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July 3/09 19:29 pm - Road Nationals: Masters Road Race results

Posted by Editoress on 07/3/09

John Malois Repeats... 20 Years Later

John Malois won the road event in the 30 to 39 masters category, at the National Championships, currently being held in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce until Sunday.

The breakaway, which took shape in the last 30 kilometres, was caught 200 metres from the finish line. Malois won the final sprint and thus, put his hands on his second road title, the last one being way back in 1989 when he was a junior. Daniel Belleville took second place.

“I wasn’t expecting it”, confided Malois, who hails from Longueuil. “I have been training hard all year, but Monday I came down with a virus. I am still on antibiotics. I thought the first part of the race was a bit difficult, but the farther I went, the better I felt”.

I’d like to acknowledge the contribution of my teammate Yan Deville in this victory. I dedicate my race to him”, he added.

It was two for two for Roger Lessard. The cyclist from the Beauce was crowned champion in the time trials as well as the road race. “Because the Championships were being held here, in Saint-Georges, my goal was to win. I knew I had a chance and was prepared for that. The course wasn’t very selective, but there was a good climb, and I tried to take advantage of that as I’m a climber”, said this cyclist in his first year in the 60 and over category.

On the over 40 women’s event, Lisa Dorian finished second behind Michelle Paiement in the road race, after having put in the fastest time the day before in the individual event.

“I was hoping to win yesterday’s race to retain my title”, Dorian let be known. “Today, what I wanted was the podium. My goal was to attack in the first lap and create a breakaway early in the race. I tried four or five times, but the girls wouldn’t let me go. So I waited for someone to attack, and that’s what happened”.

Among the other victors on the road race were Annick-Isabelle Marcoux (Master 30-39), Daniel Martin (Master 40-49) and Marian Pyszczek (Master 50-59).
Saturday, it will be the turn of the juniors and para-cyclistes to cover the streets of Saint-Georges, this time for the road events.

