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June 28/09 11:01 am - Road Nationals: Men's RR UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 06/28/09

ForecastThe men will do 4 laps of the 45 km course for a total of 180 km, start is scheduled for 11am.

Earlier in the day it was "thick" with humidy with high cloud.  The weather forecast has sun, rain and thunderstorms..  so WHO KNOWs what is coming.

30 minutes before the start it started to drizzle.  This will make the corners slippery, but may make an early breakaway more feasible.


11:10am  - At 1 km an attack by 81 ? was quickly joined by Osmond Bakker (EMD Serono-Specialized) and Charlie Bryer (Volharding).  They have a gap of 15 seconds up the climb.  Peloton is not interested in chasing.


Heading out of town and the rain has stopped and the road is drying.


11:28 am -   Charlie Bryer (Volharding), Jean-Michel Lachance (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) are away with a gap of 50 seconds.  Marc Allard (Volkswagen-Specialized) had been with the the leaders but dropped off the pace. Peloton is still not chasing.


11:35 am -  16 km completed on lap 1 - Break group getting bigger as riders (mostly the U23 contingent)  jump across from peloton: Osmond Bakker (EMD Serono-Specialized), Aaron Fillion (Ride With Rendall), Spencer Smitheman (Team Alberta) and more have joined the leaders.


11:48am -   Lead group now has 3:20 on the peloton

and consists of:

Osmond Bakker (EMD Serono-Specialized)

Aaron Fillion (Ride With Rendall)

Jean-Michel Lachance* (Pro Bike Pool Kuota)

Guillaume Boivin* (Volkswagen-Specialized)

Charlie Bryer* (Volharding)

Andrew Hunt* (Planet Energy)

Jamie Riggs* (Team Ontario)

André Tremblay* (Équipe du Québec)

Spencer Smitheman* (Team Alberta)

* = U23


11:57am  -   At 40 km gap is up to 5:50


12pm - 42.1 km covered in the first hour of racing.


12:12pm - Lap 2 has started and the break now has 8 + minutes on the peloton.  Derrek Ivey (Team MCOR) has been trying to bridge up, but is sitting in "no man's land"  1/2 way in between the 2 groups.  The peloton will soon have some work to do to get this race under control, but for now are willing to let things go.  Planet Energy was at the front as the peloton came through to start the lap, but were not working too hard.


Some of the bigger teams

Planet Energy - 12 riders

Garneau - Club Chaussures - 9

H&R Block-Kona - 8

Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes - 7

Ride with Rendall/BCW - 7

Volkswagen-Specialized - 7

Kelly Benefit Strategies - 4


12:30pm - At 15 km into Lap 2 the peloton seems to have woken up and the gap has started to fall.  Now at 7:30


12:50 pm - 10 km to go before the end of the 2nd lap.  An attack from the peloton with Zach Bell (Kelly Benefit Strategies), Derrek Ivey (Team MCOR), Christian Meier (Garmin-Slipstream), Jamie Sparling (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes), John Stewart (The Hub Race Team).  Peloton immediately reacted to bring them back.  Gap suddenly dropped to lead bunch to 6 min.


1:10 pm -   CORRECTION.  Group of 6 have attacked from the peloton and are away and chasing.    Zach Bell (Kelly Benefit Strategies), Christian Meier (Garmin-Slipstream), Charly Vives (Planet Energy), Keven Lacombe (Planet Energy), Derrek Ivey (Team MCOR), Jamie Sparling (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes).  They are now 3:30 in front of the peloton and 6 min back of the break.


1:17pm - Lap 3.  Chasers are still trying to reel in the break.  Christian Meier is doing the lion's share of the work with some assistance from the 2 Planet Energy riders.  Gap is now 7:06 min.  The pelton is at 3:14.


1:25pm -   Peloton is starting to get serious.  Andrew Pinfold (OUCH p/b Maxxis) has gone to the front on the climb and is pushing the pace.  The pack is strung out behind.


1:37 pm -  15 km into Lap 3.  Chase group at 7:45 and the pelton at another 3 min.


1:46 pm - Situation:  Leaders with a chase group at 7 min.  A second chase group of about 15 has now formed and are 3 min back of the Meier chase group  and they are working hard to reel them in . ... Tuft, Parisien, Anderson, David Veilleux, Can Evans.. all the top riders who are not in the break or Meier group.


2:15pm - 54 km to go.  Chase group 2 has just caught the Meier group and now form a group of ~ 30 that  is what is left of the peloton. They are 7:05 down on leaders.  Planet Energy has gone to the front and are working hard.


2:26 pm - Starting the final lap and the gap is 6:20.  They have their work cut out for them!!!!


2:30 pm -  2 km in to the final lap.  Kelly Benefits riders David Veilleux adn Ryan Anderson have come to the front to help Planet Energy and the  gap is starting to drop.  down below 6 min now.


2:34 pm - 40 km to go and gap is 5:34


2:37 pm -   Gap now 5:20


2:42 pm -  Jamie Riggs* (Team Ontario) has attacked off the front of the break and has a gap of 12 seconds.  27 km to go


2:45 pm - Riggs has 18 seconds now and is being chased by Jean-Michel Lachance


2:50 pm - Riggs and Lachance caught.


2:56 pm - 21 km to go and the gap is down to 2:57


3:00pm - gap 3:25


3:07 pm:   Christian Meier (Garmin-Slipstream) and Ryan Roth (Planet Energy) are away and chasing at 2:24 behind the leaders.  Peloton at 3:36


3:10 pm - 16 km to go .  Roth and Meier are at 1:59


3:16 pm - 11 km to go,  gap is 1:20


3:20 pm - 5 km to go.   Guillaume Boivin* (Volkswagen-Specialized) off the front of the break and has 5 seconds.







1 Guillaume Boivin* (Volkswagen-Specialized)

2 André Tremblay* (Équipe du Québec)

3 Andrew Hunt* (Planet Energy)






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