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June 30/09 10:30 am - New B.C. Provincial XC Champions Crowned Amidst Kiwi Invasion

Posted by Editor on 06/30/09

ForestB.C.’s provincial XC championships were awarded on Sunday, June 28th at West Coast Racing’s Cardiac Classic presented by North Shore Bike Shop and Hansen Industries, but the day belonged to New Zealand’s Team N-Duro/ The Kiwi tandem of Mark Leishman in the Pro/Elite Men’s event, and Nic Leary in the Pro/Elite Women's, matched each other with wins in the marquis events, overcoming a challenging course and local competitors.

Thomas Skinner riding for Oak Bay Bikes/Specialized and Joele Guynup representing the Island Racing Club vanquished the remaining contenders, earning the provincial champions’ jerseys. Lauren Rosser from the powerhouse junior development program of Team Squamish, and Sebastien Sleep of Rocky Mountain-Different Bikes took home the junior titles with virtuoso performances, easily distancing their respective fields.

Over 150 racers participated in the championship races, enjoying excellent racing temperatures and sunshine, which eventually won the day over foreboding early clouds and a brief sprinkle of rain before the first start. Free kids’ non-competitive events held on a pair of progressive, scaled down courses saw over 20 racers of the future put their skills and lungs on display.

In the Men’s Pro/Elite event a small group drew each other out early, shedding their fellow racers on a redesigned course that compacted more technical elements into a shorter loop for 2009, bringing close quarter racing action to a crowd of enthusiastic spectators, and provided an ideal test for determining the most well-rounded rider of the day.

Eventual winner Mark Leishman provided his own recap. "The course was a fantastic XC layout. Tough climbs, technical descents, and more than enough roots to ensure you were concentrating. The top 3-4 men were so evenly matched today that thankfully I had good legs, and definitely benefited from riding a Niner on such technical trails. I think when it came down to it on the last lap, I just had that wee bit more left in the tank, and wasn't feeling quite as beaten up as the others."

Pro Men Start

As a non-resident, Kiwi Leishman was not eligible for the provincial title, leaving Thomas Skinner and Matt Green of Steed Cycles to settle the score between them. “The course was one of the toughest I've ridden all year”, according to Skinner, “with the main climb spreading the field and the physical demands of the descents making it impossible to get any rest. Matt Green and I rode together for most of the race, but we were joined by Mark Leishman with about a lap to go. Up the long climb on the last lap Mark made a strong push which split the three of us, and then he stretched his lead out on the descent. I pulled away from Matt up the feed zone climb after he caught me on the descent, but I couldn't close the gap to Mark at the end.”

Women’s Pro/Elite winner Nic Leary matched her fellow New Zealander’s feat on the slopes of Burnaby Mountain’s urban trail network. "The course was as interesting as it was testing” commented Leary. “I had to be careful not to get too keen early on as the last part of the climb through 'Mel's trail' zapped the legs a bit more each lap, and being strong on the final lap was necessary to keep clear of Joele who had me working throughout, it was great”. Keeping up her end of the bargain, Joele Guynup of the Island Racing Club pushed Leary from start to finish, rightfully earning her B.C. championship.Kids

Aside from pro/elite prize purses courtesy of Hansen Industries, and a virtual truckload of prizing from North Shore Bike Shop (2 complete GT and Jamis race bikes as grand draw prizes!), Race Face, plus Ryders Eyewear, Cycles Lambert, Schwalbe Tires, ATAC Sportswear, and Whole Foods also pitching in to the haul with many fine product prizes. Tech support on-site from Lambert ensured any needy race bikes received last minute attention. Thanks also to Burnaby Mountain Bike Association (, Burnaby Parks, and Cycling BC for their support of the Cardiac Classic.

