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July 13/09 14:59 pm - Club News: OBB, Blizzard, Midweek TNTT

Posted by Editoress on 07/13/09

Oak Bay Bikes

Thursday July 16th is a 33km individual or team time trial. Teams may be 2, 3 or 4 rider. Please register by 6.45pm.

Blizzard Bike Club

July 12th, Fort St. John, BC

The Grande Prairie club did well at this Sundays 26th annual Northern Time Trial Championships on the Cecil Lake circuit. This event also serves as 2 Challenge Cup events.

GP’s Blaine ‘Cannonball’ Richter won the morning 16 km time trial with a 21:20. Team mate Richard Fletcher was second at 21:38 and Pat Ferris third at 24:06. Tanner Broadbent of GP was 4th at 24:38 and Bob Andrews 5th at 24:44.

Blaine Richter lead his GP A team of Richard Fletcher, Garth Campbell and Tanner Broadbent on to win the afternoon 40 km team time trial with a 59:08 minute time. The Blizzard A group of Bob Andrews, Pat Ferris, Les Elliott and Gilbert Bilodeau was second at 1:02:27. Blizzard B of Darren Guliov, Roger St. Jean, Kent Pedersen, Kevin Shaw and Cam Chiorando were third at 64:39

The Blizzards still won the Sunday race series with 67 points to GP’s 38 and DC’s 4. The Blizzards are leading the series with 4 races to go.

Thanks to Patricia Emery, Pat Andrews, Bob Andrews and Claire Richter for timing and organizing!

Other 16 km times were Roger St. Jean was 6th at 24:53, Garth Campbell 24:54, Kevin Shaw 26:28, Richard Wood/Warren Miller 27:01, Sam Keats 27:28, Jamie Maxwell 27:56, Barb Polehoykie 27:57, Floyd Polehoykie 28:02, Francis Plum 28:08, Owen Giebelhaus 28:23, Ken Nix 28:54, Eric Wolf 29:18, George Gamble 31:39 and Cherie Dunn 37:28.

Other Team Time trial times were: Sandy McDonald, Jolea Bilodeau, Sam Keats and Barb Polehoykie 4th at 1:09:47, Ken Nix, Dean Lowry, Jamie Maxwell and Dean Lowry 5th at 1:11:32 for 5th, Kevin Fell, Owen Giebelhaus, Warren Miller and Francis Plum 1:14:03 for 6th and Christina Woodruff, Kathryn Fairweather, Eric Wolf and Melanie Chapple 1:22:08 for 7th.

Coming up:
-Thursday night Baldonnel time trial at 7 pm
-Sunday road race on the Club Championship Montney Highway- Rose Prairie road loop at 10: 00 am. It starts at the intersection of the 246 road and the old Montney highway.

Midweek/LaBiciSquadra Thursday Night Time Trials

Ilija Petrovski wins, ties season record

July 9th

The weather was awesome and the top time trialists in the GTA flocked to our Stouffville/Unionville/Markham TNTT 15km course to see who could better the years fastest time. Ilija Petrovski decided he didn't want to be a bridesmaid anymore and smoked off a 19:30 his fastest time of the year and TIED Ed Veal for the fastest time of the year! These two have gone back and forth all season long bettering each other but how much longer can this go on? Can either one of these guys shave off more time? Or, are there any other big guns out there willing to give it a shot? Heath? Darko? Viney? Where are you?

Stay tuned as I'm sure the fastest time of the year will be beat!
maybe even a course record?

Environment Canada says it was 20C, 50% humidity, wind ESE at 17 kph
(a very unusual wind direction for us).

Great job everyone!

1 Ilija Petrovski (Wheels of Bloor) 19:30.0
2 Paolo Dilecce (Wheels of Bloor) 20:05.0
3 Eric Box (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy) 20:29.0
4 Dave Frake (Midweek) 20:47.0
5 Peter Kofman (Coach Chris) 21:24.0
6 Bob Tomsic (Norco) 21:35.0
7 Paul Telisman (La Bicicletta/JLindberg) 21:36.0
8 Andrew Stewart (Project Freeride) 21:41.0
9 Steve Pasquill (Bicycles +) 21:41.0
10 Chris Freeland (La Bicicletta/JLindberg) 22:34.0
11 Bob Haufler (Midweek) 24:09.0
12 Peter Cahill (Darkhorse Flyers) 25:44.0
13 Paul Rea (La Bicicletta/JLindberg) 25:53.0
14 Peter Choi (Independent) 26:14.0
15 Mandy Mayo (La Bicicletta/JLindberg) 27:04.0
16 Charles Magyar (Midweek) 29:14.0
17 Merv Veal (Independent) 29:45.0
18 Chris Chambers (Mazur Coaching) DNF/mechanical
1 Ilija Petrovski (Wheels of Bloor) 10:29.0
2 Paolo Dilecce (Wheels of Bloor) 10:42.0
3 Eric Box (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy) 10:47.0
4 Dave Frake (Midweek) 11:09.0
5 Bob Tomsic (Norco) 11:20.0
6 Peter Kofman (Coach Chris) 11:26.0
7 Steve Pasquill (Bicycles +) 11:30.0
8 Paul Telisman (La Bicicletta/JLindberg) 11:31.0
9 Andrew Stewart (Project Freeride) 11:42.0
10 Chris Chambers (Mazur Coaching) 11:47.0
11 Chris Freeland (La Bicicletta/JLindberg) 11:52.0
12 Bob Haufler (Midweek) 12:56.0
13 Paul Rea (La Bicicletta/JLindberg) 13:45.0
14 Peter Cahill (Darkhorse Flyers) 13:50.0
15 Peter Choi (Independent) 14:04.0
16 Mandy Mayo (La Bicicletta/JLindberg) 14:28.0
17 Charles Magyar (Midweek) 15:44.0
18 Merv Veal (Independent) 15:55.0

Timekeepers: Ed Veal and Judy Veal

More results and updates at



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