McQueen taking home the win, with world cup regular Micayla Gatto hot on her heels. Stephanie Nychka of Alberta was third. We caught up with Gatto after her run, "I know I could have gone faster, but I almost died a few times."

Report by Crankworx

The Jim Beam Air Downhill took over the Whistler Mountain Bike Park today with over 300 competitors racing in the one-run format on the famed A-Line course. Brian Lopes of Laguna Beach, CA was the fastest competitor for the third straight year finishing with a time of 4:22.10 - 1.32 seconds faster than the rest of the field.

The Jim Beam Air Downhill runs the length of A-Line over the GLC Drops into the village. With nearly 100 jumps on-course, A-Line is the most celebrated and well-known downhill trail in mountain biking.

"A-Line is a really great trail to ride, but when it comes to racing on it, you need to be on point," says Brian Lopes, Jim Beam Air Downhill winner. "It's a technical race and with the level of riders here, every mistake counts."

Lopes claimed first with a time of 4:22.10; Greg Minnaar of Murrieta, CA took second place with a time of 4:23.42; Chris Kovarik of Whistler, BC took third place with a time of 4:27.60; and Marc Beaumont of Craven Arms, UK took fourth place with a time of 4:28.77.

In the Pro Women category, Rebecca McQueen of Whistler, BC took the top spot with a time of 4:51.05; Micayla Gatto of West Vancouver, BC took second with a time of 4:51.82; Stephanie Nychka of Beaver Lodge, AB took third with a time of 4:53.59, and Fionn Griffiths of Shrewsbury, UK took fourth with a time of 4:55.70.

"I love A-Line," says Rebecca McQueen, winner of the Pro Women category. "It's a fun course and I just charged it. I think the rain we had the other day helped the course a lot."

Jim Beam Results

VW Trick Showdown August 14th

Report by Crankworx

The first ever VW Trick Showdown roared into the Whistler Mountain Bike Park's Boneyard today and amazed hundreds of spectators as well those watching via live webcast at and

The VW Trick Showdown was a winner-take-all, rider-judged event based on two 45 minute sessions on two features within the Boneyard Slopestyle course. The top rider from each session took home $3,000 for best trick. To add to the prize purse, the announcers had $2,000 worth of fifty dollar bills to divide between the riders who laid it all on the line during the event.

Casey Groves of Kelowna, BC took session one and $3,000 for stomping an amazing Quadruple Pendulum and snagged an extra $350 of cold hard cash in the grab for his relentless effort. "I've never won cash before," says Groves. "The jump in session one was perfect, John Cowan did an amazing job building this course."

To take top spot in the second session, Greg Watts of Santa Cruz, CA executed one of the most incredible Step-Down Flipwhips ever seen in competition. Watts walked away with $3,000 for winning session two and $300 in the cash grab. "Everything in Whistler rules," says Watts. "This festival is made up of the best things in life and everyone here threw down today."

Giant Slalom (August 15th)

Report by Krankworx

The GIANT Slalom took center stage today, Day Seven of Kokanee Crankworx 2008. With a list of world-class riders charging for the finish line two-at-a-time, spectators onsite and watching via webcast on and witnessed big crashes and big finishes in the high speed, head-to-head race event.

The GIANT Slalom weaved its way through the Boneyard Slopestyle course in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park with two riders going head-to-head over jumps and through berms into the finish corral in the village. Each rider had two runs with combined times counting for the qualifying rounds and seeding.

Reigning champ Brian Lopes crashed hard in the final race leaving him in second place overall. First place winner Greg Minnaar stopped on course to check on Lopes before riding down to claim first place in what could quite possibly go down as the most exciting final in Kokanee Crankworx history.

With Greg Minnaar of Pietermaritzburg, SA and Brian Lopes of Laguna Beach, USA finishing first and second respectively; Gee Atherton of Llangynog, UK took third and Guido Tschugg of Amerang, GER took fourth In the Pro Men category.