Report by Catherine Barbeau

Master Women (30-39) 57 km
1 Annick-Isabelle Marcoux (QC) AIM-Club Mansfield 1:37:16
2 Annick Dufour (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox
3 Marie Roy (QC) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle both s.t.
4 Anita Mackinnon (ON) Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais 2:31
5 Pascale Legrand (QC) Novabrik s.t.
6 Rachel Carbonneau (QC) Équipe Brunet 2:37
DNF caroline Messier (QC) Haut Richelieu Megavolt/Atac
Master Women (40+) 57 km
1 Michelle Paiement (QC) Indépendant 1:37:16
2 Lisa Dorian (BC) Mighty Riders at 0:02
3 Valerie Gaston (QC) Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais 2:31
4 Nettie Neudorf (MB) Portage Junkyard Dogs
5 Antonietta Lembo (QC) La Cabosse d'or
6 France Arseneault (QC) Indépendant all s.t.
7 Karen Thompson (ON) Spoke O'Motion 7:52
8 Anne-Marie Dupras (QC) Novabrik 8:52
9 France Bordeleau (QC) Ste-Foy-Québec Métro 10:27
10 Linda Gagné (QC) Power Watts Moishes s.t.
Master A Men (30-39) - 114 km
1 John Malois (QC) Novabrik 2:53:21
2 Daniel Belleville (QC) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
3 Luc Langevin (QC) Ryno Performance
4 Michel Detry (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox
5 Francois Doyon (QC) Guru
6 Sébastien Laflamme (QC) Sports Bazar Inc
7 Dominic Chalifoux (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox
8 Jean-Sébastien Zahra (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox
9 Pascal Bussières (QC) Warrior Racing
10 Stéphane Le Beau (QC) Opus/OGC all s.t.
11 Frédérick Pouliot (QC) Ryno Performance 0:05
12 Shawn Marshall (QC) Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais
13 Geoff Macdonald (AB) ERTC
14 Dominic Picard (QC) Espresso Sports
15 Yann Deville (QC) Novabrik all s.t.
16 Jonathan Wood (AB) ERTC 0:10
17 Richard Martin (QC) Indépendant
18 Peter Mogg (ON) The Hub Race Team both s.t.
19 Jean-Francois Houpert (QC) Synergy Cycle-RIIR 0:13
20 Dave Tomsic (ON) The Cyclery 0:16
21 Yves Lefebvre (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox
22 Martin Vinet (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox both s.t.
23 David Dulude (QC) Bluberi-Martin Swiss-Specialized 0:19
24 Jean-Francois Blais (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox 0:20
25 Martin Caya (QC) Indépendant 0:23
26 Antoine Richer (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox
27 Mathieu Charruau (QC) La Cabosse d'or
28 Brandon Sant (QC) CC Powerwatts-Moishes all s.t.
29 Alexandre Boiteau (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox 1:09
30 Alexandre Morin (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox 1:16
31 Patrick Russell (QC) Synergy Cycle-RIIR 1:27
32 Patrick Allaire (QC) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle 2:06
33 Olivier Beauvais (QC) Nativo Concept 3:18
34 Mathieu Gauthier (QC) Indépendant 4:37
35 Marc-Wayne Addison (QC) Bluberi-Martin Swiss-Specialized 10:05
DNF Christian Brochu (QC) Indépendant
DNF Daniel Camerlain (QC) Bicycle F.Cam
DNF Stéphane Chaine (QC) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
DNF Shawn Cranwell (ON) Elite health
DNF Jean Marc Dulac (QC) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle
DNF Jean-François Fortin (QC) Guru
DNF Nicola Giancola (QC) Novabrik
DNF Martin Gosselin (QC) Ryno Performance
DNF Craig C. Hawkes (ON) The Cyclery
DNF Éric Hébert (QC) Équipe Brunet
DNF Benoit Labelle (QC) Bicycle F.Cam
DNF Walter Meco (QC) Marinoni-Cadence
DNF Paul Migner (QC) Marinoni-Cadence
DNF Pawel Mysior (QC) Equipe Brunet
DNF Fred Perez (ON) Ciclo Werks BMC
DNF Bruno Verner (QC) Espresso Sports
DNF Sébastien Pilot (QC) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
DNS Martin Goineau (QC) Iris
DNS Stephane Joncas (QC) Sports Bazar Inc
DNS Yan Parent (QC) Ryno Performance
DNS Marco Roy (QC) Espresso Sports
Master B Men (40-49), 114 km
1 Daniel Martin (NT) Safeway/Bicycle Plus 2:52:55
2 Eric Provost (QC) Opus/OGC at 0:28
3 Robert Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall
4 Stéphane Deshaies (QC) Ste-Foy-Québec Métro
5 Luc Blain (QC) La Cabosse d'or
6 Stephane Demers (QC) Indépendant
7 Miguel Sanchez (QC) Sports Bazar Inc
8 Fernand Rooseboom (QC) Cycles Patrick
9 Jon Gee (ON) Ride With Rendall
10 Sylvain Thibeault (QC) Acidose Lactique
11 Pierre Boilard (QC) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
12 Stéphane Croft (QC) Ste-Foy-Québec Métro
13 Andrés Iván Ramirez (QC) Néron-Specialized
14 André Lamarche (QC) Drummond
15 Carlos Goncalves (ON) Team London
16 Alain Delorme (QC) Point 6 Sock Racing
17 Gilbert Boileau (QC) Novabrik
18 Claude Samson (QC) Sports Bazar Inc
19 Bobby Mrvelj (ON) Wheels of Bloor Cycling Team
