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June 14/09 10:10 am - Tour de Beauce: Stage 6 UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 06/14/09

Today is the final stage the St-Georges Circuit, 12 laps of a 10.8 km circuit for a total of 130 km.


Another beautiful sunny day , temperature low 20's. no wind.


10:10am Just 3 km in adn there is an attack and 3 are away: Camilo Suarez (Colombian National Team), Moises Aldape (Team Type 1) and Bruno Langlois (Planet Energy) with 2 more chasing at 12 sec.


10:15 am  They are caught.  Lots off attacks, but nothing successful.


10:23am:  Sergio Luis Henao (Colombian National Team) jumps on the climb as they head to the finishline on lap 1.  Chasing and joining him at the top is a group of 15 including the yellow jersey, Scott Zwizanski (Kelly Benefit Strategies) the red jersey, whitejersy  and the polka dot jersey holders and they have a gap of 14 seconds.  Planet Energy has missed this attack and are at the front of the peloton chasing hard.


10:28 am:  Halfway into the 2nd lap and the break is caught


10:40 am: Lap 3. The Colombian's are "lighting it up" every time up the climb, forcing Kelly Benefit Strategies to chase hard.  They are coming together over the top, but the peloton is getting smaller and smaller at the front with small bunches dropping off the back each time up the climb.


10:52am:  Starting lap 4.  The Colombian's have backed it off a bit (thinking about their next move?) and the pelton has slowly come back together.  There are about 15 riders that are still off the back, struggling.


11am:  Lap 4 1/2 way.  3 away: Danilo Wyss (BMC), Alex Howes (Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U23) and Darren Lill (Team Type 1) with a gap of 10 seconds.  François Parisien (Planet Energy) has abandonned.


11:08am:  At the end of the 4th lap the gap is up to 30 sec.  Kelly Benefit Strategies has lost 2 riders as Clay Murfet and Jonathan Mumford have abandonned.  This will put a lot of pressure on the rest of the team to protect Scott Zwizanski's 51 seconds lead on Sergio Luis Henao (Colombian National Team)


11:25am:  Starting lap 6 and the gap is holding steady at 25 seconds.  The Colombian National Team has lost 2 "worker's" as  William Rodriguez and William Munoz abandon.  Maybe they went a bit too hard early on?


11:35 am:  Darren Lill attacked just as it was about to come back together again .... Halfway through the 6th lap and he now has a gap of 40 seconds on 2 chasers: Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team) and Cameron Evans (Canadian National Team).  Peloton is at another 20 seconds.

Phillip Cortes and Martin Kohler have abandonned.


11:41 am:  Up over the top of the climb and Lill has a gap of 45 seconds on 3 chasers:  Sergio Luis Henao, Darwin Atapuma (Colombian National Team) and Benjamin Day (Fly V Australia).  Peloton is at another 10 sec.


11:54am:  Nearing the end of  lap 7 and there are 5 away with a gap of 20 seconds on a very small peloton.  Darren Lill (Team Type 1), Caleb Fairly, Raymond Kreder (Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U23), Otavio Bougarelli  (Garneau-Club Chaussure) and ?


12:01 pm:  Lap 8.  Now the lead group is 9  The above have been joined by:  Benjamin King (Trek Livestrong), Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team), Bernard Sulzberger  (Fly V Australia), Sergio Luis Henao, Darwin Atapuma (Colombian National Team).  Missing are any riders from Kelly Benefit Strategies and the Yellow could be in danger if this group gets away.  The colombian's are 2nd and 3rd on GC.


Riders are abandoning in droves:
Bruno Langlois (Planet Energy), Matt Wilson (Team Type 1), Keven  Lacombe (Planet Energy), William Munoz (Colombian National Team) are gone



12:12pm:  Up over the top of the climb and it is all back together.  Kelly Benefit Strategies put out a lot to bring it back with the help of Fly V Australia.  It cost them though as Jake Erker has been dropped.  Interesting, Team Type 1 is not putting a lot into the chases-  They have 4th and 5th in the GC.  Maybe letting the Colombians and Kelly Benefit exhaust themselves ...  then go for it?


12:18pm:  lap 9 - Darren Lapthorne    (Rapha Condor) has jumped on the climb abd has a 15 sec lead on 3 chasers:  Cameron Evans (Canadian National Team), Benjamin King (Trek Livestrong), Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team).  Peloton at another 8 sec.


12:30pm:  Late lap 10: Lapthorne still away.  Otavio Bougarelli  (Garneau-Club Chaussure) chasing alone at 10 sec.  Jackson Stewart  (BMC Racing Team) and Scott Davis  (Fly V Australia) are at another 15 sec. Cameron Evans (Canadian National Team), Steve Bovay  (BMC Racing Team), Bernard Sulzberger   (Fly V Australia) are at another 8 sec.  Peloton at 55 seconds KB and Colombians are watching each other closely.


12:46pm:  2 laps to go:  Darren Lapthorne has 50 seconds on 9 chasers: Jackson Stewart, Antonio Cruz, Steve Bovay (BMC), Alex Howes (Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U23), Otavio Bougarelli  (Garneau-Club Chaussure), Cameron Evans (Canadian National Team), San Bewley (Trek Livestrong), Darren Lill (Team Type 1).  Pelton at 15 sec.


12:53pm:  1.5 laps to go.  Lapthorne's gap is slowly coming down.  Now 45 seconds to Sergio Luis Henao, Darwin Atapuma (Colombia) Peloton is badly fractured and chasing in small bunchs.  A group at 15 sec does not have the leader.


1pm:  Over the top of the climb and Lapthorne is about to be caught.  Starting final lap


1:05pm:  Last lap with 1/2 a lap to go.  8 away with a 15 second gap.  Red jersey is in the break.



1:09pm: On the descent and about to start the last time up the climb and the break is about to be caught


1:15pm:  Starting the climb Bjorn Selanler  (Trek Livestrong) and Jonathan Garcia  (BMC Racing Team) are away with a 17 second gap on Bernard Sulzberger  (Fly V Australia) and Ryan Roth  (Planet Energy).  The pelton is at 10 seconds


There are dark clouds arriving but the rain will hold off for now.






1 Bernard Sulzberger (Fly V Australia)

2 Bjorn Selanler (Trek Livestrong)

3 Danilo Wyss  (BMC Racing Team)



1 Scott Zwizanski  (Kelly Benefit Strategies)


Points - Danilo Wyss  (BMC Racing Team)

KOM - Darwin Atapuma  (Colombian National Team)

Young Rider - Darwin Atapuma  (Colombian National Team)





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