West Coast Racing is a community cycling club operating as a not-for-profit society run entirely by volunteers from within its membership. In addition to hosting several events, West Coast Racing’s own member activities include outdoor and indoor cycling programs year-round for mountain bikers, road riders, and cyclocrossers including group rides, training programs, bike fits, skills clinics and fitness assessments. Watch for WCR’s long-running Vanier Park Cyclocross Classic in the fall of 2009, at

Courtesy of West Coast Racing


Photos by Mac McDell

Photos by Kevin Cornils

Photos by Andrew Clark

Photos by Neil Hourihane



Elite Women

1 Nic Leary (NZl) Raetihi Team N-Duro/ 1:38:46
2 Joele Guynup (Victoria, BC) Island Racing Club at 0:49
3 Ann Yew (North Vancouver, BC) Team Whistler 3:51
4 Linda Robichaud (Victoria, BC) Team Whistler 13:12
5 Annie Gornall (Comox, BC) 14:17
6 Christine Lynch (Sechelt, BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling 40:27
DNS Laura Murray (North Vancouver, BC) Different Bikes 9:41:14
Elite Men
1 Mark Leishman (NZl) Raetihi Team N-Duro/ 1:43:13
2 Thomas Skinner (Victoria, BC) Oak Bay Bikes/Specialized 0:34
3 Matthew Green (Vancouver, BC) Steed Cycles 0:43
4 Tyler Allison (Whistler, BC) 1:11
5 Drew Mackenzie (Victoria, BC) Island Racing Club 3:22
6 Dwayne Kress (Garibaldi Highlan, BC) 5:45
7 Seth Wells (Vancouver, BC) 10:37
8 Andy Traslin (North Vancouver, BC) Steed Cycles 12:13
9 Mike Traslin (North Vancouver, BC) Steed Cycles 17:38
10 Dustin Gordon (Pemberton, BC) Team Whistler 26:40
DNF Chris Christie (Garibaldi Highlands, BC) Trek/Red Truck/PB
DNF Andrew Kyle (Port Coquitlam, BC) Garneau EVolution
DNS Norrie Henderson (Kelowna, BC) Kelowna Cycle
Junior Women (15-18)
1 Lauren Rosser (Squamish, BC) Team Squamish 1:19:46
2 Amanda Wakeling (Courtenay, BC) Comox Valley Cycle 1 at 2:14
3 Jessica Marquis (Sechelt, BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling 15:08
4 Kristin Drygas (Squamish, BC) Team Squamish 16:08
5 Maia Kilby (Brackendale, BC) Team Squamish 2 8:59
Junior Men (17-18)
1 Sebastian Sleep (Gibsons, BC) Rocky Mountain-Different Bikes 1:24:41
2 Nick Holatko (Comox, BC) Norco/Blacks Cycle at 5:58
3 Jesse Melamed (Whistler, BC) Team Whistler/Natures Path 6:28
4 Jarrad Wilhelm (Brackendale, BC) 19:26
5 Dillon Mennie (Roberts Creek, BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling 33:15
DNF Tobias Nolan (Vancouver, BC) Team Squamish
DNS David Muench (West Vancouver, BC) Sunshine Coast
Senior Women (19-29)
1 Alena Irvine (North Vancouver, BC) Steed Cycles 1:24:47
2 Paula Armstrong (Vancouver, BC) West Coast Racing at 1:03
3 Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Victoria, BC) Local Ride Racing 4:03
4 Jeanine Ball (Vancouver, BC) Local Ride Racing 21:41
Senior Men (19-29)
1 Sullivan Reed (Prince George, BC) Cycle Logic 1:24:21
2 Dan Scott (Victoria, BC) Oak Bay Bikes at 3:35
