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November 11/08 7:56 am - Roberto Heras Interview

Posted by Editoress on 11/11/08

Roberto Heras Interview

Former Vuelta winner (and Lance Armstrong lieutenant) Roberto Heras is racing at La Ruta this year. His comments on the race can be read in our Race Preview, but we also asked Heras about Armstrong's return, and his plans for the future. The full video of our interview will be posted, however, internet access is currentl to 'sketchy' to permit uploading.

CC: What are your future plans? You have been away from the professional peloton for two years, do you have plans to race next season?

Roberto Heras: I don't have a plan, I am waiting to see how things will go. There is a chance to come back next year. If I can't come back [on the road] then I will continue to race these kinds of races, because they attract me. I'm happy with this.

CC: So right now you have no road team?

RH: No, not right now.

CC: Spanish riders have had very good results in the past season, but it must be hard to watch others getting these results and not being there yourself.

RH: I'm a little sad, but not because of the results of fellow racers, but because I haven't been able to come back in pro cycling. I don't know why. I don't know why I can't come back, why the teams are not there.

CC: Could it be that you are being punished as an example?

RH: No, no, I don't think it is that personal. I'm just not sure why it is.

CC: Lance Armstrong is coming back to racing, and you knew him well as a team mate. Do you think he is making a mistake?

RH: It is great news, great news. When we were team mates, those three years were the best years for me. Lance is a great guy, and I would be very happy if Lance could win the Tour again. If Lance announces he is coming back to the Tour, the only reason is because he can win.

CC: Would you race with Lance again?

RH: I would love it.


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