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June 21/09 23:17 pm - Preston St. Criterium results and PHOTOS

Posted by Editoress on 06/21/09

Preston St. Criterium
June 21st, Ottawa, Ontario
Presented by Bike Race Ottawa


Photos by Kevin J Pellerine


Women - 45 minutes + 5 laps
1 Jenny Trew (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic -RWE.1) 0:53:18
2 Amanda Shaw (The Cyclery -RWE.1) at 1:30
3 Vicki Thomas (The Cyclery -RWE.1)
4 Sophie Matte (Stevens / The Cyclery -RWE.1) both s.t.
5 Tricia K Spooner (The Cyclery -RWE.1) 2:05
6 Alyssa Mellon (The Cyclery -RWE.1) s.t.
DNF Sarah Coney (Ride With Rendall -RWE.2)
Senior 1/2 and Master 1 Men - 60 minutes + 5 laps
1 Derrick St. John (Ride W/Rendall -RME.1) 1:06:53
2 Maxime Vives (Planet Energy -RME.1) at 0:15
3 Simon Lambert Lemay (Davo -Lotto -Davitamon -RME.1)
4 Jean-Sebastien Perron (Volkswagen -Specialized -RME.1)
5 Aaron Fillion (Ride W/Rendall -RME.1)
6 James Larmer (Sudbury Cycling Club -RME.1)
7 Osmond Bakker (Emd Serono-Specialized -RME.1)
8 Stephen Keeping (Bluberi -Martin Swiss -RME.1)
9 Erik Lyman (Ind. -RME.1)
10 Ed Veal (La Bicicletta / J Lindberg -RME.1)
11 William Hurley (The Cyclery -RMM.1)
12 Thomas Devisscher (Pro Bike Pool Kuota -RME.1)
13 Nicholas Rowe (Rio Tinto -Martin Swiss -RME.1)
14 Hans Loeffelholz (West Of Quebec Wheelers -RMM.1)
15 Devon Novakowski (Garneau Club Chaussures Ogilvy Renault -RME.1)
16 Ian Dalling (The Cyclery -RMM.1)
17 Glen Rendall (Ride W/Rendall -RME.1)
18 Adrian Loewen (Eurosports -Foodery -RMM.1)
19 Nathan Underwood (Ride W/Rendall -RME.1)
20 Neil Schiemann (Tall Tree Cycles -RME.2)
21 Duncan Beard (West Of Quebec Wheelers -RME.2)
22 David Gruber (Rio Tinto -Martin Swiss -RME.2)
23 Thomas Stevens (Team Ultralink -RMM.1)
24 Douglas Van Den Ham (Emd Serono Specialized Cycling -RME.2)
25 Greg Reain (Ride W/Rendall -RME.1)
26 Drew Rapoch (The Cyclery -RMM.1)
27 Matt Deluco (Euro-Sports.Ca/Foodery -RME.2)
28 Chris Gruber (Ind> -RMM.1)
29 Craig Hawkes (The Cyclery -RMM.1)
30 Graeme Peppler (West Of Quebec Wheelers -RMM.1)
31 Andrew Lattimore (Garneau Club Chaussures Ogilvy Renault -RME.1) all s.t.
32 Keir Plaice (Planet Energy -RME.1) 0 :45
33 Charly Vives (Planet Energy -RME.1)
34 John Large (West Of Quebec Wheelers -RME.1)
35 Antoine Stundner (Rio Tinto Martin Swiss -RME.2) all s.t.
36 Buck Miller (Planet Energy -RME.1) 0:58
DNF Matthew Mccartney (Trek Store -RME.1)
DNF Grahame Plaunt (Independent -RME.1)
DNF Logan Cornel (Euro-Sports.Ca/Foodery Cycling Team -RME.2)
DNF Michael Dekelver (Ottawa Bicycle Club -RME.2)
DNF Matthew Knight (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing -RME.2)
DNF Ryan Phelps (Ride With Rendall -RME.2)
DNF Craig Burge (The Cyclery -RMM.2)
DNF Werner Visser (West Ofquebec Wheelers -RMM.2)
DNF Casey Roth (Ride W/Rendall -RME.2)
DNF Vicente Caceres (The Cyclery -RMM.1)
DNF James Brooks (The Cyclery -RMM.2)
DNF Christopher Reid (Ride W/Rendall -RME.2)
DNF Peter Meier (Brockville Cc -RMM.1)
DNF Jans Heins (The Cyclery -RMM.1)
DNF James Ferguson (Ottawa Bicycle Club -RMM.1)
DNF Mike Leach (The Cyclery -RMM.1)
DNF Gregory Cushing (Z-Team -RMM.1)
DNF Peter Metuzals (West Of Quebec Wheelers -RMM.1)
DNF Imad Elghazal (Ind. -RME.1)
DNF Jim Tsilemos (Ride W/Rendall -RME.1)
DNF Peter Tregunno (Ottawa Bicycle Club RME.2)