3 Chris Johnston (Vancouver, BC) Dunbar Cycles 5:13
4 Mike Winkel (Kamloops, BC) Gary Fisher 29er 8:37
5 Steve Doreen (Victoria, BC) 13:49
6 Michael Jordan (Victoria, BC) 15:48
7 Eric Lalonde (Port Coquitlam, BC) 19:58
DNF Robert Whishaw (West Vancouver, BC) Obsession Bikes
Master 30-39 Women
1 Glenowyn Carlson (Victoria, BC) Team Alliance 1:22:08
2 Karen Todd (Vancouver, BC) Different Bikes at 2:12
3 Tara Walsh (North Vancouver, BC) West Coast Racing 6:06
4 Penny Deck (Burnaby, BC) 11:08
Master 30-39 Men
1 Martin Bojesen (Kamloops, BC) 1:27:49
2 Michael Boehm (Whistler, BC) Team Whistler at 0:46
3 Ryan Newsome (Port Moody, BC) Local Ride 5:28
4 Francois Bedard (North Vancouver, BC) 5:48
5 Trevor Hopkins (Whistler, BC) 6:35
6 Andrew Clarke (North Vancouver, BC) Corsa Cycle 8:47
7 Albert Nomura (Burnaby, BC) 9:02
8 Aaron Weiss (Kamloops, BC) 11:29
9 Chris Dickinson (Victoria, BC) Oak bay bikes 13:41
10 Joshua Weiss (Surrey, BC) Daryl Evans Racing 15:34
11 Daryl Wood (Vancouver, BC) Cyclepath Oakville 21:55
12 Cymbol Wells (Vancouver, BC) 25:55
13 David Kishi (Burnaby, BC) 1:54:12
DNF Scott McGregor (North Vancouver, BC) Steed Cycles
DNS Andrew Sparks (Kelowna, BC)
DNS Andrew Nelson (Vancouver, BC)
Master 40+ Women
1 Kathleen Negraeff (Vancouver, BC) Team Wedgewood 1:00:09
Master 40-49 Men
1 Keith Ray (Whistler, BC) Team Whistler 1:28:52
2 Mike Charuk (Squamish, BC) Team Whistler at 0:59
3 Richard English (Salmon Arm, BC) Skookum Cycle 2:47
4 Sheldon Orr (Delta, BC) Daryl Evans Racing 4:29
5 Chris Lawrence (Squamish, BC) Team Squamish 7:08
6 Peter Holzhuter (Kamloops, BC) 7:38
7 Dale Ewanchook (Vancouver, BC) Team Alliance 7:52
8 Rod Dagneau (North Vancouver, BC) West Coast Racing 7:56
9 Graham Henderson (North Vancouver, BC) 8:00
10 Tyler Dumont (Surrey, BC) Team Alliance 10:20
11 Ray Lachance (Vancouver, BC) West Coast Racing 12:33
12 Michael Dolling (Surrey, BC) Daryl Evans Racing 13:00
13 Kalle Karu (Vancouver, BC) 1 3:32
14 Richard Humphries (Maple Ridge, BC) Maple Ridge 21:17
15 John Wong (Vancouver, BC) Team Whistler 22:24
16 Lance Turner (Maple Ridge, BC) Daryl Evans 31:48
DNF Dave Robertson (Vancouver, BC)
DNS David Kvick (North Vancouver, BC) Rocky Mountain
DNS Brent Wilson (Coquitlam, BC) Daryl-Evans Racing
Master 50+ Men
1 Tony Routley (Whistler, BC) Team Whistler 1:06:21
2 Tim Daechsel (Penticton, BC) at 2:37
3 Bart Nakano (Abbotsford, BC) Team Alliance & Catering 4:29
4 Frank Ammirati (White Rock, BC) Daryl-Evans Racing 10:40
5 Urs Bleuler (North Vancouver, BC) High Boat 11:01
6 Ian Parker (North Vancouver, BC) 11:09
7 Chuck Connor (Salmon Arm, BC) Skyride Cycle 11:59
8 Denys Jones (Gibsons, BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling 13:55
9 Bob Mclaren (Port Coquitlam, BC) West Coast Racing 20:25
10 Craig Mackenzie (Whistler, BC) 35:17
11 Peter Bant (West Vancouver, BC) Different Bikes 1:45:56
U17 Men (15-16)
