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July 22/09 10:04 am - Second Annual BestFest

Posted by Editoress on 07/22/09

Bestfest is organised as a group ride and festival in response to Jims recent diagnosis with MS. Last year  Bestfest drew 150 of his best friends to celebrate riding and hang out for the day. Participants should expect a very informal, loosely organised event.

The second Bestfest will be held Saturday Oct 3rd 2009 at Buckwallow. The park opens at 8:00 AM.


Information is available on the website,


Events during the day are organised and contributed on a volunteer basis. Ideas for new events are welcome. 

Jim Martin will demonstrate Raku pottery making. He will fire bisqued and glazed pots in a portable kiln. The firing takes about 30 minutes and then the hot, glowing pots are placed in a container with organic material such as sawdust or dry leaves. The pots burn the sawdust and cause a dramatic burst of smoke and flame.
Ian Dawes will present Bicycle Polo. A rider attempts to whack a softball into a goal while the opposing team also riding bicycles try to stop him. Quidich is easier. Participants are advised to bring a disposable bike for this event.
Expect cool weather and brilliant fall colours.


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