DNF Shawn Marshall (Les Rouleurs De L'outaouais -RMM.1)
DNF Terrence Martineau (Ottawa Bicycle Club -RMM.1)
DNF Ian Fraser (Team Ultralink -RMM.1)
DNF Paul Chedore (Team Ultralink -RMM.1)
DNF Craig Deveer (The Cyclery -RMM.1)
DNF Duncan Seko (Asfra Racing Team Belgium -RME.1)
DNF Paul Skafel (The Cyclery -RMM.1)
Senior 3/4, Junior & U-17 Men - 45 minutes + 5 laps
1 Matteo Dal-Cin (Probikepool Kuota -Rmj) 0:55:21
2 Andrew Davy (Independent -RME.3) at 0:40
3 Doug Hinan (Peterborough Cc -RME.3)
4 Dante D'urbano (Haut Richelieu Megavolt / Atac -RME.3)
5 Dawid Kurzawinski (Kurzawinski Coach -RME.3)
6 Paul Mccloskey (Peterborough Cc -RME.3)
7 Cedric Boily (Club Cycliste Gervais Rioux -RME.3)
8 Shawn Clarke (Ind. -RME.3)
9 Carl Wilkins (Ottawa Bicycle Club -RME.4)
10 Zachary Steinman (Ciclo Werks Bmc -RME.3)
11 Chris Brunet (Euro-Sports.Ca/Foodery Racing -RME.3)
12 Jason King (Fresh Air Experience -RME.3) all s.t.
13 Matt Polson (Ride W/Rendall -Rmj) 1:00
DNF Rodrigo Diaz (Eurosports / Foodery -RME.4)
DNF Robin Stec (Ottawa Bicycle Club -Rmu17)
DNF Kiernan Orange (Ride With Rendall -Rmj)
DNF Sacha Van Der Sluis (West Quebec Wheelers -RME.3)
DNF Isaac Adamski (Full Cycle -RME.4)
DNF Brian Tratford (Ottawa Bicycle Club -Rmj)
DNF Thomas Skinner (Espoir De Laval -RME.3)
DNF Marc Grenier (Fresh Air Experience -RME.3
DNF Jean-Francois Labrecque (Full Cycle -RME.3)
DNF Todd Whitehorne (Brockville Cc -RME.3)
DNF Kenneth Cory (Ind. -RME.3)
Master 2/3 Men -45 minutes + 5 laps
1 Jean-Pierre Lefebvre (Les Rouleurs De L'outauais -RMM.2) 53:18
2 Robert Orange (Ride With Rendall -RMM.2)
3 James Brooks (The Cyclery -RMM.2)
4 Gino Ainsley (Les Rouleurs De L'outauais -RMM.2) all s.t.
5 Chris Olson (Emd Serono Specialized -RMM.2) 1:00
6 Greg Hill (Euro-Sports.Ca/Foodery Cycling Team -RMM.2) s.t.
7 Francis Belanger (Ride W/Rendall -RMM.2) 1:30
8 Krzysztof Kurzawinski (Kurzawinski Coach -RMM.2)
9 Steve Vocelle (Club Cycliste Gervais Rioux -RMM.2)
10 Dale Danner (Independent -RMM.3)
11 Benoit Tessier (Les Rouleurs De L'outauais -RMM.2)
12 Brian Robitaille (Full Cycle -RMM.3)
13 Sean Wright (The Cyclery -RMM.2)
14 Peter Conn (Rde W/Rendall -RMM.2)
15 Chris Mulligan (West Of Quebec Wheelers -RMM.2)
16 Werner Visser (West Ofquebec Wheelers -RMM.2) all s.t.
DNF David Gerrard (Ottawa Bicycle Club -RMM.2)
DNF Bryan Gormley (The Cyclery -RMM.2)
DNF Patrick Pelda (West Of Quebec Wheelers -RMM.2)
DNF Kevin Stoppa (West Of Quebec Wheelers -RMM.2)
DNF David Pennett (Independent -RMM.3)
DNF Marco Salvati (Midweek Cycling Club -RMM.3)
DNF Louis Daigneault (Ride W/Rendall -RMM.3)
DNF Kristjan Wallner (Ottawa Bicycle Club -RMM.2)
DNF Gary Monette (West Of Quebec Wheelers -RMM.3)
DNF Glenn Vollbregt (Ind. -RMM.3)
DNF Bernard Durand (Eurosports / Foodery -RMM.2)
DNF Rick Bourgeault (West Of Quebec Wheelers -RMM.2)
DNF Stanslav Blazek (Kurzawinski Coach -RMM.3)
DNF David Sugden (Les Rouleurs De L'outauais -RMM.2)
DNF Scott Ferguson (Ride W/Rendall -RMM.3)
DNF Johnnie Edghill (D'ornellas Racing -RMM.2)
DNF Yariv Wolfe (Ind. -RMM.2)
DNF Bruce Camacho (D'ornellas Racing -RMM.2)
DNF Craig Burge (The Cyclery -RMM.2)
DNF Robert Mcclure (Ottawa Bicycle Club -RMM.2)
DNF Erich Zappe (Ride W/Rendall -RMM.2)
DNF Paul Heffler (Ottawa Bicycle Club -RMM.2)
DNF Alain Brunette (Les Rouleurs De L'outauais -RMM.2)


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