"The race was close in the first round," says Greg Minnaar. "It"s a tiring race and we were both giving it our all, its good to win."

The Pro Women category was won by Anneke Beerten of Marienvelde, NED; Sheryl McLeod of Dunedin, NZ took second; Helene Fruhwirth of Giesshuebl, AUS took third place; and Lorraine Blancher of Revelstoke, BC took fourth.

"It was a good race and a good course," says Beerten. "I"ve been training all winter on the BMX track and it really paid off this year."

Pro Men
1 Greg Minnaar (RSA) Santa Cruz Syndicate SRAM RockShox
2 Brian Lopes (USA) Oakley Ibis Marzocchi Kenda Easton Bell
3 Gee Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal
4 Guido Tschugg (Ger) Fusion Red Bull Shimano Northwave

Pro Women
1 Anneke Beerten (Ned) MS- INTENSE FACTORY- RACING
2 Sheryl McLeod (NZl) Giant Bicycles R&R Sport
3 Helene Valerie Fruhwirth (Aus) Morewood Frontworx Generali
4 Lorraine Blancher (Can) Rocky Mountain, Fox Racing Shox

Full results (ladders) in pdf format

top photo Lopes
bottom Cedric Gracia

Jim Beam Results
Pro Women
1 Rebecca McQueen (Can) Summity Gravity4:51.05
2 Micayla Gatto (Can) Commencal4:51.82
3 Stephanie Nychka (Can) Transition4:53.59
4 Fionn Griffiths (GBr) Norco World Team4:55.70
5 Anneke Beerten (Ned) MS- Intense4:57.54
6 Bethany Parsons (Can) Scott5:03.56
7 Katrina Strand (Can) Oakley/Scott5:04.03
8 Lorraine Blancher (Can) Rocky Mountain/ Fox Shox5:05.40
9 Casey Brown (Can) Summit Cycles5:06.63
10 Sheryl McLeod (NZl) Giant Bicycles5:07.90
11 Anne Laplante (Can) Ind5:09.02
12 Harriet Harper (NZl) Thor/Bike HQ5:12.84
13 Danice Uyesugi (Can) Pinkbike.com5:14.69
14 Shannon Chugg (Aus) Ind5:48.15
15 Katie Holden (Can) Katieholden.com6:19.95
Pro Men
1 Brian Lopes (USA) Oakley/Marzocchi /Kenda/ Ibis4:22.10
2 Greg Minnaar (USA) Santa Cruz/Rockshox4:23.42
3 Chris Kovarik (Can) Chain Reaction/ Intense4:27.60
4 Marc Beaumont (GBr) Team Bike4:28.77
5 Curtis Keene (USA) Specialized4:30.00
6 Andrew Neethling (Rsa) Mongoose Bikes4:30.13
7 Cedric Gracia (And) Commencal/ Oakley4:30.50
8 Andrew Mitchell (Can) Cove4:30.60
9 Evan Turpen (USA) Kona Bikes4:31.80
10 Jared Rando (Aus) Giant Bicycles4:32.97
11 Kirt Voreis (USA) Allride -4:33.81
12 Matti Lehikoinen (Fin) MS- Intens4:34.24
13 Steve Smith (Can) Cove4:34.30
14 Thomas Vanderham (Can) Marzocchi/Shimano/Troy Lee4:34.50
15 Neil Donoghue (GBr) Bike Radar4:35.74
16 Adam Billinghurst (Can) Sram/ Chromag/ Trek4:35.97