1 Mo Lawrence (Squamish, BC) Team Squamish 1:03:54
2 Rob Leigh (Squamish, BC) Team Squamish at 4:06
3 Quinn Moberg (Garibaldi Highlan, BC) Team Squamish 8:00
4 Louis Dillon (Halfmoon Bay, BC) Sunshine Coast 1 0:57
5 Philippe Janicki (Victoria, BC) 12:26
6 Jereomy Pelletier (Garibaldi Highlan, BC) Team Squamish 13:03
7 Aiden Davis (Squamish, BC) Team Squamish/CorsaCycles 14:45
8 Michael Brinton (Powell River, BC) 15:54
9 Mathew Clough (Roberts Creek, BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling 31:33
10 Jonas Lomax (Halfmoon Bay, BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling 42:29
DNS Noah Brauckmann (Surrey, BC) Daryl Evans Racing
DNS Owen Scully (Squamish, BC) Team Squamish
U15 Men (10-14)
1 John Connor (Salmon Arm, BC) Skyride Cycle 0:48:10
2 Jordan Duncan (Comox, BC) Comox Valley Cycle at 4:16
3 Montana Michel (Garibaldi Highlan, BC) Team Squamish 6:04
4 Thomas Hardy (Saloman Arm, BC) 9:12
5 Liam Hafey (Sechelt, BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling 29:38
DNF Eric Dillon (Halfmoon Bay, BC) Sunshine Coast
U19 Citizen Men (10-18)
1 Kasper Woolley (Squamish, BC) 1:06:47
2 Joseph Daigneau (Port Moody, BC) 1 at 1:50
3 Zackery Mclaren (Port Coquitlam, BC) West Coast Racing 12:27
30+ Citizen Women
1 Lea-Mari Bowes-Lyon (Vancouver, BC) 1:03:31
2 Robin Wolfe (Vancouver, BC) at 0:55
19-29 Citizen Men
1 Jannu Casanova (Van, BC) 1:24:38
2 Mads Aaboe (Vancouver, BC) at 2:00
3 Graeme Langille (Burnaby, BC) 3:51
4 Andrew Clark (Vancouver, BC) West Coast Racing 15:59
30+Citizen Men
1 Bob Welbourn (Vancouver, BC) Glotman Simpson 1:10:03
2 Gordon Gordon (Vancouver, BC) West Coast Racing at 2:09
3 Charles Fortier (New Westminster, BC) Experience Cycling 6:29
4 Khoa Lam (Coquitlam, BC) Cycles Lambert Bikes 7:44
5 Neil Hourihane (Coquitlam, BC) West Coast Racing 8:11
6 Dimitri Pavlakos (Port Moody, BC) 8:11
7 Sean Michel (Garibaldi Highlan, BC) 10:06
8 Matt Juhasz (North Van, BC) 10:22
9 Tom Craik (Vancouver, BC) 10:43
10 Christian Molholm (Vancouver, BC) 10:51
11 Danny Soda (Richmond, BC) 11:00
12 Rob Barrett (Coquitlam, BC) Team Alliance 12:44
13 Stuart Bestbier (Vancouver, BC) Sumallo Club 12:44
14 Duncan Coo (Vancouver, BC) 13:38
15 Jason Burch (Burnaby, BC) 18:28
16 Lance Richardson (Port Moody, BC) West Coast Racing 19:50
17 Andrei Zawadzki (Burnaby, BC) 20:29
18 Andy Brinton (Powell River, BC) 21:11
19 Alexandru Cojocaru (Vancouver, BC) West Coast Racing 22:25
20 Ian Johansen (Vancouver, BC) 24:49
21 Geoff Huenemann (Vancouver, BC) 26:09
22 Glenn Hafey (Sechelt, BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling 26:50
23 Jeff Driedger (Coquitlam, BC) 35:55
24 Winston Lui (Coquitlam, BC) 38:26
25 Bob Janicki (Victoria, BC) 39:06
26 Edwin Beange (Vancouver, BC) West Coast Racing 1:03:23
DNF Jim Wright (Maple Ridge, BC)
DNS Stefan Muller (Coquitlam, BC) West Coast Racing


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