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July 5/09 17:36 pm - Bromont Canada Cup: Elite XC results and PHOTOS

Posted by Editoress on 07/5/09

Full results from the Elite men's and women's XC



Junior Women

Junior Expert Men

Elite Women

Elite Men

Elite Women
1 Amanda Sin (Can) 3 Rox Racing 1:52:18
2 Nicola Leary (NZl) Team N-Duro/ at 11:54
3 Caroline Villeneuve (Can) Norco Factory Team 11:56
4 Josiane Mathieu (Can) Demers-Specialized 13:22
5 Joanna Harrington (Can) Ind 15:00
6 Kathleen Villeneuve (Can) Cycles des Monts 15:34
7 Cindy Montambault (Can) Accro Vélo Val-dOr 17:03
8 Stéphanie Lacoursière (Can) Cyclone dAlma 19:40
9 Marie-Claude Surprenant (Can) Xprezo 21:00
10 Marie Allaire (Can) Xprezo 21:34
11 Catherine Vipond (Can) Norco Factory Team 26:55
12 Joanna Wall (Aus) Bendigo Mountain Bike Club 27:23
13 Cassandre Olivier-Lapierre (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik 36:30
14 Therese Rhodes (Aus) Adelaide Mountain Bike Club 39:34
DNF Andréanne Pichette (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik
DNF Mikaela Kofman (Can) 3 Rox Racing
DNF Kelly Hall (Can) Juventus
DNF Rébecca Beaumont (Can) Cyclone dAlma
DNF Karine Travaillaud (Can) Specialized
DNF Sarah Moore (Can) CVM Val-David
DSQ Marie-Hélène Prémont (Can) Rocky Mountain Maxiss
Elite Men
1 Raphaël Gagné (Can) am MAXXIS-Rocky Mountain Bicyc 1:53:52
2 Andrew Watson (Can) Norco Factory Team at 1:03
3 Matthew Hadley (Can) Xprezo 4:51
4 Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Store -Team Ontario 5:36
5 Julien Fillion (Can) Devinci 6:24
6 Derek Zandstra (Can) 3 Rox Racing 7:32
7 Stefan Widmer (Can) ocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Tea 7:34
8 Cody Canning (Can) ERTC/revolution cycle 7:40
9 Mark Leishman (NZl) Team N-Duro/ 8:32
10 Adam Morka (Can) TREK STORE RACE TEAM 9:24
11 Andrew Blair (Aus) Canberra Offroad Cyclists 10:56
12 Benoit Simard (Can) Specialized 11:03
13 Daniel Sessford (Can) Blue Competition Cycles 11:18
14 Craig Richey (Can) Blue Competition Cycles 11:41
15 Kyle Douglas (Can) 3 Rox Racing 13:18
16 Olivier Bordeleau (Can) Xprezo 16:11
17 Steve Caillé (Can) La Cordée 16:24
18 Thomas Skinner (Can) Oak Bay Bikes/Specialized 16:49
19 Brian Bain (Can) CMC/BowCycle 19:06
20 Jonathan Boucher (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik 20:26
21 Sébastien Cadieux-Duval (Can) CVM Val-David 20:36
22 Félix Côté (Can) CVM Val-David 21:35
23 Ryan Atkins (Can) am Ontario -EMD Serono Specializ 22:28
24 Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Can) CCS/Dalbix 22:40
25 Gino Ricci (Can) Biogen Idec 22:44
26 Shane Hollingshead (Can) Norco Factory Team 23:25
27 Charles Blanchet-Levesque (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik 24:22
28 Frédéric Forgues-Lapointe (Can) CCS/Dalbix 26:28
29 Justin Middleton (Can) Team Alberta / Juventus 26:54
30 Pierre-Louis Chamberland (Can) CVM Val-David 26:54
31 Mathieu Bélanger Barrette (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik 27:53
32 Zachary Hughes (Can) Norco Factory Team 28:50
33 Luc Doiron (Can) Marin Bikes 29:15
34 Simon Marchand (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle 30:34
35 Mathieu Boily-Tremblay (Can) Marin Bikes 31:54
36 Neil Schiemann (Can) Tall Tree Cycles 33:34
37 Pierre-Yves Nadeau (Can) Lessard Bicycles 34:48
38 Pascal Dumaresq (Can) CVM Normandin 37:14
39 François-Charles Dumas (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda 40:07
40 Imad Elghazal (Lib) Indépendant 40:21
41 Patrick Mimeault (Can) Evenements Sportifs 42:58
DNF Luc Boily (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)
DNF Simon Lalancette (Can) Devinci
DNF Mark Batty (Can) Planet Energy
DNF Jacob McClelland (Can) Team Hardwood-Trek
DNF Francis Morin (Can) Specialized
DNF Haydn Boucher (Can) 3 Rox Racing
DNF Zach Winn (Can) ycle Solutions/Angry Johnnys Racin
DNF Guy VanKrimpen (Can) Hamilton Cycling Club
DNF Nicolas Maltais (Can) Cyclone dAlma
DNF Marc-André Daigle (Can) Warrior Racing
DNF Simon Happy (Can) RST Vélosports
DNF Jerome Samson (Can) Sweet Petes
DNF Léni Trudel (Can) Specialized
DNF Eric Batty (Can) Trek Toronto
DNF Olivier Robidoux (Can) CCS/Dalbix
DNF Louis-Rémy Marier (Can) Ryno Performance
DNF Matthew Paziuk (Can) Norco Evolution Team


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