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July 17/09 17:27 pm - Club News: Blizzard, Midweek/ La Bici Squadra, OBW

Posted by Editoress on 07/17/09

Blizzard Bike Club

July 16th, Fort St. John, BC

The Blizzards had fast times and many personal bests for a windy Thursday night 16 km Baldonnel time trial. Pat Ferris was the winner at 25:22 with Les Elliott only 6 seconds behind in second. Sandy McDonald lowered her own all time women’s course record to 25:38 minutes. Gilbert Bilodeau was 4th at 25:40 and Roger St. Jean 5th at 26:07.

Gord Harris was 6th at 26:39, Richard Wood 27:15, Barb Polehoykie 27:34, Sam Keats 27:56, Simon Andrews 27:57, Kevin Fell Jr. 28:19, , Jolea Bilodeau 28:23, Ken Nix 28:38, Owen Giebelhaus 29:08, Melanie Chapple 30:25, Rob Churchill 30:51, Kathryn Fairweather 31:38 and Adam Bilodeau 32:35.

Tristen and Floyd did 26:51 for the 8 km event.

Thanks to Bob and Pat Andrews for timing!
Coming up:
-Montney loop road race, Sunday at 10 pm from the corner of the 246 road and the old Montney Highway.
-Contingent of triathletes going down to Prince George.

Midweek/ La Bici Squadra Thursday Night Time Trials

Our fastest was one of our steadfast regulars, Wheels of Bloor's own Paolo Dilecce.

A beautiful evening, but unfortunately there was a crash. One of our riders suffered a skewer failure and went down, we are saddened to report. In good spirits on the way to the ER, one of our regulars, Paul Rea, seems to have survived pretty much okay, as did his beautiful Colnago.

ER doc (and 2008 M2 provincial TT champ) Bryan Wolff happened by and helped out. The 5 DNF's include 4 riders who stopped to help out.

The Crash did not slow the remainder too much. We were pleased to welcome some new faces.

Weather was cloudy, 26C, wins WSW at 17kph.

1 Paolo Dilecce (Wheels of Bloor) 20:21.0
2 Dave Frake (Midweek) 20:51.0
3 Andrew Stewart (Project Freeride) 21:24.0
4 Bob Tomsic (Norco) 21:41.0
5 Derek de Gannes (Above Threshold) 21:59.0
6 Mike Medeiros (Independent) 22:16.0
7 Mike Steed (Norco) 22:40.0
8 Joel Cash (Wheels of Bloor) 23:06.0
9 Ayesha Rollinson (Trek Toronto) 24:20.0
10 David Anthony (Jet Fuel Coffee) 25:25.0
11 Woody Marrouch (Above Threshold) 26:11.0
12 Kimberly Arsenault (Independent) 27:23.0
13 Merv Veal (Independent) DNF
14 Charles Magyar (Midweek) DNF
15 Paul Rea (La Bicicletta/Jlindberg) DNF
16 Simon Knowles (Independent) DNF
17 Adrian Leon (Brampton) DNF
18 Chris Freeland (La Bicicletta/Jlindberg) DNF
1 Paolo Dilecce (Wheels of Bloor) 10:50.0
2 Dave Frake (Midweek) 11:10.0
3 Bob Tomsic (Norco) 11:23.0
4 Andrew Stewart (Project Freeride) 11:27.0
5 Derek de Gannes (Above Threshold) 11:41.0
6 Mike Medeiros (Independent) 11:50.0
7 Joel Cash (Wheels of Bloor) 12:02.0
8 Mike Steed (Norco) 12:04.0
9 Chris Freeland (La Bicicletta/JLindberg) 12:10.0
10 Adrian Leon (Brampton) 12:30.0
11 Simon Knowles (Independent) 12:52.0
12 Ayesha Rollinson (Trek Toronto) 13:05.0
13 Paul Rea (La Bicicletta/JLindberg) 13:10.0
14 David Anthony (Jet Fuel Coffee) 13:24.0
15 Woody Marrouch (Above Threshold) 13:43.0
16 Kimberly Arsenault (Independent) 14:31.0
17 Charles Magyar (Midweek) 14:47.0
18 Merv Veal (Independent ) 15:54.0

Timekeepers: Bob Haufler at the finish, Judy Veal at the split.

Produced by Midweek ( and La Bici Squadra (
Cumulative results and updates:

Oak Bay Wheelers Time Trials

July 16th, Nanaimo BC
20km/40km team or individual
All participants get 2 points, not part of series

Next week is a 15 km TT
On July 30 there is a hill climb, starting at the bottom of Kilpatrick Road

1 Don Gillmore 0:53:16 new course record
2 Norm Thibault 1:07:13
3 Sonja Efford 1:23:40
4 Rhona Honeburger 1:13:50
5 Julie Langelo 1:13:30 new course record (W)
6 Cheryl Morch Bryan Rehill 1:10:47
7 Bob Langelo 1:11:47
8 Wayne Bianchin 1:19:44
1 Bill Hutchinson 0:35:03
2 Dave Ellis 0:33:55
3 Shari Rehill 0:40:22
4 Kim McCarley 0:41:14
5 Derek Steel 0:35:03

Peter McCaffery - timekeeper
Kim McCarley - holder
Leigh Blaney - turn marshall
Ross Palfrey - course set-up/turn marshall

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