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July 15/09 17:19 pm - The U.S. Cup Final PRO XCT Series at Windham Mountain Resort

Posted by Editoress on 07/15/09

Press release


The U.S. Cup has answered the call of the PRO XCT teams, riders and industry to conclude the PRO XCT series at Windham Mountain Resort on August 15th and 16th. Windham Mountain will not only host the PRO XCT series final, but the short track series final as well.

“After feedback from several of the pro teams and given the current state of the economy, travel costs and schedules, we have elected to make Windham Mountain the series finale for the PRO XCT series as well as the short track series, elaborates Ty Kady US Cup marketing director. “September is packed full of World Cup racing commitments and Interbike, so we felt it was best to conclude the series at Windham Mountain.”

In addition, we are now going to host the U.S. Cup unification round at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California on September the 20th where the facility and schedule is much more suitable to host the final. Details will follow regarding the U.S. Cup unification round on the U.S. Cup website-

“While we had a lot of the PRO XCT riders and teams support the idea of hosting the PRO XCT finale in conjunction with dirt demo, there were still some companies who expressed concern that the race would take away from their event. And with Cross season starting up on the 26th in Wisconsin, it put some of the Pro riders in a pinch with scheduling conflicts. So at the end of the day, we all agreed it would be best to make Windham the PRO XCT final, and move the U.S. Cup shootout to Bonelli Park a week prior to Interbike, continues Kady.

“We talked with several of the Pro teams and discussed some of the options and collectively we concluded ending the PRO XCT at Windham was the right choice and would save the teams quite a bit of money on travel costs, as well as not conflict with existing World Cups or other racing commitments.” comments U.S. Cup chairman Scott Tedro


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