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June 29/09 14:16 pm - The Durian Cup: Race 1

Posted by Editoress on 06/29/09

The Durian Cup: Race #1: Mystery Time Trial


June 25th, Victoria  BC


The Durian Cup started off with a bang, as 15 excited riders turned up for our inaugural event at the Mount Work mountain bike park on a warm and sunny evening!

Thursday night saw the Mystery Time Trial, which was a target time time-trial, where racers had three laps to ride as close as possible to the target time, and took off in 30 second intervals. Riders were informed of their lap time each time they passed the Start/Finish, and so could modulate their efforts based on this - how often at a race are you told you can slow down? The A's and B's rode the same course, and the C's had a shorter, less technical course. Of course, all watches and bike computers were removed so riders had to ride by 'feel'.

The target time for the C lap was 15:32, and our sole C rider Leon Tulevski (Ind) easily undershot that, and his closest time was 13:10. Leon will likely upgrade to B for future events!

In the B's, the target time was 18:47 on a course that winded up Emergency Two, Rolly Ridge and Crazy Horse before coming back on Little Face to join the C riders on Inventive. All categories finished off with a swoop down on Skull.  Emily Pridham (Ind) rode the closest to this time, with an 18:36. Jessica Lathrop (Loeka/Kali Protectives) was a second short with 18:35, and Brian Payne (Schwalbe CC) finished 3rd with an 18:38. The B field was our largest, with 9 riders out.

In the A field, Kate Scallion (Ind) couldn't have gotten any closer to the target time of 16:35, riding a mere 4 tenths of a second over, and on her first lap no less, also securing the Top Woman placing! James Cameron (Ind) rode a lap of 16:39 to secure 2nd, and Kat Wright (Ind) completed the Top 3 with a 16:58 in the Mystery Time Trial!

Our sole Junior rider was Logan Simonson (Ind), who also rode B, and his closest time was 19:14, after under-shooting it by a larger margin. Unfortunately, it looks like all the vegans were helping marshal the course, so no award for this field this week - we're all winners!

A draw followed the race with several hundred dollars in prizes awarded, and riders eagerly ran off with numerous Pink Sugar vegan cupcakes, cookbooks and a gift certificate from Green Cuisine, tune-up certificates from Oak Bay Bikes and the Trek Shop, and tubs and samples of the new Vega Sport energy drink mix, and several other smaller items.

Thanks to OA members Jen, Emile and Dave for helping marshal, as well as Lisa Currer representing Oak Bay Bikes. Also a huge thank-you to OA members Ian and Rita, who did much of the organizing for the event, including planning and marking the route, and the complex timing needed!

Thanks again to OA Victoria sponsors: Green Cuisine, Vega, Oak Bay Bikes, Eatmore Sprouts, the Victoria Soap Exchange, Pink Sugar (vegan!) Cupcakery and Crag  X Climbing Gym! A big thanks also to the Trek Shop for their prize contributions, and to SIMBS for helping organize and promote the series.

Our next two events will be the Get Oriented! orienteering race on July 2nd, followed by our Poker Race on July 9th. Sign-up begins at 6:15pm, racing begins at 7pm. Entry is $3 if you have a CyclingBC license. If not, you can get a free one-time trial pass, or if returning will need a $41 CyclingBC Citizen license (can be purchased at the race.) More detail can be found on our website.

Hope to see you there!

Team OrganicAthlete Victoria Fueled By Green Cuisine

PS - Volunteers also needed, please contact us if you'd like to help out at an event! =)


Report Courtesy Dave Shishkoff



Cat A
1 Kate Scallion (Ind)
2 James Cameron (Ind)
3 Kat Wright (Ind)
4 Halldor Gunnarsson (Riders Cycles)
5 Glenowyn Carlson (Team Alliance)

Cat B
1 Emily Pridham (Ind)
2 Jessica Lathrop (Loeka / Kali Protectives)
3 Brian Payne (Schwalbe CC)
4 C. Blake Rose (Ind)
5 Logan Simonson (Ind)
6 Isabelle Jacques (Equipe du Quebec)
7 Steve Mackenzie (Ind)
8 Pam Reid (Ind)
9 Eric Simonson (Ind)

Cat C
1 Leon Tulevski (Ind)


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