17 Nick Quinn (Can) Cal Cycle4:37.86
18 Chris Van Dine (USA) Cannondale/Gravity/Troy Lee4:38.00
19 Larry Armstrong (Can) Jim Beam4:38.74
20 Nico Vink (Bel) Trek Dolphin4:39.15
21 Jeff Bryson (Can) Specialized4:39.40
22 Josh Bryceland (USA) Santa Cruz/Rockshox4:39.50
23 Rhys Atkinson (Aus) GT Bicycles4:39.60
24 James Hall (Can) Dunbar Cycle4:40.17
25 Samuel Dale (GBr) Cannondale4:40.22
26 Manuel Rauch (Sui) Ind4:41.50
27 Rob Venables (Can) Devinci4:42.51
28 Adam Mantle (Can) Ind4:42.56
29 Brett Hornfelt (Can) Calgary Cycles4:41.85
30 Mauricio Acuna Quintana (Chi ) Rocky Mountain4:41.93
31 Cillian Kennedy (Aus) Cove Bikes4:41.94
32 Tristan Merrick (Can) Garbanzo Bike And Bean4:42.50
33 Joost Wichman (Ned) Ind4:42.72
34 Trent Kidd (Can) Rockstar4:43.37
35 Mason Mashon (Can) Commencal/ Mavic/ Voleurz4:44.12
36 JD Swanguen (USA) Ms- Intense4:44.16
37 Cameron Cole (NZl) Ind4:44.68
38 Dean Tennant (Can) Ind4:45.48
39 Reuben Miller (Can) Bike HQ4:45.91
40 Tomas Slavik (CZE) Gt Bicycle4:46.33
41 Tyler Gorz (Can) Kona4:46.87
42 Graham White (Can) Ind4:47.03
43 Ben Reid (GBr) Ind4:49.30
44 Tyler Paksi (Can) Ind4:49.83
45 Blake Robinson (USA) Ind4:49.86
46 Adam King (NZl) Ind4:50.35
47 Andre Bretas (Bra ) Transitio/Utopia4:50.60
48 Geoff Briggs (Can) Calgary Cycles4:50.74
49 Tom Grzesik (Can) Commencal4:51.04
50 Thiago Velardi (Bra ) Fox/Maxxis/Smith4:52.30
51 Chris Meyers (USA) Spyder4:52.80
52 Chris Barlin (Aus) Ind4:53.58
53 Kevin King (Can) Devinci4:57.32
54 Jorge Acuna Quintana (Chi ) Rocky Mountain4:57.94
55 Harold Woolnough (Can) Ind4:58.43
56 Javier Cojar Hernandez (USA) Ind4:59.18
57 Randy Spangler (USA) Santa Cruz/Marzzoch/Gravity4:59.26
58 Tyler McCaul (USA) Specialized/ Fox Shox/Gamut5:00.45
59 Joseph Backus (USA) Ind5:00.50
60 Simon Garstin (Can) Giant Bicycles5:01.74
61 Daniel Anderson (Can) Steed Cycles5:01.24
62 Ross Rosengrave (Can) Devinci5:02.16
63 John Hauer (USA) Mongoose5:03.29
64 Brandon Cassell (Can) Giant5:05.50
65 Anthony Hope (USA)5:11.66
66 Jamie Brandon (Can)5:35.55
67 Kyle Thomas (USA) Transition
DNS Ariel Lindsley (USA) Yeti/Shimano/Mavic
DNS Paul Kalish (Can) Devinci
DNS Kyle Lockyer (Can) Cycle Solutions
DNS Cole Bangert (USA) Specialized
DNS Bryn Atkinson (Aus) GT Bicycles
DNS Dan Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal
DNS Gee Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal
Junior Amateur Men 16-18
1 Marcelo Gutierrez (Col)4:37.10
2 Tyler Allison (Can)4:37.78
