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July 3/09 11:53 am - Club News: Midweek, Oak Bay Bikes, Blizzard

Posted by Editoress on 07/3/09

 Midweek/LaBiciSquadra's Thursday Night Time Trial

Dense cool air blowing dead south at 11 kph makes it hard to on this course, as the 1.25 laps includes the northbound stretch twice. These were the hard facts last night at the Midweek/LaBiciSquadra's TNTT, as Ed Veal of LaBicicletta/JLindberg won, but did not make his goal of besting his season record.

Maybe our fastest guy's (1st place, Veal, and 2nd place, Jet Fuel Coffee's Peter Morse) legs are a little bit tired after trying in vain to chase down Planet Energy's Ryan Roth at Midweek's 29th Canada Day CHIN picnic criterium race Wednesday. Times seemed a bit slow as nobody recorded their fastest time this year, except Steve Pasquill. Our 3rd place rider, Pasquill, is showing continuing improvement.

Great Job Everyone!


1 Ed Veal (LaBicicletta/JLindberg) 20:16.0
2 Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee) 21:00.0
3 Steve Pasquill (Bicycles +) 21:19.0
4 Lorne Anderson (LaBicicletta/JLindberg) 22:03.0
5 Tovi Helbronn (Midweek) 22:17.0
6 Derek de Gannes (Above Threshold) 22:51.0
7 Mike Medeiros (Independent) 23:00.0
8 Joel Cash (Wheels of Bloor) 23:36.0
9 Ayesha Rollinson (Trek) 25:04.0
10 Rick Clavir (Spokeomotion) 25:20.0
11 Amanda Mayo (LaBicicletta/JLindberg) 28:01.0
12 Merv Veal (Spokeomotion) 31:08.0
1 Ed Veal (LaBicicletta/JLindberg) 11:05.0
2 Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee) 11:38.0
3 Lorne Anderson (LaBicicletta/JLindberg) 12:06.0
4 Steve Pasquill (Bicycles +) 12:14.0
5 Derek de Gannes (Above Threshold) 12:33.0
6 Mike Medeiros (Independent) 12:36.0
7 Tovi Helbronn (Midweek) 12:43.0
8 Joel Cash (Wheels of Bloor) 12:54.0
9 Ayshe Rollinson (Trek) 13:48.0
10 Rick Clavir (Spokeomotion) 13:57.0
11 Amanda Mayo (LaBicicletta/JLindberg) 15:10.0
12 Merv Veal (Spokeomotion) 17:05.0

Timekeeper: Bob Haufler

For season results and updates

Midweek Club

OBB Midweek Time Trial

Results from July 2nd. 33km Time Trial. BTW, Emile flatted when he was slightly up on Don Gillmore, so we can expect some good rides from him in the coming weeks. Kudos to Stephen Baird for beating the course record. Don G. also beat the old record.

33km ITT

Men age Time1 handicap Final Time
1 Stephen Baird (Dr. Cameron - s1) ? 0:44:50 0 0:44:50
2 Don Gillmore (Schwalbe - mb) 42 0:45:44 0:13 0:45:31
3 Stefan Jakobsen (Frontrunners - ma) 34 0:48:18 0 0:48:18
4 Ian McLeod (Ind - ma) 38 0:55:53 0 0:55:53
5 Al Shirley (OBB - mc) 50 0:59:28 0:51 0:58:37
6 Bill Hutchinson (NRC - md) 63 1:01:16 2:30 0:58:46
7 Lee Leblanc (NRC - mb) 40 1:00:09 0 1:00:09
8 Patrick Burnham (OBB - s3) 29 1:00:16 0 1:00:16
9 Keith Roach (OBB - s3) 23 1:01:18 0 1:01:18
10 Tim Stokes (Tri BC - mc) 51 1:21:38 0:57 1:20:41
DNF Emile De Roznay (Organic Athlete - s1)
1 Erin Hibbitts (OBB - wa) 36 0:59:45 0 0:59:45
2 Sonja Efford (OBB - wb) 41 1:13:21 0:44 1:12:37

Peter McCaffery timekeeper
Dave Kenny course set up, marshal
Ben McCaffery starter/holder

Just a reminder that there is no event next week (July 9th.) as your organisers are taking their summer break. The next race will be a 40km race on July 16th.. You have the option of riding this as an individual or forming a two,three or four person team. The results will not count as part of the series but all finishers will receive 5 points.

Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Blizzard Bike Club

Fort St. John, BC
June 28th

The Blizzards capped off a busy weekend in Fort Nelson, Dawson Creek, Devon Alberta and Beauce, Quebec.

In Fort Nelson, three Blizzard Bike Club members competed in the Northern Rockies Triathlon held in Fort Nelson on Sunday June 28th. Billy Bucknall and Kathryn Fairweather competed in the Olympic distance race with both athletes winning their age groups as well as overall for male and female respectively. Kathryn also posted the fastest women's bike time and Billy completed his race with fastest male swim, bike and run.

Sandy McDonald posted the fastest overall in the Sprint distance race, which is a 500m swim, 20km bike and 5 km run.

Locally, the club battled it out in Challenge Cup races 8 and 9 in Dawson Creek. Dawson Creek riders won both stages but GP won the day's total with 53 points to 34 for the BBC and 29 for Dawson Creek the Blizzards still hold the overall lead at 320 to GP's 186 and DC's 92.

Trevor Kolkea of Dawson Creek won the Bear Mountain 14 km time trial with a time of 24:36. Tanner Broadbent of GP was next at 25:47 and Ken Perry third at 29:47. Other times were Dave Kay 30:46, Barb Polehoykie 31:57, Francis Plum 33:37, Warren Miller 34:08 and Pat Ferris 41:46.

Chris Garwah edged out fellow DC'er Kent Pedersen to win a very windy 40 km Ark road race. They had a time of 1:10:21. Tanner Broadbent of GP was third at 1:13:38.
Other times were Gary Hilderman 1:17:23, Dave Kay 1:17:43, Ken Perry 1:19:32, Barb Polehoykie 1:21:29, Warren Miller 1:23:25, Kevin Fell Jr 1:23:42, Ken Nix 1:23:47, Francis Plum 1:25:12, Kevin Fell Sr 1:27:44 and Jamie Maxwell 1:29:26.

Thanks to Eric Wolf for timing!

There were no results for Peter King in the Devon Stage Race or Colter Young at Nationals, at press time.

Coming up:
-Thursday Baldonnel time trial 7 pm
-Sunday road race Cecil lake at 10 :00 am.
Contingent of riders are off to the Great White North Half Ironman triathlon, in Stony Plain Alberta, this Sunday.


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