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June 29/09 17:44 pm - OCUP DH #4 Camp Fortune

Posted by Editoress on 06/29/09

Cycle Solutions DH#4 Race Report presented by Lapierre bikes


June 27th, Camp Fortune, QC


And what a weekend it was.  Apart from a few fireworks going off in the parking lot (hey, we're patriotic for Canada day), and a few mild mistranslations with some French riders (I promise to learn how to say "waiver" in French for the next race), both Saturday and Sunday had sick weather with a blasting hot sun that kept the trails mint.  Potential Conspiracy - Camp Fortune's hill staff made a few extra bucks by selling tubes to replace all of the ones that got eaten by the sharp rock sections that this hill is known for.
The awesome first-aid staff was on hand to keep bodies patched up (all customers were satisfied and were able to continue their riding), and we kept the day going with burger giveaways from our sponsor Harvey's throughout the day.  At least 3 hours of Michael Jackson music was played each day as a tribute to the fallen star.
All eyes and ears, et tous les yeux et les oreilles, were watching this race, as it was a precursor to the upcoming Ontario vs Quebec competition that will be at Camp Fortune in September.

And now...the results.

The race started after a short rain-shower, calming some of the dust and making the conditions perfect.

In Cadet, it was Quebec's Guillaume Labrie who took home the win, edging out Kyle the "Man Child" by a couple tenths of a second.  Alex Gaudon had a solid sub-2:30 time for 3rd place.  To show how fast these 3 are, 4th place was another 8 seconds behind Alex!

1  Guillaume Labrie Mercier (QC)  2:27.588
2  Kyle Sangers (J & J Cycle) 2:27.749
3  Alex Gaudon (Ind) 2:29.325

In the women's open class, Genevieve "The Dominatrix" Gagnon posted a sub-3 minute time to dominate the field.   Kristen Courtney, the fastest woman from Ontario was close behind, and the podium was rounded out by Monika Luebke who was quoted as saying "I couldn't have done it without having dinner at Toscano's Italian food last-night".
1  Genevieve Gagnon (Ind)  2:58.870
2  Kristen Courtney (Ind) 3:04.557
3  Monika Luebke (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing) 3:38.698
Junior Expert saw a stupid fast time that would have won every category except elite.  Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard not only had the most complicated name to make it to the podium on Sunday, but also hit a time of 2:22.  7 seconds behind was Alistair Pimlott, and then another 5 seconds back was Caleb Glithero in third.
1  Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard (Lama Cycles/Morewood) 2:22.113
2  Alistair Pimlott Silent (Devinci) 2:29.618
3  Caleb Glithero (Kamikaze Racing) 2:34.356

Elite was a battle, and one that was won by an experienced warrior.  After crawling out of whatever cave he's been hiding in for the past few OCup races, Pete McLean killed it with a time of 2:18.  Dean Tennant made waves, not by his 2nd place time of 2:19, but by going on to win the Moonwalk competition held during the awards ceremony.  3rd place went to Justin "Juice" Brown.

1 Peter McLean (Primary-Trek) 2:18.369
2  Dean Tennant (Primary-Trek) 2:19.266
3 Justin Brown (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing) 2:20.757

Next race is at the legendary Blue Mountain, July 11/12




We can't thank enough our amazing support staff, Lee Allen, Greg, Kris Somers (MC/DJ), Allan Hawley and his timing staff, Ski Pro Patrol and staff (Kris and John), Nicky and ofcourse the amazing volunteers and sponsors: Bike Store, Lapierre Bikes, Norco Performance Bikes , Kenda Tires, Titec Components,, POC Protection, Harveys, Fatlip clothing, Industry Bike park, Ontario Cycling Association and X-Fusion shocks.

Note: Pete was off tending to his ultra-pregnant Mrs Bikealot and expecting a young bikealot's entrance into the world, so Lee Allen took over the super-managerial duties of the weekend.

Race report by Kris Somers


Full results





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