3 Kyle McDonald (Can)4:38.34
4 Remi Gauvin (Can)4:39.02
5 Regan Hogelie (Can)4:39.34
6 Chris Ashton (Can)4:42.13
7 Justin Patjsa (Can)4:45.20
8 Cameron Woods (Can)4:45.85
9 Justin Dale (Can)4:47.37
10 Brody Borg (Can)4:48.46
11 Brendan Howey (Can)4:49.00
12 Kyle Marshall (Can)4:49.23
13 Daniel Lavis (Aus)4:50.87
14 Kyle Jasper (Can)4:50.99
15 Ben Porteous (Can)4:51.82
16 Ryan Vanderham (Can)4:51.83
17 Ray Faubert (Can)4:52.69
18 Brian Guse (USA)4:52.83
19 Nicolas Walser (Sui)4:53.73
20 Jesse Ballhausen (Can)4:54.21
21 Dan Johnson (GBr)4:54.60
22 David Klaver (Can)4:56.28
23 Matt Findler (Can)4:56.54
24 Harry Mccallum (Can)4:57.88
25 Alex Currie (Can)4:58.58
26 Galen OMoore (USA)4:58.95
27 Danny Frey (Can)4:59.21
28 James Zogaris (Can)4:59.67
29 Ulysse Francoglio (Fra)5:00.27
30 Luke Wartman (Can)5:00.67
31 Clinton Gould (Can)5:00.73
32 Darcy Horvath (Can)5:01.07
33 Evan Kennedy (Can)5:01.27
34 Grayson Kriger (Can)5:02.46
35 Sam Mallett (Can)5:04.21
36 Alexander MacMillan (Can)5:04.83
37 Curtis Cardin (Can)5:05.07
38 Kyle Quesnel (Can)5:05.58
39 Justin Johnson (Can)5:05.68
40 Nathan Goldsmith (Can)5:06.18
41 Philip Cairns (Can)5:07.78
42 Jeff Hills (Can)5:08.21
43 Dan Diedricksen (Can)5:08.74
44 Cam Pasternak (Can)5:09.02
45 Caleb Glithero (Can)5:09.38
46 Mike Bowlier (Can)5:10.39
47 Mitchell Ford (Can)5:11.53
48 Max Lyman (Can)5:12.17
49 Adam Roberts (Can)5:13.20
50 Todd Castonguay (Can)5:15.89
51 Jesse McCrae (Can)5:16.40
52 Allan Skylar (Can)5:16.71
53 Curtis GaGe (Can)5:17.85
54 John Molinari (USA)5:18.98
55 Andrew Draper (Can)5:18.99
56 Anthony Walters (Can)5:19.42
57 Peter Templeman (Can)5:21.11
58 Mathew Gehman Gehman (Can)5:21.53
59 Jordan Timmer (Can)5:25.42
60 Mat Tipton (Can)5:28.28
61 Ryan Reid (Can)5:28.51
62 Jared Hlagi (Can)5:29.80
63 Alex Cairns (Can)5:30.70
64 Ace Hayden (Can)6:17.85
DNF Eric Pauwels (Can)
DNF Kale Van Bruggen (Can)
DNF Oliver Warner (Can)
DNF Luke Stanfield (Can)
DNF Kris Christensen (USA)
Junior Amateur Women 13-18
1 Jessica Allouche (Can)5:27.63
2 Lauren Rosser (Can)5:35.17
3 Holly Feniak (Can)5:42.99
4 Jackie Langen (Can)6:42.17
DNF Alexandria Bicknell (Can)
1 Stacy Kohut (Can) Troy Lee/Maxxis/Hayes5:58.40
2 Blair Jones (Can) TSG/Vital Si/Kona6:58.73
Senior Amateur Women 19+
1 Carolyn Kavanagh (Can)5:18.52
2 Jerusha Millar (Can)5:17.58
3 Emma Lewis (Can)5:17.84
4 Aja Philip (Can)5:17.91
5 Dawn Cashen (Can)5:22.09
6 Jaime Hill (Can)5:24.99
7 Nellee Lavoie (Can)5:26.90
