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July 5/09 11:47 am - Bromont Canada Cup: XC Updates

Posted by Editoress on 07/5/09

Racing is just starting (at noon) for Canada Cup XC #5.  The weather should not be a factor today,  it is currently high cloud and 17C and, hopefully, no rain in the next few hours.


Elite men are off first and they will do 5 lap.  The Elite women will start a few minute behind and will do 4 laps.  Then the Junior Expert men and they will do 4 laps as well with the Junior women starting last for 3 laps.


It is a 6 km course this year with the new section now open (see red arrows on course map).  This new section is actually the driest of the course.  The older section is a mud bog, after days of heavy rain in the past week.


For the men Derek Zandstra, Canada Cup leader and winner of every Can Cup race he has entered this year is sure to be the favourite.  Matt Hadley, Raphael Gagne and Andrew Watson will be battling it out for second.


In the Women's race a last minute entry by Marie-Helene Premont will raise the level of competion and have the rest of the women's field  racing for 2nd.  Emily Batty will not be racing.


Lap 1  : After a ten minute delay (morning races finishing late) racing was underway.


In the Elite Men's race it was Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing)  at the front up the climb followed by Matt Hadley (Xprezo) and Raphael Gagne (Maxxis/Rocky Mountain).


Marie-Helene Premont (Maxxis/Rocky Mountain) jumped from the gun and had a 10 second gap in the first 300 metres in the Elite Women's race


Nicolas Tremblay was in the lead of the Junior men's race followed by Tyson Wagler


Samantha Grover was leading in the Junior Women's race


Lap 2:

Elite Men

It appears Zandstra has had a problem (mechanical?)  Raphael Gagne (Maxxis/Rocky Mountain) is now in the lead as they head up teh climb for the 2nd time.  Julien Fillion (Equipe du Quebec) leads Leni Trudel (Equipe du Quebec/Specialized) at 1 minute back.  at 1:15 is the 2nd chase group - Mat Hadley (Xprezo), Steph Widmer (Rocky Mtn Factory ) and Peter Glassford (Toronto Trek Store)


Mark Batty, who is normally seen on the road raacing with Planet Energy is racing today.  When asked how he liked the mud he smilled and said "This sucks!"


Update:  Zandstra had a flat, had to run most of the lap and is now 5 min back of the leader


Elite Women

Amanda Sin is leading with a 2 min lead on a chase group.  No sign of Premont


Update:  Premont has had a mechanical, a problem with her rear derailleur.  "it's training" she said as she finally went by


Junior Men have caught and mixed with the Elite women so we missed teh leaders


Junior Women

Kristina Laforge (Team Quebec/Cyclone) has a 1 minute lead on 4 Samantha Grover, and Valerie Meunier (Equipe du Quebec)


Lap 3

Elite Men

Gagne has increased his lead to 2 min over Hadley, folowed by Trudel and Fillion.  At 3:05 it is Andrew Watson (Norco Factory Team) and then Widmer at 3:40


Elite Women


Amanda Sin has a 5::15 lead over 2nd place  Caroline Villeneuve (Norco Factory Team) followed by Nicola Leary and  Cindy Montambault (Accro Vélo)


Premont is 9 min back in 10th

Junior Men

Leandre Bouchard (Equipe du Quebec) has a 45 second lead on Alexis Cartier (CVM Val-David) with Patrick Chartrand (Equipe du Quebec) in 3rd


Lap 4


Elite Men

Rapheal Gagne still leading with a 2 min gap on Andrew Watson.  hadley 3rd at 2:40.  Fillion 4th at 3:30 and Glassford 5th at 4:15.  Zandstra abandonned on lap 3    DZ just came through


Sun is out and the course is drying out considerably.


Watson is gaining ground on Gagne, the gap is now down to 1:40


Elite Women


Amanda Sin has a huge gap in the lead, but Premont has moved into 2nd




Junior Men

1 Leandre Bouchard (QC) Equipe du Quebec

2 Patrick Chartrand (QC) Equipe du Quebec

3 Alexis Cartier (QC) CVM Val-David


Junior Women

1 Kristina Laforge (QC) Team Quebec/Cyclone

2 Valerie Meunier (QC) Equipe du Quebec

3 Samantha Grover (AB) Juventus


Elite Women

1 Amanda Sin (ON) 3 Rox Racing

2 Marie-Helene Premont (QC) Maxxis/Rocky Mountain*

3 Nicola Leary (NZl)

4 Caroline Villeneuve (QC) Norco Factory Team


*  Premont had a serious mechanical early on in the race where her derailleur went into her spokes.  She ran backward on the course to the Tech Zone for a repair and then rode the rest of the race with broken spokes in her wheel.  Depending on the ruling of the officials, she may be DQ'd for going backward on the course.


Elite Men

1 Raphael Gagne (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Maxxis Rocky Mountain

2 Andrew Watson (ON) Norco Factory Team

3 Matthew Hadley (NB) Xprezo

4 Peter Glassford (ON) Trek Store Toronto

5  Julien Fillion (QC) Equipe du Quebec



Course map

Course Map


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