20 Erwan Peres (QC) Indépendant
21 Patrick Caron (QC) Ryno Performance
22 Luc Faucher (QC) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
23 Gordon Stovel (QC) Opus/OGC
24 Claude Durocher (QC) Ste-Foy-Québec Métro
25 Robert Duguay (QC) La Cabosse d'or
26 Nicholas Rossman (QC) CC Powerwatts-Moishes
27 Jose Jorge (QC) Riotinto Martin Swiss
28 Kees Louws (ON) Team London
29 Francis Belanger (QC) Ride With Rendall
30 David Albert (QC) CC Powerwatts-Moishes all s.t.
31 Alain Poisson (QC) Gaspésien 0:40
32 Jacques Philie (QC) La Cabosse d'or s.t.
33 Terence Dahms (AB) Pedalhead Roadworks 0:43
34 Marc Boudreau (ON) Ride With Rendall s.t.
35 Gilles Bélanger (QC) Novabrik 0:47
36 Greg Cavanagh (ON) Healing Cycle RT 1:04
37 Ron Amos (ON) Ride With Rendall 1:10
38 Daniel Grenier (QC) Novabrik 4:20
39 Christian Girard (QC) Novabrik s.t.
40 Ilija Petrovski (ON) Wheels of Bloor Cycling Team 4:50
41 Alain Major (QC) Espoirs de Laval 5:51
42 David Landry (QC) Riotinto Martin Swiss
43 Steve Proulx (ON) The Cyclery both s.t.
44 Kevin Davis (QC) Wheels of Bloor Cycling Team 7:03
45 Robert Guenther (MB) Portage Junk Yard Dogs 23:50
46 Yves Benjamin (QC) Haut Richelieu Megavolt/Atac 25:59
DNF Claude Boily (QC) Indépendant
DNF Richard Boudreault (QC) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
DNF James Brooks (QC) The Cyclery
DNF Peter Conn (ON) Ride With Rendall
DNF Éric Desjardins (QC) Espoirs de Laval
DNF David Gazsi (QC) Team Ultralink
DNF Brian Jones (QC) Rio Tinto-Martin Swiss
DNF Gilbert Maillette (QC) Novabrik
DNF Gino Ouellet (QC) Néron-Specialized
DNF Daniel Phaneuf (QC) Néron-Specialized
DNF Bryan Spiegel (ON)
DNF Martin Ste-Marie (QC) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
DNF David Tompkins (ON) Hub Race Team
DNS Craig Burge (ON) The Cyclery
DNS Brad Martel (ON) Ride With Rendall
DNS Jean-Francois Pouliot (QC) CC Powerwatts-Moishes
DNS William Ralph (MB) Bikes & Beyond
Master C Men (50-59) 85.5 km
1 Marian Pyszczek (MB) Woodcock 2:14:26
2 Charlie Squires (ON) Team London
3 Gervais Bernier (QC) Club Cycliste Gervais Rioux
4 Dave Viney (ON) Orlando Road Club
5 Jose Martins (NS) Bicycles Plus Cycling Club
6 Sylvan Adams (QC) CC Powerwatts-Moishes
7 Alain Gravel (QC) VCOM inc
8 Robert Morin (QC) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle
9 Jacques Ranger (QC) Néron-Specialized
10 Marc Lapointe (QC) Bluberi-Martin Swiss-Specialized
11 Jan Basta (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox
12 Tommy Mak (AB) Eurotech Cycle
13 Michael Desilets (QC) Specialized Mazda Samson
14 Tony Routley (BC) Team Whistler
15 Robert Anderson (CA) Team Specialized Racing Masters all s.t.
16 Robert Massicotte (QC) 0:38
17 Gary Cluett (ON) ZM Cycle & Fitness
18 Guy Marcotte (QC) Sherbrooke (club cycliste)
19 Allan Schouela (QC) CC Powerwatts-Moishes
20 Rainier Speth (QC) Équipe Brunet
21 Denys Mantha (QC) all s.t.
22 David C Watson (AB) Velocity Cycling Club 0:45
23 Will Vandenberg (ON) Velikonja 1:27
24 Francois Faust (ON) The Healing Cycle
25 Alain Goulet (QC) Rio Tinto-Martin Swiss
26 Bernard Vives (QC) CC Powerwatts-Moishes all s.t.
27 Robert Faltus (QC) Ride With Rendall 1:42
28 David Johnston (MB) Tread The Thunder 2:56
29 Marc Couture (QC) Lapraicycle 5:15
30 Neil Farish (ON) Ride With Rendall 6:39
31 Joe Narciso (ON) Team London 6:44
32 André Rodrigue (QC) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle 6:51
33 Charles Cormier (NB) Mikes Bike Shop Club 10:01
34 Leonard Lighter (QC) CC Powerwatts-Moishes 19:08
35 John Daniels (MB) Alter Ego s.t.
DNF Edward D'agostino (ON) Team Ontario
DNF Claude Dallaire (QC) Sherbrooke (club cycliste)
DNF Paul Aimé Lacroix (QC) Ste-Foy-Québec Métro
DNF Yves Raymond (QC) Équipe Trek-Curaprox
DNF Roger Simard (QC) Équipe Brunet
DNF Denis Champagne (QC) Cycles Bernard Hinault-IMCO
DNS T Abramavicius (ON) onyWheels of Bloor
DNS Gilles Gagnon (QC) Cycles Patrick
DNS Garry Garbarino (QC) CC Powerwatts-Moishes
DNS Louis Garneau (QC) Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy Renault
DNS Pierre C. Lacoste (QC) VCOM inc
Master D Men (60+) 57 km
1 Roger Lessard (QC) Beauce 1:37:32
2 Joe Tersigni (ON) Newmarket Eagles CC
3 Claude Breau (QC) Rio Tinto-Martin Swiss both s.t.
4 Denis Côté (QC) Indépendant 1:35
5 John Parkinson (ON) Ciclo Werks BMC 1:36
6 Keith Smith (ON) Team R.A.C.E. 1:38
7 peter t Morris (ON) 2:36
8 Claudel Desroches (QC) Indépendant
9 Gaëtan Boulanger (QC)
10 Gilbert Bessin (QC) Cycles Bernard Hinault-IMCO all s.t.
11 Jean-Claude Leclerc (QC) Novabrik 16:27
DNF Patrick Lesbats (QC) Novabrik
DNS Michael Mccann (YK) VeloNorth Cycling Club


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