8 Theresa McGeragle (Can)5:27.52
9 Anita Gehrig (Sui)5:31.46
10 Caryn Cantu (USA)5:34.71
11 Meghan Illingworth (Can)5:35.70
12 Rachelle Frazer (Can)5:36.74
13 Britnee Boychuck (Can)5:37.53
14 Kat Sweet (USA)5:38.91
15 Terri-Anne Howard (Can)5:42.56
16 Michelle Sims (Can)5:55.43
17 Anita Naidu (Can)6:02.61
18 Louise Classon (Can)6:04.57
19 Courtney Nash (USA)6:08.10
20 Nancy Beaudette (Can)6:48.56
Senior Amateur Men 19-29
1 James McSkimming (Can)4:30.66
2 Mike Hickman (Can)4:41.12
3 Tim Pearson (Can)4:41.18
4 Robin Potvin (Can)4:41.63
5 Simon Smith (Can)4:43.75
6 Matthew Parkinson (GBr)4:44.52
7 Shannon Rozel (Can)4:45.28
8 Christian Stalder (Can)4:45.33
9 Seb Kemp (Can)4:45.36
10 Andrew Gunn (Can)4:45.81
11 Matt Orlando (USA)4:45.91
12 Simon Brun (Fra )4:47.62
13 Nicholas Scott (Can)4:48.15
14 Mickael Guillemette (Can)4:48.83
15 Daniel Toumine (Can)4:49.91
16 Jeff Leigh (Can)4:49.91
17 Phil Mowatt (Can)4:50.28
18 Simon Odermall (Sui)4:50.82
19 Gregory Brunache (Fra )4:51.57
20 Anthony Hay (Aus)4:51.95
21 Doug Dunn (Aus)4:52.20
22 Ben Davies (Aus)4:52.61
23 Chris Dzavik (Can)4:54.22
24 Nicolas Harvey (Can)4:56.58
25 Simon Jones (GBr)4:56.65
26 Sam Gothorp (GBr)4:56.93
27 Andrew Cho (Can)4:57.91
28 Johny Wilson (Ire)4:58.07
29 Adam Walker (Can)4:58.52
30 Nathan Ryder (Can)5:00.08
31 Kieran Jenkins (Aus)5:00.57
32 Mike Hill (Can)5:00.79
33 Ryan Hein (Can)5:01.24
34 Kris Atkinson (Can)5:01.48
35 Roger Crawford (GBr)5:02.03
36 Mike Hancock (GBr)5:03.03
37 Matthew Forster (GBr)5:03.41
38 Brent Hein (Can)5:04.26
39 Doug Hill (USA)5:04.76
40 Garrett Critchlow (Can)5:06.31
41 Andrew Langridge (Can)5:06.62
42 Peter Miller (NZl)5:06.83
43 Derek Poulin (Can)5:07.11
44 Jake Matthews (Can)5:07.38
45 Jerry Knight (USA)5:09.19
46 Gabriel Ferreiro Queinoz (Bra)5:09.97
47 John Rempel (Can)5:10.21
48 Itamar Peres (Isr )5:10.98
49 Alexandre Vogel-Robert (Can)5:11.28
50 Jordan Olthuis (Can)5:12.04
51 Andy Tschanz (Sui)5:12.22
52 Simon Watson (GBr)5:13.69
53 Claudio Alvim (Bra)5:14.01
54 Jason Luelo (Can)5:15.26
55 Jonathan Card (USA)5:16.24
56 Matty Komar (USA)5:18.19
57 Matt Harris (Can)5:18.38
58 Thomas Junginger (Sui)5:18.65
59 Sebastian Bird (GBr)5:21.61
60 Chris Ramsay (Can)5:25.78
61 Matt Ward (Aus)5:32.28
62 Daniel Karlsson (Swe)5:33.43
DNF Greg De Boer (Can)
DNF Andy Zehentner (Aus)
DNF Dicky Hunter (Can)
DNF Mark Matthews (Can)
Boys 13-15
1 Nicholas Geddes (Can)4:46.77
2 Luke Stevens (Can)4:48.60
3 Cullen Watson (Can)4:51.95
4 Austin Aldrich (USA)4:54.61
5 Brad Zdriluk (Can)4:54.65
6 Cody Ratte (Can)4:57.96
7 Linden Feniak (Can)4:58.20
8 Andrew Doraty (Can)4:58.85
9 Colby Benge (USA)4:59.06
10 Chase Schmidt (USA)5:01.52
11 Carson Halliday (Can)5:01.53
12 Will Kalacis (Can)5:03.03
13 Michael Barram (Aus)5:04.66
14 Scott Colllingridge (Can)5:04.94
15 Cody Bissell (USA)5:06.08
16 Cooper Saver (Can)5:06.57
17 Mitch Zacharias (Can)5:09.79
18 Brian Demarest (USA)5:09.85
19 Alexander Geddes (Can)5:10.87
20 Dixon Black (Can)5:12.15
21 Kole Klimaschek (Can)5:12.66
22 Matthew Clarke (GBr)5:13.43
23 Anthony Messere (Can)5:15.56
24 Wyatt Smith (Can)5:15.74
25 Peter Muri (Can)5:16.75
26 Jeremy Quesnel (Can)5:17.30
27 Malcolm Watson (Can)5:18.23
28 Chris Lang (Can)5:18.34
29 Eric Wong (Can)5:18.38
30 Aram Raoof (Pol)5:20.49
31 Kyler Showers (Can)5:24.87
32 Corbin Orr (Can)5:25.54
33 Alex Pfiffner (USA)5:27.49
34 Bryce Tyson (Can)5:29.03
35 Tyson Oland (Can)5:32.11
36 Alek McKee (USA)5:32.17
37 Adam Kral (Can)5:32.19
38 Aaron Kokorudz-Gazley (Can)5:41.69
39 Michael Chen (Can)5:44.90
DNF Jay Boysen (Can)
DNF Graeme Tod-Tims (Can)
DNF Kye Walstrom (Can)
DNF Cam Hilts (Can)
DNF Josh Robertson (Can)
DNF Phil Worthington (USA)
DNF Matt Dale (Can)
Master Amateur Men 30+
1 Mathieu Hebert (Can)4:36.10
2 Adam Wright (Can)4:38.84
3 Matt Patterson (USA)4:46.85
4 Thomas Reed (GBr)4:50.71
5 Rachid Moumou (Bel)4:51.08
6 Travis Eigeard (Can)4:51.34
7 Ryan Kuhn (Can)4:53.47
8 Chris Martin (NZl)4:54.13
9 Kelly Walters (Can)4:54.53
10 Sean Nicol (Can)4:57.66
11 Matt Hargreaves (Can)4:58.21
12 Bart Brown (Can)4:58.85
13 Dan Tough (Can)5:00.23
14 Jason Halverson (USA)5:01.12
15 Jonathan Harris (Can)5:01.44
16 Ian Peake (GBr)5:01.47
17 Erron McCurdy (USA)5:01.50
18 Zac Hubery (GBr)5:02.68
19 Dave Hutton (USA)5:02.69
20 Aaron Sauve (USA)5:08.04
21 Eric Brown (USA)5:08.30
22 Trevor Shaw (Can)5:10.12
23 Tristyn Dnerr (USA)5:10.54
24 Steven Walker (GBr)5:13.39
25 Chris Armstrong (Can)5:14.26
26 Nimi Cohen (Isr)5:15.06
27 Marcel Radicchi (Bra )5:16.26
28 David Halton (GBr)5:22.73
29 Claude Larue (Can)5:37.26
30 Jason Ward (Can)5:47.12
31 Brent Madison (USA)5:58.05
32 Graham Barry (USA)6:04.29
33 Jeff Peterson (USA)6:10.89
34 Bobby McMullen (USA)6:30.79
35 Jim Knowles (Can)6:35.28
DNF William Wallace (USA)
DNF Bryan Luecking (Can)
DNF Barry Johnson (GBr)
DNF Chad Hendren (Can)
DNF Clinton Fowler (USA)


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